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Thanks !! Installation Completed.. But! Admin Can’t Add Poll Showing That is not a valid choice of answers. Even for Right Format of answers,

But User Can Able to Add Poll Successfully (Can't Preview the url background image before creating poll  )


I answered your ticket

HI It’s possible to add image on polls ? exemple create polls whit liste for political men ?


Not currently.

it’s possible to customize it ? if yes how much ?


You can in touch with me via email.


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When the script is updated?


The update is under development.

Hi Sorry to Say !! I go Through With Your Previous Comment.. You Keep Saying Will Update From Past 1 Year and Still No Update !! Relay Sad.. Sir!!


Updates take a lot of time. I am still working on it

We know You Think Twice and Code Once All The Best!! We keep Waiting

Hi, Admin Ticket Number #2819 iam Really Loving This Script But Something is Not Right in New Registration When Try to Register it Goes Blank Page Please Solve it Its Very “Urgent” Apart From That Please Tell Me How to Replace New Google Capcha With Current Old One Waiting For Your Answer


Do you have some basic PHP knowledge?

Sorry No!!


Please send me en email via my profile

Why when i disabled sharing and embed, it still shown in the poll ?


If you are logged in as admin or as the owner you will still see otherwise people cannot see it.

Thanks for your reply, one last thing, If i select checklist option is it possible to add restriction to the selected list, for example there is 10 checklist i need to make the selection 3 out of 10 only.


By default no, however it is possible with customization.

Hi; When the script is updated? We are waiting long time..


I am 80% done. I was away on vacation and just got back.

Hello, Any plans on updating your scripts? Thanks.

Hi, Sorry to bother, but any ETA?


End of August the updates will be there for all of my scripts.

Very good. Thanks!

Can user add own answers to a Poll? And can user write comments to a Poll?


Currently, no. Answers are predefined by the creator. You can add a commenting system like facebook or Disqus to the poll if you wish.

Ok. Can I put a link in the answers, which one can click? And it is possible to put blank lines in the answers. As an example, a response should look like this:

Answer A: Google http://www.google.com

Or so: Answer A: Google. (Link to http://google.com)

I ask, because in the demo is written: No HTML allowed. Is it permanently not allowed, or can change it in the settings?


Currently you cannot put links, they will be stripped. You can however add the link in plain text. It is possible to change this with a small customization.


i suggest to link Premium URL Shortcner with this item to make shortcut link and with all your scripts.

and its better if you can connect all database in one so if i use all your item in one site I can connect users

also make script like google forms



You can easily do that if you have some basic PHP knowledge. URL shortener has an API system that you can use.

Could set limit Multiple Votes ? (e.g 5 choices, user the max select 2 choices). I need this function.


This feature is currently not implemented.

Why I set Member Level to Pro in admin plane. However, when Member log-in the level will charge to free?



That is because you also need to set an expiration date for the membership otherwise the system will think it is expired.


Can I hide the results to the public? Also, can I create custom fields and store such fields internally for csv visualization?

Thank you


You can hide results however you cannot create custom fields yet.

If users module is set to disabled can admin still add users manually and give the user their login credentials?

Is there an eta for custom fields?

Are there plans to add Stripe as a payment method?


Yes that is possible.

I am not 100% done with the development. However as we speak the custom fields has been implemented on the localhost version but the coding is yet to be finished.

Stripe will be implemented as well.

Would be great to have short urls on this. I know you’ve said to other users that it doesn’t take much but I think it should be in the script itself.


The URLs are already short. Here is an example: http://polls.gempixel.com/Fh8Zn

However I will add the ability to add your custom short URL provider.

That would be good. Please let me know when you add this so I can buy it. Thanks

Can I have a page where all polls are available to see public?


That would require a small modification but it is possible. It is not there by default though.

I just bought this and step 3 is blank. Please send the file to me at farhadnezad@gmail.com

I could send an example url of how the page where the surveys in the public part or frontoffice will be displayed, so that the user does not have to access the backoffice or control panel. This part is made ?? Or it would have to be programmed by collecting the survey data and assembling the external results page separately.

Thanks in advance. It is urgent.

I am looking forward to your response. Receive a warm greeting.


I am not really sure what you mean. The control panel is restricted to only registered users and only admin/registered users can view the data.

any update coming for this


Yes. It is in progress.


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I want to embed my polls on my website. But I also want to use the results after each user votes to affect the options that are displayed next. So every time a user votes, the results will define what the majority wants so far, and by doing so, the majority chooses the buttons that are displayed after. Is this possible with your product? Thanks!


I am sorry but I don’t understand your question.

I’m embedding the poll in another tool for creating interactive stories called Twine. So say I create a poll that asks, What is your favorite city? and the answers are A) Boston, B) New York, C) Chicago. The user would pick one, and after, the user would see which choice is winning at the time the user voted.

However, this question would be part of an interactive story, so if the majority so far has chosen BOSTON, then the next part of the story would be about BOSTON. If the majority so far has chosen NEW YORK the next part of the story would be about NEW YORK. So I need to use the poll results so that the next part of the story is about whichever city has the most votes so far. For that to happen I need to access the code to each poll.

WHAT DO I NEED? I guess I need an API so I can get the status from polls I create. I need to be able to know (after the user votes) which city has the most votes, so I can direct them to the correct part of the story.

Thanks for your help!