Discussion on Premium Multi-Scroll & Vertical Scroll Widgets for Elementor

Discussion on Premium Multi-Scroll & Vertical Scroll Widgets for Elementor

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can we create the animation or scroll effect showed in the second section of this website link :

I’m so sorry, but this is not available at the moment.

hello, thanks for the great plugin, is there another default with elementor’s containers?

Hi there,

I can see you already submitted a ticket on our support system and it’s being checked by the devs team


Can the multi-scroll function be used across 4 columns where column 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 move in the same direction? Also, can this function be used as a section on a page or will it only work if it’s set to full screen/full page?


I’m so sorry, but Multi Scroll widget is applied on sections, not columns.

You can use it with any section on your page. Here’s the demo page so you can check

Hi, as you scroll down can the images and text fade in/out instead of moving vertically? Thank you and best regards

Ok thanks for confirming. I can try with Elementor motion effects, transparency, to get close to what I am trying to achieve. One last question please, can we adjust the speed of the snap scroll effect on the Multi Scroll widget. As per the demo the right and left sides move vertically to reveal content. So I’m talking about, after the user initiates the vertical scroll, the speed that the left and right columns move up and down. Can that be adjusted, or only the speed that we see in your online demo.? Thanks

Hi there,

Yes, you can adjust the scrolling speed of changing the left/right slides :)

Ok very good to know, thanks!

Hello i updated elementor and the plugin doesn’t work anymore

Hi there,

We just have uploaded a new version of the plugin to fix these issues. It’s now being reviewed by the moderators and will be released ASAP :)

I have embedded this feature and it is working very fine. But I need to know, is that possible to scroll with the click trigger? I mean, I am having 4 different buttons and on every button click, each section scroll. Is that possible? Please let me know, I would like to tell you that my Client bought this plugin and I am commenting from my account.

Hi boyka89,

Actually, there is no direct option to trigger multi-scroll from buttons on the page. But, it can be simply achieved by adding a couple of custom JS into your page.

Our devs team would be glad to help. Please open a ticket on our support system from here.

Thank you for the response. I would like to tell you that I have fixed the requirement with the help of Custom JS Code.

Hi, how to make autoplay scrolling? I cant find that settings

Could you please elaborate a bit more on the widget you are referring to so I can help?

Our devs also would be glad to help. You can create a ticket on our support system through the link below.


dkub Purchased

Hi, is it possible to fix one side and scroll the other, like this page? Thanks,

Hi there,

I believe this is doable using Elementor itself, not Premium Vertical & Multi Scroll widget.

Our devs would be glad to check. Please open a ticket on our system through the link below:

Can you please tell me how to make sections have all same Height, without adjusting the paddings of the inner elements !

Hi Amir,

Hope you’re having a great day :)

You can do that just by setting Section Height to Minimum Height and set the value to 100vh. This will make all sections takes the same minimum height (vh refers to screen height)


Hello! Can I set the vertical sroll so that it jumps back to the beginning after the last page when scrolling continues?

Hi @gnjager,

Hope you’re doing well today :)

I’m not sure if I totally got what you’re referring to, so could you please elaborate a bit more on your question so I can help?

Hi! Great addon, very recommend! But can you add new feature, like in default elementor Revert order on tablet and mobile?


Well, I’ve sent that to our devs team so they can see if that is doable, but you can simply do that just by hiding that on tablet/mobile devices and use the same widget, but with different order for the templates.

Hope you got the point, please let me know if you still have any questions on that above :)

Waiting for the dev team reply, I can’t simply hide it because i have 38 sections on the page, and don’t want to double it for tablet and mobile, easier to make simple css code to cahnge order, but much better to have option

Hi! This plugin is compatible with Visual Composer? Thanks!

Hello, You can use it only with Elementor Page Builder. it’s not compatible with Visual Composer :)

Was wondering if I could combine the vertical scrolling and horizontal scrolling to create a magazine?

Hi there,

Well, could you please provide an example link for what you’re looking for so I can check and see if that is doable ?

Hi there :)

Could you please elaborate a bit more on the issue you’re having ? Also, it would be great if you could mention which browser you’re using so we can reproduce the issue on our end.

I am using google chrome and I see that when you scroll up or down the scroll is not smooth. Its flicking before scroll.

Pre purchase question: is it possible that both sides from one section stack on top of each other for mobile view? So Left side is on top of the Right side?

@mihaborec Yes, you can enable/disable the multi-scroll effect on small screens so your sections come below each other.

Is it possible to disable it only for mobile and leave it enabled for desktop and tablet?

Yes, you can disable the multi-scroll on mobile and enable it on tablets from widget settings -> Content tab -> Advanced Settings.

any easier way to install your existing demo?

Please contact support to help you with that matter :)

i did but no reply

What is your ticket number?

I have a similar question to Labless and yo928. I’ve been testing the Vertical Scrolling plugin which I can get perfect on desktop, but when it moves to mobile, it loses all formatting, I was specifically looking to retain the UX across desktop and mobile.

Following your reply to ‘Labless’ above, I wanted to confirm that with the ‘Magic’ plugin, you can achieve the same result as seen in the example ( specifically the white background section headed ‘Crypto Wallet & Cold storage’ where the wording and images fades on scroll without moving. Thanks in advance!


We’re doing our best to get these new features done within 3-4 weeks max :)


Brilliant, thanks. Is there anywhere I can keep up to date with the latest releases?

I have good news for you :) The update is planned to be released within one week from now. You can check here again or follow up with us on our Facebook page:

Can’t this plugin be Vertical Scrolling one by one Section on the Mobile device? I didn’t see it on the sample website. PC device has this function, but the Mobile device does not have.

Vertical scrolling action is disabled on the mobile due to the smaller screen size which will not handle all sections content. So the section content will be larger than the screen size.

Is this setting unselectable?

Currently no, but we wukk cinsider that in a future update.

Pre purchase question: do you have any element that allows a fixed navigation through scroll? example: Or, some solution or configuration that allows to do something similar? Thank you

Hello it can be done but with another plugin that we sell on our website.

I have searched for this function and I can not find it anywhere. Do you know the plugin you point to? Thank you!

All elementor plugins are including? or sale separate? Is your plug-in work with AVADA theme? Thank you~

Oh, It doesn’t work with fusion builder or Is it compatible?

It works with Elementor Page Builder


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