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Congratulations GL :)

Thank you. Wish you the best.

Hello, this look good, but is there a way to interact with my website that visitors come and see I’m online now and start charting..? i need the demo also.

This is very nice. Is there a way to change the font face for the system?

you can change color of front face as you like. even more if you are skill in CSS you may change whole appearance per your needs. Front is a based on a CSS file, nothing else to change.

but if you just want to change the color then it is as simple as 123. please check

Hi, what version of codeigniter is it? And there are few design bugs that i saw from your demo? Example: user demo after login and click view ticket…

Also, does your script has some feature that allow customers from my website login without signing up like API something. Thanks

yes. this is a reported bug. I am going to fix it in the near following update. you can pass this issue for now if you do not maximize page. resize it to a lower size and it will be fixed.

codeigniter version is 2.2

I fixed the bug. please check demo again at

if any please report to me you are welocme

I just like it, being Egyptians enough to create a great and helpful ticketing web app that support the most cases that could disturb any company customer service team.

I suggest to create a chrome app that will be helpful and higher performance as a desktop help desk tool with keeping the web interface too.

and finally give some attention for your graphic designs, it deserve more time to show your app features for the world.

Thank you for your kind words and helpful suggestions. Wish you the best.


I’m sorry but why is support not part of the plan? How about updates? Will this item be regularly updated?

it will be updated and bug-fixed periodically we just post an update 4 days ago to fix little issue with font-size

once purchased you will be notified by codecanyon regarding each update

you may make use of the sale at

Heli, it look nice! I have 3 questions. 1. is there posibility to assign language to client/ company or else to be able to suport customer from different countries? 2. is there an “ask for quotr” option? there a posibility to add language?

1- you can not define language to a specific client, but you can hack this by install another installation and assign it to all clients from this country.

2- No, There is not “Ask for Quote” , but you can hack this by adding a department with the name “Ask for Quote”

3- you can change any language file with your owns

I used the sale on your site to buy but didn’t receive any files yet

I installed to my site but after registration or submit message it give me blank page not like your demo with the success message

our records did not show any purchase with you. sorry we support only legible purchases.

our records did not show any purchase with you. sorry we support only legible purchases.

Pre Sales Question 1 – Client’s tickets OR Project can be assign to the specific or Selected team member? 2 – Team member should not able to see the client’s contact info, they should only able to reply back through the system. 3 – Admin can give Privilege to selected member / Team or Staff person who can see project cost.

1- NO 2- MAY BE done in future release 3- YES

ok then I guess no use ..

as you problem it is okay to buy it as not to buy it.


liusber Purchased

I am trying to install..but i have some problem with base_url() parameter

could you help me…


liusber Purchased

this is my url with error… but this is my url success, help me please to setup my base_url()

remove or rename “install” folder let me know if fix the problem

also make sure that your files and folders installed under your subdomain in similar way

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not able to load front end demo

Unable to load the requested language file: language/english/ger_lang.php

Oh. sorry for that. I fixed it.

Hello, I would like to purchase your script but have 2 concerns. 1) It seem your domain does not work any more. 2) Have you abandon the the script as I dont see any updates )and your domain has expired?)

my domain still in use please check

actually, we moved from mygoldensoft,com and its pro to one new domain which is

I have 2 questions:
1) Can the customer submit a ticket without registering first?
I’ve checked the demo but couldn’t see that option in the settings.
2) Do you charge extra for the premium plugins and how much?

It is a promising work, I wanted to purchase it and took the time to test it, unfortunately, there are major design flaws. I thought I can send them to you, maybe you can benefit from my test.

Here are the issues:

1- Any user can add companies, product, departments 2- Any user create ticket priority 3- Any users can change the fornt-end and/or backend langauge & theme 4- The backend doesn’t show who is really logged in right now. 5- There is no relationship between companies and products, that means products should belong to a company. Right now everything is mixed companies, products and departments can be selected as users will. 6- All the above stuff should be reserved for the system administrator only.

7- The Demo front-end can not be accessed, it just fails

7- After any update, insert (or reply),a blank page is shown and the page stucks (tested with Chrome). If the page is refreshed, it will create multiple tickets with the same number and title, meaning the ticket numbers are not unique !

8- Any users can see all tickets, usually the user should only see those tickets assigned to him/her.

9- There no way to set the default user to automatically assign the ticket to.

And probably more. I need something fast, otherwise I would have waited for your to fix them, as it is good work.