Discussion on Premium Point Of Sale (POS) Android and Rest API, php mysql, super complete features

Discussion on Premium Point Of Sale (POS) Android and Rest API, php mysql, super complete features

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I need partners around the world to work together to market itdev88’s newest POS product. You can markup prices and earn regular income every month. We will give you a special website to market in your country. with your email and phone number. Advantages: 1. Income from Client Application Setup. 2. Income from Client’s monthly fees. 3. The difference in product prices. 4. You will be given a website with your domain, mobile number and email.

by becoming my partner, you can open your own business in your country. Info

Hello, for support you can send an email to me, support only includes bugs and errors, does not include customize services… for custom services you can go directly to itdev88. for services via comments on codecanyon we do not serve. please send email or whatsapp support.

Thank you

Reza Staff ITDEV88

I have built your app on Android studio, created/populated the database file, hosted the api/backend files on server and changed the api url on your app. However when i install the app on a device and try to register a user, it doesnt work – when you fill the form and tap “signup” button, the app gets busy for few seconds while displaying “please wait” and nothing else happens. It doesnt post anything to the database why?

have you taken a look at it now?

Yes.. +62881-0249-39656 please whatsapp for further consultation

For the past one month i bought your app, you have been tossing me from codecayon message box, to whatsapp to email, to webserver, yet never got the app to work or even proffer any concrete support. Do i take it now that your app is buggy and unable to function, so that i make official request for refund of my money to enable me purchase from another vendor?

i require your free installation offer as mentioned in the sales page. what do you require to get on it urgently?

for free installation you have to wait in line. because the demand for installation is quite a lot in February. it’s a condition

what nonsense are you talking about? i bought your worthless app on Dec 19, 2021; that’s almost 3months now. Since then you have posted me from whatsapp, to email, to this message box severally with server details sent to you on each occasion. If you cant try make your app work in 3months, is it in a year you will make it work?

3 months is the time of your purchase. and you just submitted a free installation on February 8th in the email. I checked the email, you submitted a free installation on February 8, 2022. In my previous comment, I was informed that in February many people are applying for installation, so you have to queue.

for information, the application is no problem, has been tried and installed on the client server running normally. the problem is that you can’t install the application on your server. so, if you apply for free installation you have to wait in line.

Get a special price for FullPoS orders this week

no inventory count in backend .?

It’s in the user panel

Is this written in kotlin?

Yes bro

hello, for those of you who need a complete and latest Restaurant Application, GoResto | Android Restaurant Application with Online Order, Order Screen and Offline POS feature, you can check the information here available demo screen order.

Hello, please can I get an offline version of this app for immediate purchase?

Yes of course. Please send a message via email after purchase

I mean, I want to release it as a complete offline application that doesn’t require internet connection and remote database, but uses sqlite. I really need to purchase this app asap, but want to be sure it works completely offline using sqlite or other offline database

To go completely offline you have to be custom. Because the system is partly online and partly offline. This app uses sqlite

Can I connect this POS to an ecommerce store. The goal is, if an item gets sold on store walk in, then the quantity for that item get deducted from available stock on the e-commerce store. Please let me know what technology and version you using. What version, php, android and what frameworks like Laravel or code ignitor.

Yes, every time there is an order will reduce the stock. I’m using native PHP, not a framework. You can make changes easily

hello friend I liked the demo I have some pre-purchase questions 1 is it in Spanish? 2 can I manage multiple stores from the app? 3 do online stores come with the code so each customer can create their online store or is it part of it? 4 do you have a system for partial payment clients, so do you have the debt? 5 help in the installation of the code?

1. I can make Spanish in the application for you. 2. Yes. You can manage multi store or branch. 3. If you buy this item you can not online store. Please choose another product with the name unlimited POS. You will get an online shop script. 4. yes the debt feature already exists. 5. I can help install on your server

HI please check the option to add product to the cart is missing in this version unlike the other multi store version pls kindly include tje + sign for adding product.

Adding a product to the cart is already available, you just need to click on the product it will automatically enter the cart

Hey, Can’t download the demo. Please share it through drive or something

Please open this link in your mobile browser

Nice work! Clean and professionally coded!

please contact me via email support, I will help until it’s finished

Please confirm if source code is included, and possibility of working off-line, I mean where internet not available.

yes all sources are included like api, android source, backend etc. for offline we are still developing it, but if you want it immediately you can contact me at an additional cost.

Please confirm the additional cost for offline version.

Congratulations , Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thanks you

Is there any plan to add subcription plan or integrated with admob or facebook?

what cost?

cost me to learn java or kotlin?

to change or add features do not need a fee. because we will change from our side

link backend: username: admin password: 123456

now it can be multi store, please re-download the demo.

Please register on the front page to create a new store..

for the supported will be uploaded in the latest update update

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

thank you for the support


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