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Hello, i am writing about your Multiuser Resume Manager. Is it possible to add a form/survey for users after signing in? Like an extra tab, profile-resume-portfolio-contact-SURVEY maybe. And is it possible reporting that data collected at the backend? Thank you, great work!

Hi yes sure, its possible, however you can send me customization request at

Hello, you have provided 4 sql files, 1) Database.sql in zip format 2) database_1.0.sql 3) meta_location.sql 4) Update_1.1 kindly let me know which one to install before to update to 1.2

you can help me. I can not login in admin / admin786.

I would like to add a Chinese language, how to add

under language section you can add it, Have not applied domain, is there must be installed? Just to test the installation

When will the update be active?

its under testing phase i am going to update it today

Any news on the Update ?

update is ready, its under testing phase

Can’t wait for it

update is on the way, it will be updated in 24 hours approx

Hi, I tried to install a fresh install of the software – deleted the previous one and the DB. No i got this message: Could not read file sql_dump/create.sql!

I may also need some for the templates – as soon as i install it.

Regards, and Thanx


Sent u the details – Thanks !

ok received, let me know if you need any kind of support

Hi, After installing the App i became the error and cannot continue:

“Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘lib/Db.class.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php5.4’) in /homepage/XXXX/index.php on line 10”

I need your help. Thank you

hi, kindly send me your ftp details at also your installation url

I have sent the Informations to your email. Thank you.


Hi, I send you with the Email the FTP-Information for solution the Problem after installing the App. I am waiting your return with solution the problem. It’s very important and urgent for me. I hope you will understand me. Thank you and wish a nice day.

yes received i am working on it, thanks


Your script looks amazing! I just have a few questions before we purchase:

a) Is it possible to add a link to the “JOB BOARD” in the Top Nav Menu and an additional field for “JOB ID” on the Contact Page? b) Can we also add an additional input field/link on the User Profile that says “DOWNLOAD EPK” which will redirect potential employers to a FlipBook page the User has already created on the Job Board site. c) If a user doesn’t complete the Resume or Portfolio sections, what will show publicly on their profile? (as SOME Users will only need/want to show their EPK and don’t need to have formal Education and Work History etc.)

Sorry for all the pre-purchase questions, we just want to make sure it’s what we need. It really looks great and seems like something we could use even if these changes can’t easily be made!!

Thanks so much! hg

yes its possible, can you email me your details at


HittGirl Purchased

Awesome! Thanks! I downloaded it and when attempting to install, I get a message that says “Could not read file sql_dump/create.sql! Please check if a file exists.” at Step 6 of 6. But when I check the files, it’s there. Can you please help me install it? Thanks!!

there must be some folder bases permissions issues, can you email me your cpanel details, I will look on it


Tugem Purchased

Hi, Is there way to create on a page many tabs with different tables. Now i can create only to a table? Thank you.

not getting your question


ebi22 Purchased

hi man - tnx for your product - In Persian language texts of (( ? )) Written - my email is - please contact me

kindly email me your language text at


netbcom Purchased

Hi, my license is 39e36ef6-c46b-4e48-baa2-8650bcb7874d – 11 May 2017

I have a important question:

for transalte the table ithems/filed (backoffice) which php files should i edit?

example: in “Portfolio” backoffice configurations….

I have to translate these heading field table’s voices: Name, Project Name, Project Desc, Picture, Link, Portfolio Categories, Active, Date Time

this is for all of the backoffice page’s tables

If you want to change the column labels then you need to do update some statements in coding


netbcom Purchased

how can I do that? this is very important for me

sorry for late reply, i was on leave, for change admin level captions then needed some programming, i am not sure you can do that or not, however you can send me customization request on email

I Can’t find the public sharing link so that anyone can see the resume if they have the link

user profile link is public link, you can share it anywhere

Hi There,

In Footer, i am unable to see Social Icon it shows some kind of square boxes in place of social icons. how can i fix this?

there was location disturbed for fonts folder

what exactly you made changes. so that in case in future same things happen i can fix it my self.

there was fonts missing in the fonts folder, nothing else


HittGirl Purchased

Hi, Thanks for your quick reply! I set up a cPanel account for you here are the credentials URL: username: virtualvinyl password: Music1@Life Thanks again! hg

kindly update the password and email me


netbcom Purchased

I want to translate backend I have a important question: for transalte the table ithems/filed (backoffice) which php files should i edit? example: in “Portfolio” backoffice configurations…. I have to translate these heading field table’s voices: Name, Project Name, Project Desc, Picture, Link, Portfolio Categories, Active, Date Time this is for all of the backoffice page’s tables. I want to translate backend backend. All filed for all backend pages. Please view screnshoot:

netbcom Purchased

please answer thanks

above replied


HittGirl Purchased

Hi, I didn’t realize my information would be posted on the comments page. I mistakenly thought from the email that I would be replying privately—especially since you asked for my secret info. So my password has been on your comments for a few days with no reply! Is there a way to please delete my password comment from your page and contact me privately about fixing the problem? It’s been a few days now, and I will also have to change the info. Thanks and sorry for posting this here. Please help!

its better you should change the password and kindly email me at


Dennnn Purchased

Hey. The buttons do not work! What is the reason? Screenshot below:

Dennnn Purchased

The hosting provider said, I quote: “We pay your attention to the fact that the site has a mixed content problem, which blocks some of the content. You need to change the protocol from http to https.”

Question to the developer: How to do this?

looks like some settings issues, can you email me your cpanel or ftp details. thanks


Dennnn Purchased

Sent to your email.