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Hi I am looking for a plugin similar to this, but i can not see any recurring payment option in live demo. Is it possible to accept recurring monthly donations ?

kind regards

Hi, i am planning on adding support for recurring payments in the next update…which will be in a few weeks.


It doesn’t work very well.And also it doesnt have enough support. don’t waste your money and time.

The plugin works perfectly fine and i will be releasing a major update for it sometime in August.

Hi So I purchased your theme Hope and it said in the documentation that this plugin was free but I cant seem to find the free download can you help ?

Hi, the plugin comes bundled with the theme. You should see a folder labelled Plug-ins which contains the paypal plugin.

Working in WP 3.9?

And it’s possible views all payments in this wp admin plugin?

Please make a “responsive” Paypal Payments Pro form for recurring payments. There is nothing like that I works well with Paypal!

Hi, Interested in purchasing this. Does this work on Wordpress 3.8

Hi youthfulguru,

Yes it works on WordPress 3.8.


To increase addresses and names?

Hi w_code,

Sorry but i don’t understand the nature of your question.

Please elaborate, thanks.

Does this shopping cart support Paypal recurring payments?


I just purchased the template HOPE and I’m having issues with this plugin. See http://supportbeyondbraincancer.org/donations/ I went through the video and configured settings and when you click on the Donate button it doesn’t do anything. Please help!!!

Hi meesha,

We are aware of the issue and we will be releasing a fix soon.


Howdy! I´ve purchased this item, installed, created first item, published. i can see it but can´t pay. the button doesn´t work. plz checkt at the top of the site: http://pixel-cafe.com/shop/

what went wrong?

plz help?



Hi pixelcafe,

Try replacing the comma with a period in your prices – so instead of 79,00 make it 79.00 – that should fix the issue.


Oh yeah! Thank You? I always forget that the comma does not work in wordpress.

Thank You again and again!?

Does this send an expiration email reminder to the subscriber ?

Does it inform them that they are going to be automatically billed again in a couple days or weeks ?

Hi turner2f,

Sorry it does have this feature built in.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Hi, may i know this plugin can be use for creating s membership plan?

Hi alexlim91,

It does have the option of creating a recurring payment with PayPal so you could essentially use it for memberships.

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks for your inquiry.

I am trying to add a subscription option on my site. Its a two option, monthly and yearly. After publishing it, it shows both purchase AND the subscribe button. How can I just show the drop down option and pay with out showing the “subscribe” button below it.

Hi multicade,

It should only be showing one or the other – are both payment buttons appearing for a single PayPal item?

hey there, am very interested in buying this plugin, here’s a few pre-purchase questions:
1. i really like your paypal donation demo tht contains 3 types of donation for users to choose, can i import tht demo page? or do u hv any guide of how to make it
2. i never implemented paypal donation before, may i ask does it require https in my website to make it work? what else is neeeded too?
3. after users finished their paypal donation, where will it be redirected? does it hv any donation record from existing user accounts?

Hi hkmsua,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. The documentation that comes bundled with plugin explains how to configure each payment type. We can also provide sample files upon request.

2. An SSL certificate is not required since payments are being handled by PayPal.

3. Our plugin currently does not support redirects or payment records in WordPress but we are considering adding this feature sometime in the near future.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for your inquiry.

hi! Im very interested in buying this plugin, here’s a pre-purchase question:

I can send a “thank you email” when a user buy a product? I need attach a PDF in this email.


Hi jcarlosc,

Sorry our plugin currently does not have this option available.

Thanks for your inquiry.


The Live demo is not available. 404

Hi Symbion7,

Sorry about that – the demo link should be working again.


Can this work with Paypal Standard and Paypal Advance?

Hi karagamber,

Our plugin currently supports PayPal standard only.

Thanks for your inquiry.



Zeri Purchased

Hello there,

I purchased the plugin, but the return url doesn’t work. When I click on “Cancel and return to the merchant website” on the Paypal login, it directs me to this error: “Cannot GET /webapps/hermes/undefined” and when I complete the purchase, it does nothing. Any solution?


Hi Zeri,

Are you able to download the plugin?