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Hi!, I’m strongly interest in your plugin, but first I need to know if I want to use some site to obtain data such Buenos Aires stock Exchange service I must pay to use that service. Thanks!

I mean if I choose to use Buenos Aires Stock exchange to obtain data to show using your plugin, I don’t need to pay to Buenos Aires Stock exchange any canon for that data

Many Thanks!

Hello, I was using Spark to show TA100 stock information and it worked fine, but suddenly it stopped working, what is the problem?

thanks, David.

Hi David,

not sure why, but the data was stopped updating after June 22nd:

I hope it will recover soon. As soon as it’s updated in the source the plugin will pick it up.


Are u going to add more cryptocurrencies in the future? ( coinbase api? kraken api? )

Probably not in this plugin.

Hi, the plugin has been working OK until I updated today (1.7.4). Now nothing is showing up. I haven´t done any changes (except for the update). The shortcode is: [stock_market_widget  type=”single” symbol=”HOGK-PREF-A.ST” template=”header” color=”red” name=”AB Högkullen” refresh_frequency=”30”]

Thank’s for quick reply. But it still doesn’t work. I’ve updated to version 1.7.5, the shortcode is the same as above. When inspecting the code, the widget is there but not visable. The widget is placed on this page: (bottom left right above the footer)

Try to disable caching, it seems there is an issue with it.

Thank’s Now it works. I disabled the “js” folder (for the plugin) in the cache (WP Rocket).


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question 1 is solved!! and could you delete my purchase code? I wrote this by clicking contact author button and didn’t know this is posted comments section. why can’t i modify this post?


2. No, unfortunately these fields are not available

3. Some fields can be empty as no data is provided by the external provider.

I will flag your first comment to hide the purchase code as I can’t edit comments either.


Hi we have bought the plugin but only some of the shortcodes work as the chart shortcode shows a preview in the admin area but when the code is pasted in the content area of page in text mode it does not render in the front end of the page, we have also put shortcode directly in template in do shortcode function but still we can not get the chart to display.

It’s ok we resolved issue it was conflict in JS code in theme

Hi, that’s great, thanks for an update.


Yes, but only limited amount of data can be displayed (symbol, last quote, absolute and percentage change).

Support SET/mai/TFEX/BEX (Thai)?

It has some support for SET, it can display simple quotes, but not extended info (like market cap etc). It can also display USD/THB, EUR/THB currency rates.


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Hello, I have a problem with your widget with disappearing names. When you use most of the codes (AAPL, MSFT, TSLA, GOOG, EBAY, GSPC, ^RUT, ^GDOW, ^GDAXI,…) everything is ok, but when you add “DJI” which is “Dow Jones Industrial” all the names of all codes disappear. I would attach a picture, but it’s not available, so here are the pictures:

Also, adding codes to the list is very tiresome. If you want to add for example “MSFT, ^DJI, NDAQ, ^GSPC, ^RUT, ^GDOW, ^GDAXI, ^N225, ^FTSE, EXSA.DE” it would take ages. It would be nice to let the user write a list and then try to find appropriate names for the codes. Some memory of couple of last used strings would be also helpful.


unfortunately, to display Dow Jones Industrial quotes it’s required to pull the data from a different data source, which doesn’t have asset name field (and some others). Because the data is retrieved at once for all symbols in the table it means that when you add such symbols as DJI the plugin can only display some basic info (symbol, last quote, change). As a workaround you can add asset names overrides on the plugin settings page, so for each symbol you would add something like: AAPL=Apple Inc. It’s a known limitation.

Thanks for your other suggestions, we will think about simplifying the process of adding symbols. The problem is that most users don’t know the stock symbols in advance, so they need to search for them first.



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I get this types of warnings now after server updated php

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ….plugins/premium-stock-market-widgets/classes/PremiumStockMarketWidgets/Plugin.php on line 222

Any advice where I should look to troubleshooting this warning from displaying on places where I show the widget?

Best regards,


which version of the plugin are you using? Which PHP version is installed? Does it appear for any type of widgets or for specific widgets (if so please provide details)?


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Hi I’m sorry for my late reply…I had to solve a few things before I knew for sure what was happening….

So basically I’m using version version 1.7.5…after server updated to php to 5.6.29

Yes the warning appears above all widgets

Mainly those two line seem to give warnings

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in….wp-content/plugins/premium-stock-market-widgets/classes/PremiumStockMarketWidgets/Plugin.php on line 222


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in….wp-content/plugins/premium-stock-market-widgets/classes/PremiumStockMarketWidgets/Plugin.php on line 231

Thank you for your patience

Best regards,