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Hi there,

Do you have a list of updates / change log of 2.0+ versions?

Sorry, didn’t find one?



Hi Igor,
Sure, here it is:
  1. [] – 02.02.2017 - module “rich snippets”, fixed the location bug, added the following fields to the “Event”: event status and offer (price, currency, url)
  1. [] – 13.01.2017 - solved issue with “main-style.css”
  1. [] – 09.01.2017 - solved a bug regarding the “local seo module”: Warning: simplexml_load_file(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity ”/maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/xml?...”
  1. [] – 27.12.2016 - solved a bug regarding “main-style.css” which was generated every time (now it is refreshed daily)
  1. [] – 05.12.2016 - solved bug: in psp locations the google map was not loading
  1. [] – 05.12.2016 - solved bug: woocommerce shop page could not recognize the meta settings (seo title, description, focus keyword, keywords) ; bug occured for the page setted here: Woocommerce settings / Products / Display / Shop & Product Page / “Shop Page” option
  1. [2.0.3] – 14.11.2016 - plugin now compatible with CORNERSTONE frontend editor
  1. [2.0.2] – 09.11.2016 - fixed issue on rich snippets & localseo shortcodes
  1. [2.0.1] – 07.11.2016 - Fixed caching issue on dashboard loading - fixed 404 error module not redirecting - fixed google+ authorship display issue
  1. [2.0] -04.11.2016 - Implemented a new framework

Thank you!


vasokun Purchased

i got your newest version. bUt i got a error that some symbols are not show. You can see at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6hTNpg5mxDwekJjbFRHTXp5VXc/view?usp=sharing


I tried many themes but it ’s still error. If i deactive your plugin, it’ll be ok.

Hi vasokun,
Open a ticket so we can take a look at your website and see why you have this issue.

Best regards


hmg2015 Purchased

I had an error in images sitemap:

<This page contains the following errors:

error on line 136978 at column 83: Extra content at the end of the document

Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.>

Hi hmg2015,
Open a ticket so we can take a look at your issue.

Best regards

What does this mean?: Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to DOMDocument::importNode() must be an instance of DOMNode, null given, called in /home/u/u3759052/www/wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/lib/scripts/php-query/php-query.php on line 632 and defined in /home/u/u3759052/www/wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/lib/scripts/php-query/php-query.php on line 598

We will need to take a look at you website in order to see why you have this message: support.aa-team.com


isaac666 Purchased

Hey, guys, I have two issues.

1. Doesn’t matter how many times I tried, mass optimization keeps telling me that the images on my posts do not have the keyword. I changed within wp image title on media, description, and ALT, just to the keyword name, and still showing the same error. I even try renaming the image on my PC and the upload it all again, so the file name is the keyword, it still says the same error. So what’s going on?

2. Your tool is not recognizing the sliders content. First of all sliders like RS have capabilities so that the text boxes and images go to H tags. and is read in HTML code, but your Tool is not recognizing any of it. It says there is no images or text on this page.

Hello, Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can take a look at what is causing this.

Best regards


isaac666 Purchased


Hi, how can i add pagination to the comments pages titles?? Im getting a lot of duplicated title alerts in google webmaster tools. Not for paginated posts, but for the posts with paginated comments. And my posts/comment-page-1/ have the exact same title than the original.one. Thanks

guys majority hosting providers are now offering php 7 as an option in their hosting environment i think its high time that you guys release an update for php7 support….

We will.

Best regards

Hello. I lose all configuration of (Meta Page) after saving page. The fields turn white again. Can you give some help? What should be a problem?

Hi daniellbogo,
Make sure you have the latest version installed. If you already do, we will need to take a look at you website on our support system. support.aa-team.com

Best regards


isaac666 Purchased

I opened a ticket, its going to be 2 weeks not and I got no help so far. Your plugin keeps breaking. this is like the 10th time i install it


Is this plugin compatible with spanish language (including all the analyzes)?


Why you do not update change log??

So many people have asked you this question and you answer is disappointing.

Please update the change log and let purchasers know what is going on!!!!

Quick question, I’m setting up the site locally with your plugin, since this one has a different “temporary name” will there be any problems later after uploading?, of course this is related to the license code.