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Hi, this is exactly what I was searching for. Just some quick questions:

1. I like to add some custom fields to every user like sizes so he can choose this and will see them everytime after login. e.g. Shirt: (XL, L, M, S); Trouser: (XL, L, M, S); Shoes: (36, 37, 38 ) etc.

Is this possible with this script?

2. Could I switch of Socialmedia Logins and Registration (Just the admin can add new users.)?

Thank you


I need a secure PHP login system that I can integrate to my current PHP app. Can I integrate this PHP script to my already coded app?

I must address and if I want a api key store user for each script I do not see through with this. the apikey is generated when registration and should not be changed for user and if the admin what changes to the api key also not be changed and I would like social login not have

Dear EdcoreWeb

You did an amazing code for the login and I love it. Just I keep having the issue of ‘Ajax Response Error’. I set my base_url correctly without www and I am accessing the website from a subdomain but still getting this error in the signup page only.

You support is highly appreciated.

Can you help me with this issue please?

Is your base_url the same as your site url ? Make sure if your using a subdomain that the base_url is the same as the subdomain url.

Hi… about 60 minutes after installing the login script, i got the chrome message: Deceptive site ahead … on webmaster tools, it tells me, that in auth/login.php is affected code… what can i do ? i´ve nothing edited here…


Hi, I don’t think that the login script has anything to do with this problem.

More on the problem : http://www.ghacks.net/2016/02/04/deceptive-site-ahead-google-to-warn-about-deceptive-buttons/

On the demo site the issue is not present. I think it has something to do with your site.

Try removing the social login buttons, but i don’t see why that would be the problem.

After following the instructions provided, the login works on the modal version only, but doesnt work on the inline or raw versions. Every time I try to log in I get an “Ajax response error” code that shows up. Your support is very appreciated.

Regards, Patrick

That error is shown when the base url is incorrect and the ajax calls cannot be made. Make sure that the base url is correct : if you have the raw version in a raw folder, make sure that the base url contains raw. Also if you use www on your domain, include www an the base url also.

Is it possible to limit only one (1) login per username, that it is not possible to login from another computer with the same usersame | password?

Is it possible to fill the database without using your script by hand? I have a list of predefined users.

Kai Winkelman kai.winkelmann@gmx.net

can you update the api’s and script

Can my own user table be used for this? and can users belong to groups? (So if a user logs in I can retrieve their group ID also?)

whats the best way to remove the social register/login from this script?

Hi there, purchased this yesterday and so far it is looking very good :)

I want to make the usernames be the same as the e-mail for the user. When I input an email into both the username and email inputs it shows an error. Is this not a possibility? If this is possible, where can I change this validation?

Could we login in non media social account? example: marketplace account like alibaba?


All install were fine on localhost, then i’ve put it online and got a problem.

Apparently Class Error is the problem since php 7 it’s getting fatal error because it’s used by it already.

The solution should be to rename the “class error” but well, i don’t really know how to do it, when i rename it, it just don’t work anymore, surely it’s called somewhere in the script, could you give me a hand on this ?

Solved ! sorry, used my brain lol, just had to replace all the Error:: in files, mostly mostly in /auth and /user

Can a member register with one social auth (without email verify, but email verify only on email sign ups?) and then add their other social logins. Also can they remove a social login/social connect via settings?


the plugin looks exactly like what I need, I only have 3 follow-up questions:

1. I need to create a B2B webshop within an authenticated area where I only want authenticated people to see it. Is that possible with your plugin?

2. I want to create 2 different user roles and they need to get access to different parts of the homepage that the others may not see.

3. Are you planning an Instagram sign-up option in the future?

Thanks and best regards,


This script is out of date for captcha which is now owned by google. Can you please provide an updated script to use with google? I should not have to try to figure it out on my own.


Pre buying question: i need to start a wordpress site with memberships. is it possible to assign a number id from 0 to 1000 one number to each member? instead of username. Thanks!!