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Hi, I have setup the Google analytics as directed in the plugin. But when I click on the authenticate button, the popup page says 401 error. Please help.

401. That’s an error.

Error: invalid_client

The OAuth client was not found.

Please open a ticket on support.

Hi there, the old data from the domain change i did to my site will not change. I deelted the database and uninstalled the plugin, yet in the google analytics it still shows old domain for the return url. same with the saved settings that i did not import.

Hi DiligentDil,
You have another comment that was answered a few days ago concerning the same issue. You can check that out.

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Is it possible to use more keywords in a post? A single keyword is too little in my opinion!

Hello ,does it work with Visual Composer? if now when it will work ? i can not use it still since the time i purchased and you told me that,it was not supporting?? Now is it fixed ?

Hi bronzemoontr, Yes, not it works with Visual Composer. You will only have to activate the “Parse Shortcodes” option under Mass Optimization Settings.

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What you mean by “Parse Shortcodes ? when it can activate,means your plugin works with visual composer???

Hello, I’m having some major problems with the performance of this plugin. I have disabled most of the “features” yet it still causes about a 2+ second delay in loading time (just this plugin- using the P3 plugin tester). I have tested other SEO plugins and they are under a second. Do you have any suggestions to improve performance?

Hi grapple,
Increase the WP Memory Limit. That way your WordPress install will be able to process things faster.

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ok so whats that ? and the density is correct , but i think it doesnt read content? even tho i wrote my content in text . not in visual of visual composer so whats going on

That is weird, open a support ticket in our support center ( http://support.aa-team.com/ ) so we can take a better look at your issue.

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Hi! i have some sections on my onepage website, that dont have your seo settings in the bottom when i edit the section. Is it possible to add it somehow? The theme is Retro Portfolio :)

We can take a look and see if it’s possible. Open a ticket on our support center with your log in credentials. http://support.aa-team.com/


RajaBeo Purchased

The first time to actived PsP plugin is so difficult. Maybe, can you help me? Thanks!

Hi RajaBeo,
In our documentation you will find videos that show you step by step how to set-up the plugin. If you will prefer to have someone else to set the plugin for you, you can find someone on the Envato Studio: https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress


daideaes Purchased

Hi, I just purchase this plugin and when I can’t activate it cause the panel appears in blank. Need help thanks!

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Hi There,

Please publish the changes log with new updates.

The current change log is for Version 1.8.0! But the latest version

I have a client that uses Yoast, is this a replacement for that or can this plugin work along with Yoast?