Premium Presentations

Premium Presentations

Premium Presentations allows you to create interactive presentations quick and easy through an easy to use visual editor inside of WordPress. Premium Presentations is perfect for shopping malls, conference/exhibit halls, office buildings, real estate floor plans, retail products, automotive and so much more. Premium Presentations comes packed with many features and video documentation.

Plug-in Requirements:
WordPress 4+
JavaScript enabled browser

Desktop Browser compatibility:
IE 9+

Mobile Browser compatibility:
Firefox (Android)
Chrome (iOS and Android)
Safari (iOS)
Opera (iOS and Android)

Also includes:
Localization support (.po and .mo files included)
Text documentation
Video Walkthroughs

View the Floor Plan Demo

View the Automotive Demo

New Demos added

View the Human Anatomy Demo

View the Laptop Demo

View the Responsive Demo

Updates :

Premium Presentations v 1.7.1 (July 2, 2015)

- New documentation
- Initialization code updated for WordPress 4.2

Premium Presentations v 1.7

Whats New in 1.7 :

- Media Uploader code has been updated for WordPress 3.9
- Option to enable tooltips on mobile devices has been added
- Google map fields no longer populate with an "undefined" error
- Panel height can now be increased to 1500px

Premium Presentations v 1.6

Whats New in 1.6 :

- Google Maps support added
- Duplicate post feature added
- Marker sizes can now be adjusted for smartphone devices
- Shortcode has been renamed from "floor-plan" to "presentation" (ex. [presentation id="12"])
- Shortcodes now display in admin columns
- Updated .po and .mo translation files. Translation files and text domain has also been renamed to premiumPresentations
- Panel layout bug addressed (admin)
- Several bug fixes addressed

Premium Presentations v 1.5

Whats New in 1.5 :

- You asked, we listened. Create stunning interactive presentations for all devices with the new Responsive mode.
- Tooltip styling options
- Improved plug-in architecture

Premium Presentations v 1.4

Whats New in 1.4 :

- Marker tooltip is more dynamic to accommodate more or less text and repositions itself accordingly

Premium Presentations v 1.3

Whats New in 1.3 :

- Shortcodes can now be enabled for Panel Descriptions.
- 4 Panel Layout options
- Disable panels entirely
- Animated Markers
- Back to Top Arrow icon added to panels
- Marker ToolTips
- Rounded borders for panels

Premium Presentations v 1.2

Whats New in 1.2 :

- HTML tags can now be added in the Panel Descriptions. 

Premium Presentations v 1.1

Whats New in 1.1 :

- jQuery.parse error fixed in administation system