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We downloaded the multi user version of vCards manager … but this one does not contain the google search … to automatically generate longitude and city counts !!

So we downloaded the “single user” version … but we can not integrate it on the administration of the multi user … Do you have a few lines of code at our disposal to integrate it to The multiuser Admin ?

Nb : we can generate a google api key

Best regard’s, Loic M.

I will add google search in the next version, currently it is not

Hello just wanting to know. Where does someone go to to see a resume someone has created? Would it be

yes you are right it will work like this

Are brilliant. Thank you. Will be ordering very soon :)

ok Thanks

hello I would like to set up the script again can I renew my support and help me in the installatio

sorry i missed your message, you dont need to renew let me know how could i help you

In the portfolio, can we add video links from YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion, etc? So that when we click on the portfolio link, it plays video in the light box.

Secondly, is there any documentation which walks us through the installation / customization process?

there is no option to upload video in portfolio, however if you need any customization then you can request to us.


To change the logo etc just change the images in the logo folder inside images? I’ve done it but nothing seems to happen.

I really don’t understand. I’ve uploaded new images. And it still shows the old logo..

Also i think the main template need a update as the icon images don’t show for the slide show on the main page

it will be updated in upcoming updates

I must say. This software needs a huge update. You know the kind to give a user basic customisation… Send a link to a friend on facebook and it shows this crap it’s like you buy a script to save your self-time and then you have to spend hours on it learning how the coder rote it to just change the darn images. Witch still haven’t changed!

This will be resolve in upcoming updates

ETA on said “upcomming updates”

we are working on it with speed now

can I use it as a CV portal where any one can add his CV. That way it will work as CV bank. those users are not related to a predefined company but can be any one who want to add his cv and refer to it from any where using cv-link . is there a limit to number of users or database size ?

Yes 100% you can use for this purpose


rodrixt Purchased

Hello, can i install the script in subdomain? and also use it only in spanish language?, Thanks.

yes its possible, however for spanish language you need to send a custom request

cant open demo preview. took too long to respond.

may be server was down that time,

This comment is currently being reviewed.

why scroll bar disappear. it is confusing

you need to request server to activate allow_url_fopen true currently it is false, this issue will be resolved

Hey! i like the script. can you do custom work? i want a ’’Search possibility’’ on different occupations.

Yes we provide customization, you can email me your desired custom features at

Hey, I’m planning a bigger project and I would include your app on it. But, I need some answers prior buying it (and the license will be the extended one): Can we have the same front template WITHOUT the login page? I mean the clean front template same as per logged user. What your demo shows is ONLY the login page. Any user who will want to use this service(free or paid) would need to see in action (template) on the front. Second: the settings in the backend are NOT linked to “settings” – they go to USERS! I need the whole application settings! Third: Activating languages on the backend does not work! Thanks in advance.

Hi, sure you can make it as a enhanced and bigger project. we can do any kind of customization you needed, either it belong to same front template for settings these are role based, if a user is admin then can manage all the users and other stuff on the template while normal users can manage stuff which is belong to him only.

you can email me at for further queries.


Settings and Logout tab is visible to all users even session is not logged in….It seems to be a major bug

we will recover in upcoming updates

This is really cheating….not even single template is completely responsive in my mobile phone…You mentioned them as responsive….

I want my money back…..This is really a worst template I have ever seen…very late response and worst support team

Matt profile have menu issue when testimonials are active….which distracts the menu items from the container which doesn’t look good…

i am working on it, once it is fixed, i let you know, Thanks

better to install it on your server, i will make changes on it and then add in the base script code.

How to add any more social profile options like Instagram etc.,

need to do customization for adding more social links

Hahaha it took so much time for me to find it out….very tricky….good one

let me know if you need any support

Hi I am looking for purchase Multiuser Resume Manager. I need to make a multilanguage portfolio agency. Can I make with this?

Anybody can register and make their own portfolio?

Each portfolio can have their url to be added to search engines?

Can I add for example ads into portfolios?

Please answer me asap.

Thanks for support

Yes it create standalone url and it support multilanguage as well on the profiles

Can be added ads into profiles?

you can add, or you can give us cutomization request however currently there is no option to place ads through admin

hello, your scripts is awesome, I have some question, please answer

1. how to add new pages

2. how to show all member list at frontpage

3. how to create a new menu like news, etc

can I get your whatsapp or skype?

hope you can help me, thanks

hi, if you know a little bit about HTML/CSS then it is easy to add new pages, you can add me on skype my id is sheensoltechnologies and email

in mobile view your template can’t scroll, pls fix this bug

ok sure, I will fix it in the coming update, Thanks


jdreier Purchased

Hi there. LOVE this…how can I change the label “title” in the top of dashboard column to say something like “position”? It makes more sense to employers. Thanks!

hi, you need to update it through the little code change, if you give me access i can fix it quickly

about the url, its possible: ? to show and share resume?

yes thats how it works