Discussion on Premium URL Shortener

Discussion on Premium URL Shortener

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Media Gateway for Custom Domains would be great. Is there a quick way to activate it? Thx fyi! :)


Media gateway already works with custom domains. All you need to do is to choose the custom domain as usual and make sure media gateway is enabled.

In some countries, we don’t have Paypal and Stripe so, is there any other way integrate another payment gateway in to this application?


Yes that is possible. In the new version, payment gateways can be added as plugins very easily.

orinsamy Purchased

How to add another payment gateway without Stripe Payments and paypal. I want to add webmoney & my country payment gateway.

How i do this?

I have opened a ticket that Media gateway is not working as well as advertisement also not working

GemPixel Author Team


We have answered your ticket. Media Gateway was disabled in your user settings.

How to make the media gateway an opt-out service for registered users, rather than opt-in. At the moment, registered users when they set up account have media gateway turned off, I would like it to be enabled by default.

can i use wordpress theme for website

how to add 2checkout payment gateway ,highly request to you please added multiple payment gateway like as 2checkout ,google payment gateway and others

where will be show advertisement can i use wordpress theme for website

Only I have a question. Can I use a payment gateway other than PayPal and Stripe? After purchasing the documents, is it possible to add a new port so that I can use another port by giving it to my store developer?


At this moment you cannot by default. You can customize the code to all other payments gateway it is not very hard. Nonetheless it will require some coding knowledge.


alexsum9 Purchased

Payment Gateway page gives 500 error not found on 6.1 ?

Media Gateway does’t work with links. Please fix. Thanks in advanced.

Hi I am planing to buy your Extended License but before that I have one Pre-sale question. Can I Integrate any Indian Payment Gateways like PayUMoney, PayTM etc.? If Not, how can I collect payment from India because both are not supported in India for domestic payment.


We are working on adding more payment gateways that are globally accepted. Meanwhile if it is urgent we do provide freelance services.


only1yoni Purchased

Hi – i have the extended license but I don’t have stripe under Payment Gateways.

If I buy extended license, through which payment gateway can I charge my customers?

How can I get or activate a splash screen like this?


That is the “Media Gateway” page. You need to enable that in the admin > settings and then when users shorten links from some media sites like youtube that page will be created.


I already have the Media Gateway enable on admin and user. however send me to the default splash format, that’s why my question

Hi, Sorry if this is a silly question. I was curious about the SaaS features. Are all features available for the standard license (minus the payment gateway)? I would want to use all features but only for myself and a few select people, without making money directly from this. IE free mode still gets all features. Cheers


Yes everything is available in standard license even the paypal gateway however if you wish to use automated payments with Stripe then an extended license will be required.

Kindly add 2checkout integration in this.


We will be adding a universal payment gateway that will allow you to use almost any payment systems.

Hi. Im thinking of purchasing the script. But is it possible for me to include another payment gateway such as skrill. Paypal is not supported in my country

hello when to update to version 6 and what payment gatway will be add


At this moment, it is not 100% confirmed but we are working on 2 more payment gateway that work in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

as i do not need payment gateway as mines is to bitcoin and amazon voucher. i may buy your script later this week.

i just need amounts so i know how much to pay :)

Any Indian payment gateway like Razorpay, cashfree available?

and how close this script to bitly.

what features it lacks?

There is no option for Youtube Frame? or any option to share a youtube video with advertising?


You simply need to enable Media Gateway both in the admin panel and your user’s settings and then shorten Youtube URLs. The script will generate youtube pages automatically.