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Hi sheensol I have some problem installing the script to my cpanel. This is what I get: Can you help me

Unhandled Exception. SQLSTATEHY000 php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

UPDATED: My bad .db error connection I fix it

can you send me the link of your install url?

Hello, The contact form is not sending emails to gmail addresses.

How is that possible? can you send me your site link?

is possible add time line ?

for this we need to customize the script to make it timeline, if you are interested then you can email me how you want the timeline, mail me at sheensoltech@gmail.com


Hi, i have a question before purchasing this, lets say i have 20 peoples needs job and i have hiring, i am asking them to send resume by email! now instead of email, can i use this to have a resume or profile page for each person?

yeah thats possible, you can use it for displaying your profile

Here is my purchase info: codecanyon-8390518-premium-responsive-vcardresume-manager 419eb9df-06c5-4197-99b3-64718492d2ac – 8 Apr 2016

I need to know how this script sends out emails? How does it know the default email to use? I am testing this script and there is no place to put the default email for sendiing, and also I am not receiving emails sent.

Need to know as soon as possible, please. Thank you

Dave Antonetti

Hi Dave,

there are two separate versions, one is only vcard for single user while another is for multiuser http://codecanyon.net/item/premium-multiuser-resume-manager/10434779

So which one you are looking for, looks like you saw demo of multiuser and bought the single user version

but i am not sure please advise

I guess the point is this. I just sent out a message even when the “user” left the email input empty. So where did the email go? What email is the script using to send it with? I really would appreciate an answer to this.

we have uploaded version which is bit older, and we are updating it

Guy, looks like you gave me an older version of the script. I have screen shots of the one I downloaded and also the one you are showing in the admin demo. Fix it or I’ll need a refund. Thanks

Ok, go to www.contactsource.info. login as the admin with the default user/pass. Now, change something. password/user, image. Save it then logout. Now try and login again. Let me know what happens.

This is the multi user version.

Ok… please cek my website … why database connection?


I have change all well, but its still our like that

can you enable open short tags in php configuration ?

Yes.. its running well now…

But why Robert John GRAPHIC DESIGNER resume only

Where is register for created resume like your “Live Review” ?

you can signup with new user and update the profile and settings,

Hello, how to translate the title of the panel (caption) in French by keeping the proper functioning Example: Designation Company Name Present About Experience (in French ompany Name).

Thank you for your help


yes you can login with admin account and set the language french and then update the translations according to french language .

Turkish characters not working

send me the link where you have installed

It is impossible to add database.sql

its working fine, can you provide me your site access

The map is not visible

This will be fixed in new update which is surely come this Friday

hi, I noticed that portfolio displays just pictures. what about videos? I wish to add some movies to my portfolio. or maybe I’m missing something?

well there is no video support, however if you want then you need to generate a custom request to me at sheensoltech@gmail.com

Hi there, how difficult would it be to change the icons for Profile, Resume, Portfolio and Contact? Also would it be possible to disable/hide one of those menu items. If yes I’ll click the buy now button right away:) Thanks

Its very easy, let me know if you can do that, otherwise i will help you related to it

Hi I can’t see the map in contact. I applied for an API Key for the domain in question but still does not work. Error in the JavaScript Console is: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError Any solution?

Figured it out. Here are the steps that worked for me: 1) Create an Google API Key 2) Insert the line below into the index.php (also index.php in admin)

<script src=”https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YourKeyHere&callback=myMap”></script>

All is good now.


Sorry the translation is by google

I bought the “Premium – Responsive vCard / Resume Manager”

But it does not work for me.

Could you see what the problem is?

Website: http://inmogood.com/

Thank you! from Spain :)


I have checked your cpanel information is not working, kindly send me accurate cpanel account detail.


Hey, I am still waiting for my refund for duplicate purchase.

i will review it again

I have followed your instructions and uploaded the scripts and all folder contents. The database has been created w/ a super user. The config file has been updated. But I still get an internal server error.

http://www.cyprusthink.com/ManagerCode/ http://www.cyprusthink.com/ManagerCode/admin/

It seems there is something wrong w/ the package.

Pls advise.

the actual webpage is still not working


... is still not working with the error i mentioned earlier.

hi, email me your ftp details and issues at sheensoltech@gmail.com i will look into it, looks like configuration issues


velop24 Purchased

Hi, I have a problem when I install Responsive vCard/Resume Manager, I get the following errors:

Notice: Use of undefined constant DATABASE – assumed ‘DATABASE’ in /var/www/html/javier-cristobal.es/admin/xcrud/xcrud.php on line 23 Notice: Use of undefined constant USERNAME – assumed ‘USERNAME’ in /var/www/html/javier-cristobal.es/admin/xcrud/xcrud.php on line 25 Notice: Use of undefined constant PASSWORD – assumed ‘PASSWORD’ in /var/www/html/javier-cristobal.es/admin/xcrud/xcrud.php on line 27 Notice: Use of undefined constant HOST – assumed ‘HOST’ in /var/www/html/javier-cristobal.es/admin/xcrud/xcrud.php on line 29

I have the right config.php with the data of my database and user

define(“HOST”, “localhost”);//like localhost define(“USERNAME”, “myusername”); define(“PASSWORD”, “mypassword”); define(“DATABASE”, “databasename”); //define the subject of the email define(‘SUBJECT’,’Contact from your Personal Website’);

my versions of php and mysql: mysql 5.5.57 PHP 5.5.9 Thanks.


velop24 Purchased

Problem solved. activated short codes in php.ini

short_open_tag = on

we will recover it in coming updates

this script is aps top, indeed we had to recoded the whole file a lot of error in php tags <?php are not correct they are written in this form <? which causes a lot of problem and all the variables are written in this way: <?php=xxx we had to put <?php echo xxx to solve the problems. the call paths of the files are incorrect more than 3 hours for any debug

Hi, Thanks for your comment, I will update the stuff in coming version, if you have updated version you can email me at sheensoltech@gmail.com


Vito227 Purchased

When will your next major update be available? Do you have a specific date? Perhaps a more modern design!

in next 10 days it will be updated