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good pls can fix this when i say print

Wrong path or file is not exist! The render method fails. /home/sheen786/public_html/userftp/imran/apps/sst_puzzlegame/admin/xcrud/themes/printout/xcrud_list_view.php

i will buy thereafter

after u uploaded the files to codecanyon ,in admin , user app then click print icon Wrong path or file is not exist! The render method fails. /home/sheen786/public_html/userftp/imran/apps/sst_puzzlegame/admin/xcrud/themes/printout/xcrud_list_view.php

this is ok now bu the puzzle is till not coming ,

please send me link where you have installed

please send me link where you have installed

Nice work again! :)

Thanks dear :)

I bought Puzzle Game App but I do not know how to install it on my website. I created a SQL database and entered the host name, the database username and password config.php. And what next? How to put up a link for the app on my web site? Thank you.

can you send me the link where you have configured the AppCode? have you uploaded the code files on any link?

I have a website made in Joomla (www.moje-puzzle.com). I read in your documentation that I must copy folder APP_CODE to the server and then create a MySQL database and import the data from file “database.sql”. I have done all that. And what next? Thank you.

I did update config.php. I mentioned it earlier. But how to create a link (page) for the puzzle game and how to acces admin page?

Now it works. Thanx guys for help :)


Bought and installed it, but layout is a mess. What does Gate active mean in admin. And where are the admin settings for -Choose any number of pieces (3×3, 4×4, 10×10 etc.) – Any number of shuffle’s types (by default: easy, medium or hard) ? What do the rows, columns, holes settings do?

Thank you for not giving an useful answer. - I emailed you the url. You can see the layout is all messed up after a standard install and the puzzle is not working. What could be wrong? - What does the “gate active” option mean? - There is NO easy/medium/hard setting in Admin -> Settings. Where is it?

actually there is no easy or medium or hard options, infact it depends on the pieces, if there are more pieces means more hard, less pieces mean less hard I saw you link, I think there is configuration issue.

I see your app images are coming from this url http://www.example.com/AppCode/images/thumbs/5n53xinlzh0c40g.png please go to config.php and update the path of your AppCode where you have places it should be something like http://guldenpuzzel.senwa.nl/images/thumbs/5n53xinlzh0c40g.png

Thanks Imran

Hello Imran, Thank you for your support. That fixed it!

I mean ctrl f5 resfreshes

Sorry for the consusion, but the problem persists in InternetExplorer 11. If you go to the website with IE11, the puzzle is not displayed as puzzle but as image, and the top10 does not show neither, Would you have any advice?

This should work on IE11, I will check and let you know. Thanks

good night, buy the program I install does not work me, nor the css or the game may be? already configured database and config.php thanks!

You are welcome

a query I’m new, how do I pass the application to android or iphone? thank you

Its only desktop Application, not responsive app

as I can do to publish the deljuego result in the Facebook wall?

you can send me your app link where you have installed it. also you can send me FTP details

www.wgdguate.com/rompecabezas mail account to send him the FTP access?

I have replied on the email

Before I purchase this, is it possible for users to submit their score without Facebook login? Can they submit their score with just their name and email?


Yes, Its possible

Is this something I can get the code for or have you do for us for extra cost? Either is fine.

It will cost you little bit not much. thanks

Hi , need users to submit their score without Facebook login, let me know whats required.

for this customization is required with the script, You will need to pay a little for such customization, THanks

It does not work the address of the application is


looks like your root .htaccess issues , can you send me your ftp access, i will look into it

It does not work the address of the application is :


there are your hosting .htaccess issues, its not a script issue, you can consult with the site or hosting admin


The application not retain the name, surname and mail, why ?

CLASSEMMENT http://kazimmo.eu/kazgame/ LEADERBOARD http://demo.sheensol.com/puzzlegame/front/


Hi, we grab this information from facebook, once you are connected with facebook then we save first name, last name, and email .


Hello, can I use the program with joomla and do I have to use Facebook? Thanks and regards, Pingpong

no can’t use with joomla

Hi there, i puchased your plugin but run into a internal server error.

Maybe its because i’m running PHP7


2016/03/26 01:51:04 [error] 9518#9518: *108 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function query() on unknown in /var/www/clients/client1/web12/wow/wowmedia/static/puzzle/index.php:8

Hi, can you send me your ftp detail, i will look into it you can email at sheensoltech@gmail.com

Hi, field Name in my TOP 10 Players is empty. Can you help me?

Hi, Yes for sure I help you , can you send me link where you have installed it, also better to email me your ftp details too, thanks

is it possible to translate all texts? For example, