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Ok so right now with the new download I can’t load the stock symbol I need. So will there be another plugin up date this week. I need to publish my site but I can’t with this plugin not working.

I am using this code and all I get is “() ()” on the page.

stock_market_widget type=”inline” symbol=”RHT.V” template=”basic” color=”default” refresh_frequency=”300”

The code didn’t copy properly but you get the idea

A new version of the plugin is released. Once it’s approved by CodeCanyon you will get a notification. The issues above are fixed in the new version. Please install it and let me know if everything is ok.



j3ps3n Purchased

Hi, we’ve used your old stock market widget. Wondering if why theres no support now for: ChangeFromYearHigh PercebtChangeFromYearHigh?

Also, the old plugin supports loading animation. Is there any chance that’ll be added as a feature for this new plugin?


Wondering if why theres no support now for: ChangeFromYearHigh PercebtChangeFromYearHigh?

This will be added in the next update (to be released later this week).

Also, the old plugin supports loading animation. Is there any chance that’ll be added as a feature for this new plugin?

Yes, we will consider adding this feature in future releases of the plugin.

Thank you.


cc2018 Purchased

Your plugin has stopped working?!

I tried updating it. Doesn’t seem to work at all?

Have you installed the most recent version (1.8.1)?


cc2018 Purchased

Yes. In the app menu nothing can be selected. No preview appears. No short code appears etc.

Can you please provide temporary WP admin access so we can investigate?


We are using your plugin Prenium Stock Market Widget for a Wordpress website. We are having a problem for inline, box, portfolio and ticker template. Others are working inside wordpress backoffice.

When the debug mode is active, I get the three following warn : - Get market data from SERVER - Market data received - ERROR response received

Nothing is displaying.

Do you have any idea about this issue ?

Secondly, the plugin doesn’t seemed to support multilanguage website. we’ve needed to add Access-allow-origin inside the ajax.php file. Is it normal ?

Thank you,


before I can answer your questions, could you please tell me how many websites do you run under the multisite setup?

Can I ensure that you have purchased a separate plugin license for each domain where you use the plugin?

Even if you use multisite setup you need a separate license for each unique domain.

You can send further details by email:


Hi it seems the refresh intervals is no longer an option in the ticker shortcode, has this been removed for a reason? If so how long is the refresh time? and how often is data source updated? My client had no price change throughout the day after this new update.


yes, the refresh interval option was removed in order to bring down the number of API calls and improve overall performance. Data is pulled every 10 minutes and cached locally for that period. What symbol the data was not updated for?

ok then for some reason it isn’t updating after the 10min… (ASX stock)

Please install the most latest version (1.8.3), it will fix the issue.


mitch024 Purchased

Well, first of all you should take down the ability to purchase this widget since it does not do what it claims it should do. Obviously, Premium Stock Market Widgets no longer works properly so you do understand that your and the company selling your software is involved in false advertising. However being a reasonable person, I will give you the opportunity to tell me when this non-working short code for your product be working again: <center>[stock_market_widget type=”comparison” symbol=”4174.TWO” template=”basic” color=”teal” fields=”n,c1,p2,c4,k3,v,o,h,g”]</center>

In any case, thankfully, everyone who used a Visa or Mastercard to purchase has an ally in bank chargeback.. Hate to see that so hope you make fixes.


please download and install the most recent version of the plugin (1.8.2), rebuild the comparison widget shortcode through the admin panel (the old one will not work) and it will work again. Let us know in case of any issues with the new version.

Obviously there is no false advertising. The plugin stopped working at some point, but we have fixed it straight away.

Thanks anyway.

Hi. I need to display the bid and ask price for a certain stock. I don’t need the stock name, the daily change, etc. I just need the bid and ask. Is there a way to do this?

You can’t paste a raw shortcode into a template, it won’t work this way, you need to wrap it in do_shortcode() function like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[shortcode....]' ); ?>

No, the old one is gone forever.

Awesome, thanks. One more question please! I have a calculation field in another area of the page, and it needs to pull data from this table. The only thing is, there are no specific classes or IDs that I can refer to. The table IDs seem to change with every refresh. Any ideas?

You can access it by class name, e.g.
$('.smw-table table').find('...');


I tried to set up the widget on my site. The box shortcode works in my header widget area, however I cannot get the ticker option to work. As of now it simply shows a black box on the top of the page. I tried to use the initial shortcode that appears when you are customizing but that did not work either. Any suggestions on what I can do to get the ticker working?

Thank you!


could you please provide WP admin access to your website, so I can have a look?

Hey, thanks for releasing a fix so quickly after Yahoo quit their financial API, must have been a hectic few hours making a fix!

I’ve updated to 1.8.2 and now 1.8.3 and it’s all working well except the labels to switch between stocks have gone blank on both versions. You can see what I mean here:


just rebuild the combo widget shortcode through the backend and paste it to your page again, some field codes have changed. Let me know if it helps.



tjpicasso Purchased

Yep, that fixed it. Cheers!

