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hi I bought 2 blew plugins, I perform the Shortener URL in this address: http://i---/ and it is active now. I enter API code in wp plugin, but unfortunately it didn’t work correctly !!! Please tell me how I can to arrange WP Plugin with API ??? ticket #1683 Thank you


You have to calm down. I am doing my best to answer everyone.

hi How to Add short url and QR Codes to WordPress Posts ??


Short URL you can use the short code defined in your admin panel. And for QR code just /qr at the end of the short URL to show the QR code. Here is an example

Hi, I bought 2 copies of your URL shortener script and hope you can help to answer a question: I intend to use another plugin sold on Codecanyon (http://codecanyon.net/item/rss-autopilot-unique-content-extractor/12041946) to generate a Wordpress site with content, and then install your wordpress plugin to replace all the URL links in the content with url shortener links. And then another plugin to create a RSS feed from the wordpress site to share with users of the site. Can this be done and will there be any compatibility issues?


Yes. That is not a problem. You will need to use JS method and enabled to function to shorten all urls in a post automatically.

I’m waiting for the update which can works with the lastest wordpress version :)


I have tested the lastet version and it seems to be working fine. I have reserved Thursday to get everything corrected. I have been really busy lately withno free time to make sure everything is fine. I took a couple of days off to get everything done.


Just got the plugin but there is no file pus_plugin.zip what files to upload to the wp site and what files in the site where urlshorener is located?

Your readme file needs to be more clear on this plugin.



The file you download from codecanyon is something like “codecanyon-6726829-premium-url-shortener-wordpress-plugin.zip”. Just rename that to “premium_url_shrotener.zip” and upload that.

sorry to bother you again but upload it where? To a wordpress site or to the site where url shortener is located?


Upload it to WP – just as you upload and activate other plugins.

API key and Web URL added correctly. example i used http://website.com/go/ and API key. Plugin is not working.

plugin take long time and not give out put

please help.

i installed plugin on 2 WordPress site.but not working. Premium URL Shortener script working well.but plugin not working. i am using hostgator host


Can you open a ticket and provide FTP and site info (wp login, admin info, ...)?

Support ticket opened with FTP details…thanks

Great. Will be checking that out right now.

Is it possible to display the shortener form as a Dashboard Widget?

It is then not visible to registered users or? That’s important to me.

Well it is visible to any one entering the dashboard.

Okay thank you.

Any plans for woocommerce support? The Plugin I have used bevor supports also products, custom post types, ...now I have to manually assign a short-url to each product :/


Currently, I don’t have plans but If you want I can modify the other plugin for you. It shouldn’t be hard however I will have to charge for that.

How can we add Images where the media is now. I asked this a while ago but I couldnt figure it out.

Owly does something like that to share images. http://postimg.org/image/jidaek3qd/


Currently it doesn’t support images. That feature will require a somewhat big customization.

This plugin automatically generates a short url when posting in wordpress or need to generate manually?

You need to automatically shorten the post URL however the plugin automatically shortens all URLs in the post area. This is dependent on the main script http://gempixel.com/buy/short/

This plugin automatically generates a short url when posting if yes , after built how to show Same short url show to post (shortcode) ? http://gempixel.com/buy/short/ ? 404 NOT FOUND.


That plugin needs http://gempixel.com/buy/short and yes it will automatically generate a short URL for all links in the content area. You can also use shortcodes and in the post page you have a built-in shortener form (much faster).

Configure the plugin using your API ? Where i can get API ?


This plugin is designed for Premium URL Shortener (our main script). The main script needs to installed and running before you can use the plugin.

Can we use this for only private purpose like

I want url shortner for only my use not for public use

Like my url shortner service is XYZ.COM and i create url fro 12345.com using xyz.com

i created this using admin panel but when anyone open xyz.com it will redirect to 12345.com


I should say that the current item you are comment on is dependent on the main item which you get from here http://gempixel.com/short. It does not work without it.

You certainly can use it for private purpose. It has a private mode implemented.

That is exactly how it works.

does it works on wordpress multisite?


Yes. It has been tested and it works fine.

do i need another liscence if I use on sub domain?

I don’t think so as long as it part the same application..

Would you please tell me if this is possible to set the shortening type , I mean splash/direct etc in the admin or client side ?

Thank you


Currently it is not possible.

hello, can this plugin just short url all urls in apost escept a image url?

i have autoblog site and i dont have time to put every url within Shortcode.

if so please tell me i will buy this


Yes it can. It will shorten all links within the post however you should know that is needs the main script to be running since it is using its api: http://gempixel.com/buy/short

I’m a very happy customer of your Premium Shortener script and looking to add this plugin to a wordpress website to work with my shortening webservice. Does this work with MashShare plugin? That’s my sharing plugin and it has ability to add bit.ly or goo.gl shorteners.


Currently it does not work with that because those two are built-in. However it is possible to just modify that plugin to use the API of the script.


will this plugin automatically create short links for every post my site creates? As soon as create a post, will it create a short link for it?


Currently it does not do that however it embeds a shortener form where you can shorten any URLs. You can also use shortcodes or enable an option to shorten all URLs within your post.


couple of questions:

Do you have any documentation available before the purchase?

Does your shortener (wp plugin) uses api to connect to the main script? The shortened url will have a domain name of the main script?

Can I use multiple domains for shortening(main script), while the script is installed only on 1 main domain?

Can I pick the type of shortening in wp plugin, especially splash/frame?

Can I set different types of shortening using shortcodes(or any other way) in wp plugin? For example, different shortcode in posts for frame shortening, and different one in pages for splash shortening?

Can I set default splash/frame layouts per user? For example, user A has 1 default splash(or frame) page, user B has another default splash page. But also, both of them can set couple of custom splash pages.

How does an api call look like?



1. The plugin is just an extension of the main script. It allows you shorten URLs form your WP site using a form, widgets or shortcodes. It also automatically shorten all URLs in the post and comment region.

2. Yes, it does and yes it uses the main script’s domain name. Much like bitly.

3. If you set up multiple domain names (a function) on the main script then yes.

4. Currently, no. The script uses the default shortening type that is set on the main script. However this can be easily changed.

5. Currently, no.

6. That is currently no possible.

7. You can check this page for more info: http://gempixel.com/doc/premium-url-shortener-api-guide/


How automatically shorten all URLs in the post ? I have no option to sorten all links in post (or page). There is only Comment URL Shortening. I created a ticket 2837


I answered your ticket.