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Hello :) Im considering buying this plugin, but there is no working Demo, the demo page says: “Api missing”. Is it possible to se it when it works properly?


This is a plugin for the main script:

It just extends the usage to WP. Currently the API service is disable on the demo because it is set to reset itself and regenerate API codes. However it will work 100% when used with a live website. You do need to have main script running for this to work.


I have a couple of questions; is there any way of masking the url so the user doesn’t see the original link? Also, is there any way of the shortened links expiring after a certain period of time?


Yes. You can use the frame type redirection however some sites cannot work with frame due to security reasons.

As for expiry, that will be added in the next update :)


I’ve sent you an email as I’m having trouble with the API settings and getting the plugin to work, normally I wouldn’t chase so soon but I’m under a time pressure to get this working, please can you get back to me ASAP?

Also +1 for ‘petebrazier’ comment on expiring links (useful addition).



I’m still waiting for a response, really need this to be fixed ASAP.



Sorry for the delay. Going to check this right after this.

Hi GemPixel, does the jShortener.js script still work with the PREMIUM URL SHORTENER & would it work with the WP Plugin too?

also, is it still available to download? Can you UPGRADE to work correctly with v4.3.2 ?

thanks so much!

I’m buying all you’re themes and WP Plugins :)

I can’t wait for you’re New Suprise ;-) I hope its a coooool UPGRADE to Scripts!


Yes it does. The wp plugin is an adaptation of jshortener. It will be available on the new portal very soon.

Awesome, I will test the jShortner.js I have atm on the Premium URL Script for moment & see how it works with latest version…. Cheers!


I have created a PHP wrapper for the API if you are into PHP: ;) I will be upgrade jShortener as well and make it independent of jQuery.

will this work with the latest version of the shortener?


Yes. It will still work.

Can’t test the demo. Please fix


Please check the screenshots.


Since your demo is not working, here are my pre purchase questions (I already own the script itself, just want to integrate it with WP):

1. I have a buddypress installation across my entire network that users use to register new account, is this plugin compatible with buddypress registrations?

2. I have 5 websites linked into a Wordpress network, will this plugin be available for use on only one of those websites (has its own domain)?

3. Do users get access to wordpress admin area? or just the URL shortener admin area when using this script?

4. Does this script automatically work with themes? or will i have to do some heavy modifying to make it look like the wordpress theme in use?



The demo is down because of main site upgrades. For now please check screenshots.

1. This is only a plugin for the main script (need to setup the main script first):

2. It will be available for all sites but you need to know this plugin will not work by itself. It runs of the main script API system.

3. Only admin.

4. Yes. You just need add short codes to you pages or use the sidebar widget.

Hi, we purchased and messaged you on the application concerning having the ability to add the shortener to our Wordpress installation and not one time did you mention this as an option. We have paid for extended license and we still don’t have issues fixed. When will you be updating this? It hasn’t been updated for years.


The plugin is currently limited by the API system of the main script. The API is next on my todo list.

Thanks! We heard from you via email and we tested plugin. How it works now is all that we needed. Works great. Will purchase once the main script is update to new version with fixes. Thanks

Hi, the plugin is missing a copy button feature on mobile. Once the URL is shrunk you have to select the entire url to copy its. Can you please add the copy url button feature for mobile in next update?


I don’t have any specific dates however as soon as I am done with other stuff I will work on this. Let’s say 1-3 months.

Can you please just release the copy button. Notice on iphone on Android you have to fully select the link to copy it. That sucks. Can you make this simple addition this week?


I will to update it.

wil this work with url shortener v5?



I’d like to have my wordpress posts automatically shortened when they are posted on social media through Jetpack automatic publishing to social media.

This is maybe a feature request?

Hey there

As soon as I finish the API update of the main script, I will update the plugin with much more info and I can add this to it as well :)

Hi, I was wondering, is there any way of making ANY external link a shortened link ?


Yes. You can use the full page script provided in the tools page of the script. You can use the exclude option to filter your own domain names.

Hi, where’s the new update?


I am almost done with the main script’s API update. Going to push that soon then I will update this.

can plugin create post’s short url?? using api of phpscript ?? or anything alike?? or is it coming in next update??


Yes this plugin automatically shortens URLs in a post or comments. You can also use the form as a widget.


Question prior to purchasing as I have the URL shortening script.

1. This shortens links in wordpress automatically as its connected to URL shortener with API?

2. If I have the SaaS version of your script, can i purchase extended license of this plugin and offer to my customers for free? How would this work if I want to provide to customers who have wordpress this plugin as additional functionality.



1. Yes. You will need to the plugin as well. The plugin will provide your shortcodes and widgets as well as an automatic shortener with comments and post.

2. You don’t need to purchase the extended license to provide for free. The standard license allows you to provide them for free. You will need to customize the plugin a bit by hardcoding your site URL in to it then ask your customers to input their API key and that is it.

Thank you very much!