Hi, I just purchased and installed your Premium Stock Widget plugin, and it is not working. I currently have version 1.8.3 installed, and all I see is a blank box when I paste the shortcode in my text editor. When I am trying to create a widget, the preview is also blank.

See screenshot:

I also see this error in the error console: I have checked my site files and the ajax.php file is in the correct folder as shown in the path in the screenshot.

Could you help me fix this?


Please send a link to your website, so we can investigate.

okay, thanks. I just submitted the form.

Please check the email.

Not working currently for me, using version 1.7.4


in order to get support please post a question under the account you purchased the plugin with, so we can recognize you as a customer.



wingme Purchased

Hi, How much for a custom stock quote for my website can you please reply to for this matter.

I need INOC.TO quote big for this page to replace [TSX]INOC:

Maybe the one you have with the green horizontal bar on top transparent background white INOC text with last price and % change


Hi, sent you an email. Thanks


Thanks for the update, the table is not coming in, but is not adjusting to the column width it is contained in, so is not responsive. I looked for a way to fix this with CSS, but no joy. Are you still working on this or is there a way to make it work?

You can see the issue at:, this is a staging site.

Thanks! Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

the actual table width exceeds its parent container width, so the best way to make it fit the sidebar is just to remove 1 or 2 columns.

Another way is to reduce the font size and spacing via CSS, something like this:

.smw-table.smw-color-header-border table thead th {
  font-size: 0.6rem;
  padding: 0;  

.smw-table.smw-color-header-border table tbody tr td {
  font-size: 0.8rem;
  padding: 0;

Hope that helps.

We found a bug where if a stock price has no change between yesterday and today, the decimal places are not trimmed.

7.60 0.000000 (0.000000%)

This issue is already identified and a fix will be included into next release. If you want to get this fix quickly drop us an email and we will send it back to you.


You can download the updated version from CodeCanyon.

Hi, I need to display only the Indian market data. Somewhere I read the capabilities are limited for Indian stock data. Is that correct – what all can be displayed? I don’t know about other markets but I understand the feed for Indian markets is delayed – even if the feed were to be updated every millisecond the data would be displayed with a lag as compared to the live data. Please confirm if that is correct and how much lag is inbuilt into your feed. I would like to know the source of your data and it’ll be great if you could reply separately on my email. The reason I asked is because your vendor itself maybe operating with a lag without really saying it out loud and clear.Is there a differential pricing for just the Indian data? Thanks.


Somewhere I read the capabilities are limited for Indian stock data

Some Indian stocks may not have historical data for charts and some extended info.

I understand the feed for Indian markets is delayed

Yes, it’s delayed around 10-15 minutes. Additionally the data is cached locally on the plugin side for 5-10 minutes for performance reasons.

Is there a differential pricing for just the Indian data? 


Canadian stocks with 0 change are being listed as “0.000000 0.000000%”. Could this be changed to 0.00 and 0.00%? I have decimal place set to 2 in the settings. Currently using the latest version (1.8.3)

Yes, it will be resolved in the next release. If you want a quick fix please send us a message with your purchase code and we will send a new version by email straight away.

Thank you

You can download the updated version from CodeCanyon.

Hello there,

I have bought this plugin and is currently using on one of my website. I have used 3 of the widget and there are two sections that I have applied the widget doesn’t show ( which had been showing fine before). Only the chart is showing, the leaderboard and the table do not work.

Please can you advice and review this matter? Many thanks

Here is the website path where the problem occurs.

Many thanks


Hi Ivy,

please download and install the latest version of the plugin from CodeCanyon and then rebuild table, comparison, combo widgets through the admin panel. It should help.

Let me know if there are any issues.


Hi. I have an implementation of the plugin here:

I am running the Divi theme (latest version) on WP 4.9.

The plugin version 1.8.3 works fine. However when I tried upgrading to version 1.8.4 (either downloaded directly via WP or from Envato), the quotes were completely BLANK. No errors, no warnings, simply nothing appears where it should. Regenerated the shortcodes, cleaned all cache etc., but to no avail.

The shortcodes are:

[stock_market_widget type=”single” symbol=”RLV.V” template=”basic2” color=”default”]


[stock_market_widget type=”single” symbol=”6BX.F” template=”basic2” color=”default”]

Any known incompatibility with WP 4.9? Any idea on how to fix this?

Please advise.


p.s. I had to put back version 1.8.3 for now, as the plugin is critical for my client’s website.

Hi. I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s a public company + they don’t issue this kind of access. (I tried in the past, so I know.)

You must have a test environment somewhere… Could you please try to replicate the issue on test server using WP 4.9, and let me know?

Any debug steps I could do? I am fairly technical.


We tested it on WP 4.9 and it works just fine.

Can you make a copy of this website and get it up and running on some test host, which we can have access to?

Hi. I made a clone on a test server and it actually shows properly even with version 1.8.4. Indeed very strange…

Any idea of what could be causing the issue? It’s obviously something related to the actual hosting or server config, just can’t really figure out why.