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I need larger panel images – as large as 717 × 565px

Can you help me to implement that?


Hi! I purchased this plugin a while back for testing for a project we didn’t get. But I now have an existing site where the client asks me for something this plugin would be perfect for.

But before I start really using it, I was wondering if it will still be supported and developped. I see it doesn’t have a lot of sales and hasn’t been updated in 9 months. I’d love to know if the plugin will keep moving forward. Thanks!

Hi zonew3,

The plugin is still being supported but we are currently not investing any time into further development of the plugin as we are busy focusing on our WordPress themes. We may add some upgrades to the plugin later this year.


Hi there, I’ve just purchased this plugin. Is there no way to place two presentations on the same page without messing up the layout? This is so frustrating. Can you help me?


Hi bryanpatrix,

Sorry the plug-in was designed to only run one instance of the presentation on a page.


Hi, a client of mine purchased your plugin recently for an upcoming project I’m developing. I watched the youtube video and read the documentation. However, I don’t see the options for sq footage or availability within the admin panel. Am I missing something? Or is this no longer available? Kind of crucial for this project, any help you could provide would be appreciated. I have the license code, but I don’t have their account creds (though I can get them). Thank you, Tony


Those fields were removed. We will be updating the video walkthrough in April to reflect this.

If you need to insert that information just add it in the description field for each panel.


Hi, I’ve got a prepurchase question because I am not sure if this plugin is what I need. (or can use): Can I put in any image instead of the numbers as “pointing” points? I have a website-project where I want to make some images on a background-image as clickable “navigation”. This looks like the right plugin but I am not sure. Please help me.

Hi PaMa-Design,

The markers can be replaced with an image icon if required. However the image icon gets applied to all markers simultaneously – so if you require different images for each marker then that is currently not supported.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was asking for. And unfortunately this is not the right plugin for me.

Looks like a great plugin! Is it possible to click on a marker and display the content as an overlay instead of scrolling down below the floor plan? Can you insert html, videos and images on the popup in addition to text?

Hi Jack_dees,

Sorry our plugin does not support overlays at the moment. And you can insert certain html code in the tool-tip feature.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Hi there,

Just bought your plugin but I’m having a problem. I can’t add new panels, clicking the button doesn’t do anything. The following error is displaying in the console: Uncaught ReferenceError: panel_settings is not defined. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Widebhoy,

Please email us access to your site at themesupport@pulsarmedia.ca so we can investigate the issue.


Just bought your plugin but I’m having a problem. I can’t add new panels, clicking the button doesn’t do anything… site is: http://www.tthamisa.ro/

You should update the links for demos in description.

Pre-purchase question please…I noticed this plug-in has not been updated to WP 4.8 – are you working on that? I am buying for the Exhibitor Floorplan…I just want to be sure that this will work with my site (which is on Avada Theme). Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide! (Also, that it looks and works just like your “Live Preview” shown on CodeCanyon)

Hi msiviking,

We will be releasing an update tomorrow making the plugin compatible with WordPress 4.8


Is there any way I could add my own artwork for the backgrounds. For example, with the floor plan format, can i have something similar to what you have, but each room has a button. click on that button, and it goes to JUST that room enlarged and in that room there are many other buttons to explain things in that room? Thank you…

Hi skubeedoo777,

Sorry our plugin doesn’t support mulit-layered presentations.

Thanks for your inquiry.