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hi Is there a Turkish language option? demo to see how it works live?


you can translate all text strings to any language using a WPML compatible plugin, but unfortunately we don’t have it in the demo.

hi I was using wix it does not meet my expectations. I will use wordpress new. is there a more comprehensive demo? I want to see exactly how it works before purchasing.

and Version 3.0 is coming soon… when? thanks

The demo shows exactly how the plugin works, it has all the widgets and you can use the widget builder to create any widget you would like to add to your website in future and see how it looks like.

Version 3 will be released in October.

Hello, I recently bought this plugin, but my question is it possible to show the search field on the page and let the user check any asset there?


no, unfortunately at the moment there is no such widget.

How does this shortcode work? [stock_market_widget type=”search” template=”basic” color=”default” url=”/assets/{symbol_lc}” target=”_blank” api=”yf”]

This shortcode provides a search widget which will redirect user to a specific page (according to the URL pattern that you set up). You can then set up Virtual Asset Pages, which will be displayed when user is redirected to one of such pages. Please read more about this feature in the documentation (expand the Help dropdown menu in the top right corner when you are on the widget builder page) and contact our support at if you have any questions concerning this functionality.

Thank you

Hello Support, I just got this plugin and want to display the Nigeria Stock Exchange. I have no idea how to go about because I have `added NGSE symbol and no data is coming up.

I will need you swift response ASAP


unfortunately Nigerian stock exchange is not supported and we actually never stated that it was.


Does this plugin support only NASDAQ? Can I use for JASDAQ ?


No, not just NASDAQ. Tokyo Stock Exchange is supported as well. You can check the widget builder and look up Japanese stocks:

Hi, might be useful as an FAQ.. to upgrade to V3.0 so I need to deactivate and delete V2.1.10 and will this preserve my settings and current implementation of the plugin?

Thanks in advance


after upgrading to v3 it’s recommended to rebuild existing widget shortcodes using the widget builder. It now has an option to load widget configuration from the shortcode, which should make it easier.

Plugin settings should be preserved after upgrade.

Let me know if you have more questions. In case of any issues please contact our support at


How do I generate the auto pages <symbol> ?

Ignore that. I worked it out. Another question though… Is it possible to incorporate wordpress comments into each generated symbol page? If not, it would be a great addition for the future.

It’s not currently possible, but thanks for the suggestion, we will consider this feature for implementation in future.

GBp needs to be the £ symbol. No doubt about that!

Please bear in mind that GBp means pence, not pounds. Most stocks on LSE are quoted in pence.

No they aren’t. They are quoted like this… £0.03 – NOT GBp 0.03

Please check this link for instance:

It says GBX, which is pence.


zmenta Purchased

Could you somehow make a custom configuration to display the after-market and pre-market price? Would I be interested in being able to create tables with the highest price increases / decreases?


unfortunately pre/after market quotes are not provided by the API.


zmenta Purchased

Ok, but tables with the highest price increases/decreases stocks? + custom made plugin for pre/after market?

Please contact us at to discuss possible customizations.

I could not see the charts in Chrome until I enabled Flash. Flash is dead after December 31, 2020. Does that mean I spent $50 to use this product for a few months?


charts do not depend on Flash at all. If you have any issues with charts please submit a new support ticket at and we will help.


Can I change the header text? Right now I have…. Symbol Name Purchase price Quantity Price Return % Return

I want to change Purchase Price to “AVG Price”


you can use a WPML plugin such as Loco Translate and “translate” text strings in English, thus overriding them.

I have submitted two support tickets thus far with no reply. I need to know how to deactivate purchase codes. I had to buy a second purchase code because I couldn’t deactivate my first in order to port it from my staging site to my production site. There is no (obvious) setting in the admin dashboard to deactivate an existing purchase code.

Also there needs to be mechanism for activating a single purchase code on a development site without having to purchase two separate licenses.

Still cannot receive an email link to this response. Please provide your response here.

Disregard. Was finally able to access the original support ticket. and response.

Ok, perfect. Please feel free to re-open it and follow up if you have further questions.


enbolsa Purchased


Cuando intento editar los nombres de activos que continene un punto en el ticker, no funciona.

Ejemplo: si quiero cambiar el nombre o logo de TEF.MC no funciona


please contact our support at

Thank you


HELKE Purchased


I think there is a bug in your plugin that needs fixing. Since the plugin’s latest update there is always a red circle showing there is an update of your plugin available. I have updated your plugin scores of time but each time I refresh the page, it says there is an update available. On your plugin dashboard it says 3.0.2

I have deleted and installed a fresh version but still didn’t help disappear the notification that there is an update available.

Best regards,


yes, we are aware of this issue and working on a solution. In the meantime just ignore the warning if the new version matches what you already have installed.

Thank you

We use this plugin to display data for soybean, corn and wheat from Chicaco Mercantile Exchange (, but currently our plugin shows incorrect data , see: Do we have to update the plugin to fix this error? Or is it some problem with the application? I hope you can help us. Thank you.


please submit a new support ticket at and we will look into it.


Could you please confirm if this is working on the latest version?, then we will buy it. Thank you.

It does, here is a sample widget: Does it meet your needs?

Great plugin. I wanted ask whether I can use it for my own data services or not? I’m trying to create a barley stock market website.


no, unfortunately custom data providers are not supported.


Qanna Purchased


1. On widget, stocks list, the stocks titles are translatable & clickable. How can one translate titles and make them clickable on “ticker” display too?

2. On ticker, when clicking on the stocks, it stops scrolling. How can one make it re-scroll again?




to get support please submit a new ticket at

Thank you


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