Premium Paypal Manager

Premium Paypal Manager

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Premium Paypal Manager is a powerful and easy to use plug-in for WordPress that allows you to add Paypal items, donations or recurring payments to your WordPress powered website quick and easy.

This plug-in is ideal for anyone who has a manageable inventory count. You can quickly add a Paypal store to your website, accept multiple Paypal donation or recurring subscriptions. You can create as many Paypal products, donations or subscriptions as you’d like and place them anywhere in your website using the self-generated shortcodes.

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Plug-in Requirements:
WordPress 4.1+
JavaScript enabled browser

Desktop Browser compatibility:
IE 8+

Mobile Browser compatibility:
Firefox (Android)
Chrome (iOS and Android)
Safari (iOS)
Opera (iOS and Android)

Also includes:
Localization support (.po and .mo files included)
Text documentation
Video Walkthrough

Live Demos

PayPal Store

Premium PayPal Manager v1.4.2 (Dec. 15, 2015)

Whats New in v1.4.2 :

- Illegal character bug fixed

Premium PayPal Manager v1.4.1 (October 30, 2015)

Whats New in v1.4.1 :

- Empty tax value bug fixed

Premium PayPal Manager v1.3 (March 10, 2015)

Whats New in v1.3 :

- Now supports recurring payments
- Custom button support for products, donations and subscription items
- New post type options to enable / disable monthly subscriptions
- New documentation

Premium PayPal Manager v1.2

Whats New in v1.2 :

- several bug fixes addressed
- dropdown price list should now center correctly

Premium PayPal Manager v1.1

Whats New in v1.1 :

- shortcode column added to paypal items post listing 
- bug fixes in shortcode