Discussion on Premium SEO Pack – Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on Premium SEO Pack – Wordpress Plugin

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help and update to the news SEO

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I put 3 videos on the home page and I have errors with the plugins

every video generates the same error message

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /premium-seo-pack/modules/sitemap/video_info.php on line 210

Will there be an update to the plugin?

Hello team, discovered PSP in 2014 and since being a ardent recommender of your plugin with 5 paid licenses under my account. Proved many that this plugin is superior to yeost and others. However, i am a little worried in recent times. Its over 1 year no new update to plugin. The last queries dropped via paid support too didn’t get responded. Should i proceed and pay for support renewal now? Hope to see your response. Thanks.

Is there any module to deal with canonical issues with this plug in?

Hello i update the php version 8.1 and now i have many errors with the plugins

there will be an update?

Does this product optimise woocommerce categories & products and if so can they be auto mass optimised? Thanks


Categories no, you can only optimise products with the “Speed optimization” module.

Hi, your plugin is not compatible with 5.9 nor the latest 6.1 Wordpress !!! How can you guys not providing updated version of your plugin??

Can you edit SEO on page? So when creating a page can I create my own Meta Title and Description? Thanks

Hello, Yes, you can edit SEO on page, title, meta etc.

hello I wanted to install the plugin but it could not be activated. Is the plugin not working? Fatal error: `a? without parentheses? BC ? d: e` is not supported. Use either `(a ? b : c) ? d: e` or `a? b:(c?d:e)` in /home/nooztjq/osatin/wp-content/plugins/premium-seo-pack/aa-framework/framework.class.php at line 3161

Hello AA-Team, yes, my support has expired but my license hasn’t.

I’ve changed the web provider but my TLD stayed the same for my new WP installation. I didn’t find a way to unregister the former PSP installation. And I find no way to register the new installation – the menu hides immediately. And – by the way – why can i download only 3.1.9 instead of your current release?

I need a understandable manual how to install PSP. Sorry to note that your online documentation is not helpful (in this point).

Thanks in advance Matthias

When is thos going to be updated?

I bought it new. do I have the opportunity to translate into Turkish? unfortunately, I can’t speak English.

Any update?

Today is the 14th day that I am trying to contact you in various ways. I have tried to contact through all channels provided on your website and leaving multiple comments on the Facebook, but you have not responded to any of my letters or comments. Your plugin is causing a fatal error. I have sent you all the logins to my site so you can fix the error. More details about the error

Hello team, sorry. Unable to raise ticket as your website is down. Please check. My website issue: the permalink is configured to use static urls ( Even then the sitemaps generated URLs are dynamic. I block robots.txt from crawling dynamic pages with parameters (?) and so my items are crawled by google now but not indexed due to the over ruling robots.txt. Appreciate if you can get your support site up so that i can raise ticket. This issue is impacting my 5 licensed websites using PSP. Please help. Thanks,parag

Just tried raising ticket again. Now ticketing system is up but trying to save ticket gives “unable to create new ticket”. I am writing my ticket matter here.

Hello team, Let’s look at, it has psp permalink setting configured for static urls ( category /%postname%Still the sitemap files generated by PSP eg; has dynamic URLs like which on pasting in google resolve to All these URLs are crawled but not indexed due to my robots.txt excluding dynamic URLs like the search results page etc.My PSP ver is 3.3.1. Appreciate your soonest assistance as my paid customers are missing out google search presence. Thanks in advance. regards,parag

Hello, I’m from Brazil. I really liked the plugin I have great interest in using it on my site, but I had doubts.

- Is this plugin compatible with the latest versions of WordPress?

- The keyword suggestion part it suggests keywords in my language, since it is brazilian portuguese.

- If I put a keyword in Portuguese, will it give me a suggestion correctly or only in English?

- Is this beautiful and powerful plugin translated into Portuguese or just English?

my app is still in version 3.3.1 and it is activated on the system, it is not updating automatically. I already had this problem when I bought version 3.0 I had to open the ticket the person entered my site later said that the error is in your system with the ssl from amazon. how will i update now? the key is already active on my system, everything is ok, it just doesn’t update. aparece esta erro tb, WP Remote GET: wp_remote_get() failed. Webservices Amazon may not work with your server.

A week ago (2022-06-23), I notified you that the plug-in categories and Tag caused errors (Error thrown – call to undefined function echoesc_html __ ()) and sent you logins to the site admin and server. How much longer will it take for you to fix it? Details of the errors

cant deactivte the plugin! and activate on a new domain

You clearly can see my support is expired and I’m not willing to pay for more as your abusing the licencing rights by not allowing me to deactivate and reuse the licence

As stated the plugin has been removed from the old domain and hosting… now please tell me why it is not working ok a new domain and hosting

All I get is a blank menu


First of all it’s not our license policy, it’s Envato’s. So, if you have some complains regarding it, you should address them to Envato/CodeCanyon.

Now it seems you managed to install and activate the plugin but the menu is not loading. It’s either you have an older version of the plugin installed or the PHP version you have currently installed on your server is not compatible. Please try and downgrade the PHP version to 7.4.x.

The latest version of the plugin is 3.3.2.

I have both downloaded the latest version of wordpress, and also I’m running php 7.4 your app also points this out but the menu seems to not work…. It auto hides itself

I also use the envato app itself on wordpress to keep it all updated.

I’m not the only person persenting this issue to you either


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