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lnietob Purchased

I download the new version but is not 2.3. can confirm you upload the right file in envato… wonder why is not 2.3 any thoughts?

Anti-Malware by GOTMLS is showing !.../public_html/wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/lib/scripts/serp/serp.api.class.php as a threat – are you aware of this and is this something to be worried about?

Hi CatalystStockton,
You can find this king of false positives. If you have downloaded the files from CodeCanyon don’t worry.

Best regards

Please help.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/domain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/aa-framework/framework.class.php on line 4280

Hi ipangrock,
Sounds like you have an old PHP version installed on your server. Make sure you have at least PHP 5.4+

Best regards


Looks like Google Analytics does not load. Pl. suggest.

Any update?


Don’t know, why we are not getting support for so long. As pointed out above, XML sitemap is not functioning properly, w.r.t. above.


Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com in order to be able to check this issue on your website.

Best regards

Would you guys please fix the pagination on the mass optimization? as soon as you go to page two the whole things breaks.


We are not experiecing this issue. Let’s solve this on the support system: support.aa-team.com


Hi. I noticed an update, but this is still not version 2.3. Can you email me the right version

Hi darkshala321,
Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com and we will send you files there.

Best regards

I found a problem with meta tittle . I found my tittle this like <title>Default | my site name</title> how can i fix this problem

Hi codebraininfotech,
It doesn’t look like you have purchased the plugin.

Best regards

Now i am using Free version. I have a plan to purchase this plugin, but before that i want to fix this problem I am using Highstand theme. When i activate “Title & Meta Format” this problem arise.


The problem with avada theme the score of seo doesn’t working good in avada theme… there is the link the the fusion builder but they are void in seo score and not count this… kindly update the module for all themes infect most demandable market theme’s …. infect as per your tools was seo so it’s not limited for theme it’s work on all the theme any ways i only want a solution infect from couple of week i start your pluggin because before i install it’s just a trash can product but now improved in updates that’s great. Good Work Keep going to make more reliable product from end users.

Kindly reply because my support period is expire and i want this to be fixed.


Pre Order question:

Does Your plugin supports Google AMP? If not, are you planning to do so?


Hi I try to update new version and found fatal error, how to fix this “public_html/wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/aa-framework/framework.class.php on line 4289”

Hi Equinox119,
What is the full error message? Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can take a look at your issue.

Best regards

who generate xml for a google news? who config?

Is there a quick fix with the plugin “Hide My WP”

Can I use other projects within the system?

For example: Can I use different URLs within the same dashboard for SEO management?

Hi clasi20,
This plugin will need to be installed on every site that you would like to optimize. For every website you will need a different license.

Best regards

Hello, after installing your plugin I installed iThemes Security Pro Plugin. Now every day I get a file changing warning of the file: wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/aa-framework/main-style.css. Is this a normal behaviour of your plugin?
Thank you

Hi waldemarker,
Yes since that file is compiled from time to time.

Best regards

I do not understand why you change so often the style and not other settings, stats or checks


sayyam Purchased

any updates in que ?

Hi sayyam,
Yes, we still work on updates for this plugin.

Best regards


sayyam Purchased

can you make admin interface lighter also when i switch on the minfy css mode it reduces the speed.

No problem.


mdterp71 Purchased

Will this plugin work with PHP 7.1 ? Thank you!

Hi mdterp71,
Yes it works.

Best regards

new update looks great, but I still miss one thing and that is Nextgen images in sietmap, because a lot of users use it. Yoast has that future, that is the only reason why I use Yoast over this plugin