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Hello, I have you’re stock market widget installed.

I am trying to have a ticker run on top of my site display individual stocks.

I am unable to change any stocks and add new ones. Whenever I make changes on the ticker tab it doesn’t change. Also, I am not sure how to activate the ticker once I get the right stocks saved.

Please advise.



are you able to modify the stocks through this dropdown?

Does it autocomplete when you start typing?

Does the ticker display in the preview area?

If it does then all you have to do is copy the shortcode and paste it to a page or post.


Does it support oil, grain (wheat, corn)and dollar index?

It does support these comodities futures:

Hi, we are trying to install your stock market widgets on a WordPress multi-site network and are receiving a 500 internal server error upon installation. We were hoping to present this widget in a presentation this coming Monday, the 27th. Any ideas as to what we can do to get it to work? Thank you, Aimee

Here is the error that breaks the site:

Thu Feb 23 11:51:24.146192 2017 pid 25886 PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘classes/C_NextGEN_Bootstrap.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) in /var/www/ on line 15, referer:

Here is the line in question:

require_once 'classes/' . str_replace('\\', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $className) . '.php';

We are running apache 2 on ubuntu php 7.0

Is the preceding line equal to this?

if (strpos($className,'PremiumStockMarketWidgets')!==FALSE) {

If not then you need to download the most recent version from CodeCanyon and try it.

Please let me know.

we will check that- thanks…

I entered a short code on page and post, but I can not see anything. I need your help.

Please send a link to your website, so we can check.


Every widget affects CPU on server. Please see screenshots below:



No other widgets are settled up. While have also ticker line CPU was 99%. Advise ASAP Please

Hosting ecommerce geek details:


the plugin doesn’t really use CPU a lot, no heavy calculations or large amounts of data manipulations are made.

The fact that you see high CPU usage in cPanel doesn’t mean it’s coming from the Premium Stock Market Widgets plugin. It can be anything else, including WordPress core. A full processes snapshot is required to see which process consumes CPU.

But I would imagine that it’s a problem with the hosting / server, because we’ve never received any complaints about high CPU usage. I’d probably suggest to upgrade to a VPS instead of a shared server.


Ruined website as couldn’t managed to create even backup. Lost week. Out final date. Moved hosting to another location, reinstalled completely, issue still the same.

Hi, can you send a link to your website please?

Hi I have purchased this and tried to install the plugin but get the following message:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/sites/ on line 21

Are you sure it’s 5.5? Can you please provide FTP and admin access to your website to troubleshoot the issue? It can be done through private message on our profile page:

I have replied with login details but had no response.

Let’s continue direct communication by email to ensure we resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks


bchaffin Purchased

When We try to use the Currency ticker it is showing:

EUROUSD=X (then the data)

Is is true for every symbol. We just loaded the major pairs by clicking the major pairs in the admin section.

Thanks in advance for your help


right and what is the issue? I’m not sure I understand. Please explain.


License key: f187e62b-94a2-4255-b3f0-3b769749edfd

Hello, We purchased the plugin and we are trying to use combo but stock widgets preview in both admin and front end is not working.

Plz check:

Username: @lajoie1

Password: password2


This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, we will check and get back to you. In the meantime I’m going to flag your comment to hide the access credentials as it’s not safe to share it publicly. Thanks

It works now, please check


I am unable to get you’re widget working on my website.

I hired someone to install it and it’s installed.

How do I activate it? Do I need to insert code somewhere?

Please help, thanks!


After you active the plugin there will be a new admin menu item called “Premium Stock Market Widgets”, click on it and select type of widget you want to add (inline, table, ticker etc). After you choose a particular widget there will be a shortcode generate, copy it and paste it to a page or post. That should be it.

Let me know if it helps of in case of further questions.

Thank you.

