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pre-buy question:

could you check compatibility with symbols on NASDAQ FIRST NORTH:




what is the stock / company name please?

the name is MAHA ENERGY on the nasdaq first north market. second stock name is MAHA ENERGY AB TO 2 A

Is it this one?

If so, it is available.

Can you tell me the API from which you feed the stock figures – Yahoo or Google and is it free?

yahoo, it’s free

the widget has disappeared

The thing is that I don’t need additional support, the plugin simply disappeared without any change by our side, if you check and report any change I would be happy to pay for it. Let me know.

The thing is that I don’t need additional support, the plugin simply disappeared without any change by our side, if you check and report any change I would be happy to pay for it. Let me know.

Well, you are asking us to look into an issue, so basically you are asking for support. It doesn’t matter whether anything was changed or not. We can provide help and assistance only to supported customers, these are the rules of this marketplace.

Please check the Envato Support Policy or contact Envato Support if in doubt:

Thank you.


How do we set the time stamp to be local. Currently it is showing GMT and we are in Perth Australia (+8hrs).

Thanks, Chris.

Hi Chris,

unfortunately there is no way to do it at the moment.


How to override symbol display in any of the screens

there is a setting I see, but it’s not overriding. I have tried the symbols in ticker for ^NSEI to NIFTY-50

Please help.

Thank you


you can only override the stock name, not its symbol.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok. but then how to display descriptions with ticker currently it is showing symbols like this ^NSEI it is too ugly to display these who knows ^NSEI is a NSE ticker symbol

Please let me know how to display descriptions with symbol.

I understand to maintain uniqueness across all symbols added some additional characters to actual symbols. But, there should be a way to display with descriptions

Thank you.

You can try other ticker templates which also contain stock name. Example:

Hello, there,

I didn’t see data refresh frequency option for box, that we see in the demo image

Please help

Thank you


there is no such setting anymore, we will update the screenshots soon.

Meaning, the data will be latest with the each refresh of the page where we embedded widget or short code?

Hi there, may I embed this table on third party website through a widget? Of course if they click it should redirect to my website. Or however even if not provided, can a developer create a widget?


no, embeddable widgets are not provided with this plugin. You can only place widgets on your own website.

Pre Buy Querie

We want to show the live counters of a stock prices in the header of a website. Please follow the link for stock info

Is this available with you guys

one last question, will it be for both BSE and NSE

i mean to say do you the option for both bse and nse

Yes, quotes for PRAKASH INDUSTRIES LTD can be displayed from both NSE and BSE.

any plans to incorporate JSE? (Johannesburg Stock Exchange ) If not, how easy would it be to add it?


JSE is already available.

Hi there, any difference about asset availability between the PHP and WP plugin?

Also, may I embed the widgets on third party websites? And if so, should I buy the PHP or WP one?


no difference in asset availability.

You can only add widgets to your website, not 3rd party websites.

Why not, is that forbidden by license or is there a technical obstacle? Can I ask a developer to develop it? Mind that I do not want to install the widget, only insert the code on 3d party website. If technically possible I will buy it.

No, it’s technically not possible to insert widgets on 3rd party websites.


pojunis Purchased

Hi there, I am trying to change some of the colors of the chart but am unable to figure out what classes control what with it. I need to change the dates across the bottom and the numbers across the left vertical of the chart to be white, and the grid in the background of the chart to be a lighter grey. What classes do I need to use to make these adjustments? I have it over a dark background and everything is next to impossible to read. Thanks in advanced!


please extend your support and create a new ticket in our support system to get help:



HELKE Purchased


FTP updated to from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7 but still says 1.8.6. Also deleted plugin and installed a zip version and still says 1.8.6 !?

Best regards


To get help please re-new your support and submit a new ticket at



dinmix Purchased

Hi, I realised this plugin rounded off the stock price to 2 decimal points. How can I change that to 2 decimals point. For example when my price is showing 0.285 on Yahoo Finance and other place, the price on my website is showing 0.29. The plugin automatically round of the price. Can this be change. Thanks.


you can change the decimal precision in the plugin settings.


dinmix Purchased

Ok thanks. I saw it in the Json file.

Hello Team, I Want to know that is there any way or if you can install MCX trading option also if so please let me know we are looking for that type of plugin. and we will purchase you’re for that and also tell how will this plugin work on real-time trading and will it will connect mcx trading also?

so iss there will be any update within this month or any information related to that i can get this plugin?

It’s not likely that MCX India will be supported any time soon.

waiting for your new update :)

I can not override an asset name if the symbol contains ”=”. For example ZW=F(Wheat Futures) I need your help..

Please open a new support request at