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And when you plan to update this awesome script? This month? Next Month? Or Next year?

As I still see many error in this script as i check your demo, such as “log out button always appear even if we haven’t log in yet”, unresponsive for some part of the web, and more….

so when you plan to update this awesome script? This month? Next Month? Or still we need to wait until Next year?

probably in this month for sure

This looks nice but I’m also waiting for an update for this script before I buy. I have many users that would be interested in this if there was an option to integrate payments so that end users would have to sign up via stripe subscription to use the resume manager. Would it be possible to add this option?

yes possible, we will try to add this in our coming updates

Hi, I’ve tried your scripts, it is very nice. However, here I list some ‘error’ (most of them just display/css error) that I found. Hopefully, you can fix them all in your next update. (this month right.. :D )

- menu setting and logout always display to public view (even they have not sign in yet), - personal resume page doesn’t work on https link (it works on http), - colousr and backgrounds menu shouldn’t be displayed to user, only admin need that t think

and spesificly, here I listed for every template (That I found)

Swift template: My Skill rating scale doesn’t work (mobile & desktop), My Skill outside provided box (mobile view)

Karin template: book icon on social media (Desktop), can’t scroll (mobile/android), Testimony not display (mobile & desktop)

Trend template: Testimony not display (mobile & desktop)

vCard classic template: Contact icon not user friendly (mobile)

vCard extended template: Contact icon not user friendly (mobile)

Hope, this can help you to build and add an improvement. And hopefully you can add another feature that allow admin to send bulk email to all users and more colour choice for karin and trend template… I’ll rates you after upcoming update.. :D Thanks…

Thanks for you kind review, we will try to cover all your addresses issues in the coming update as well

will be any update on near future?

Hi, Does the script automatically generate PDF downloadble cv/resume? Or users must upload it?

users will upload the pdf version

Hi, it was 3 months after my previous question, which you promise to update this (as I seen many error in this awesome project). Especially user can upload other than .pdf or .doc file for their resume (including uploading bug / etc).

So, please DO UPDATE them…

I also send you some question about this system to your email, but unfortunately no one reply it.. :/

kindly email me your issue at I will reply you instantly, sorry for inconvenience

As i see the update is coming soon… I want to purchase it right now and i will… but it would help a lot if the update would be ready in 7 days… If not i will change the source code by 70% and would be so so disapointed if the update is ready after i worked 40hours in php programming on this… Can you guarantee a date/time?

I will release update end of this month but this month for sure, let me know issues you are facing…

I’ve seen many errors in demo… like theme changes not working, no responsiveness, etc… Also it would be a good idea to make a .vcard download for the contact information ;) also i will need the payment for subscription :) just purchased it, waiting for the update.

my first priority is to resolve responsive issues, and theme changes are working, let me know where you are facing issues, you can also communicate with me at email