Is there any way to make it so that this plugin queries and caches data by minute, hour, day, etc? Everytime someone visits a page, it queries ajax-admin.php with a big string. When this plugin went live, it took down the servers I manage. I was digging around trying to figure out what was going on and noticed my access_log completely flooded with GET requests for this plugin. I set the refresh rate to 0, however it’s still causing the server to perform very very poorly. It get’s to the point where httpd slows down and more processes spawn until the server locks up. I know there isn’t an easy solution for this, I just wanted to report an observation. Once we start piping advertising into the site, we might have to disable this widget for it to perform with an influx of traffic. Ideally, it would be nice to have it run as a wp-cron every x minutes or hours and cache the data or place it in the db.


thanks for your feedback. At the moment there is no way for the plugin to cache the market data. The idea behind the plugin is to deliver the most up-to-date quotes to users when they browse a page. If quotes were cached and not updated on each page refresh many users would think that something is not working and would not trust the widgets. You are right, auto refresh feature triggers a separate GET request to retrieve current data, so if there are many auto-refresh-able widgets and there is high traffic it could lead to a high load of the server.

WP cron is not a solution here for a few reasons: - it’s triggered by a user visiting a page and it will slow down rendering of the page - WP cron is not aware of the symbols, which market data should be retrieved for, because market data for specific assets is requested from a certain page by making an AJAX GET call (on different pages you can have different widgets).

In the next release we will change the way data is retrieved from an external server, this might have some positive impact on the overall performance. We will also be thinking about other ways to improve the plugin.

Please let us know if you have any further comments.

Thank you

Hi – I was wondering if yo could tell me why my fonts are so tiny and where I can adjust them? Test site – Thanks!

Try to add it like this to your theme style.css:

#content .smw-single.smw-header .smw-field-n {
    font-size: 2.125rem;

Thank you, that did the trick!

You are welcome!


TomBov Purchased

hello, can’t activate plugin because of this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/cuculusi/ on line 16


please upgrade to PHP 5.4.x or above. That will fix the issue.

Hi there!

Thanks for this awesome plugin! I just purchased this as a replacement for our old Stock Widget plugin, and we’re experiencing an issue with the static chart widget. For some reason, the chart isn’t pulling the correct data even though we’re using the proper symbol.

When I compare it to the Yahoo Finance chart, the numbers are way off.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


thanks for purchasing and using our plugin!

Static charts may not match interactive Yahoo charts 100%. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it as the charts are not built by the plugin.

If you want better charts I would recommend purchasing one of our charting plugins.

Please let us know in case of any questions.


Thanks for the reply! :( that’s a shame. My main reason for purchasing the plugin was the static chart functionality.

is the Dynamic Stock Charts the one you’d recommend?


TomBov Purchased

hi, can’t display the following items:

dow jones ibex


TomBov Purchased

Yeah, it works fine but if I add the ^DJI all gone NaN like this


TomBov Purchased

any advice?

We have implemented a fix for that, it will be available in the next release (no exact date known yet). If you want it faster please contact us by email, send your purchase key for verification and we will send you the updated version back ASAP. Thank you

HI, How can I update to the latest version? Don’t support automatic update.

Hi, you need to manually remove previous version and install the latest.

Does the plugin support Colombian Stocks?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Hello, I bought your plugin but i have a little problem.

I’m trying to display the Book Value and Change( ) of this funds [ TRXL11, XTED11, CXTL11] but don’t return any value, just 0.00 and 0.00 respectively, but i’m sure that book value it’s not 0.00, can u help me? :/


Unfortunately there is nothing we can do here if this data is not provided. This usually happens for some rare stocks or ETFs.

Hi. I´m interested in buying your product. I have one question: You also have the other product/widget called “Stock Market Widget for Wordpress”, but it does not have anymore support since Feb 3/2017). I really like the feature, on that theme, called “Simple Stock Widgets / STYLE 2” So, this same feature and look and feel design “Simple Stock Widgets / STYLE 2”, DO YOU ALSO HAVE IN THIS ACTUAL THEME “Premium Stock Market Widget”??? Please let me know. Thanks!


there is a similar template in the Premium version, here is how it looks like:

There are other cool templates as well. If needed any template can be customized according to your needs at a small extra fee.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

Thank you

The Dow name table is not seen but only N/A. And do you have plan for mobile optimization?

We have implemented a fix for the table issue (when DJI is added), it will be available in the next release (no exact date known yet). If you want it faster please contact us by email, send your purchase key for verification and we will send you the updated version back ASAP.

The mobile optimization mostly depends on the theme you are using, we don’t have any special plans in this regards.

Thank you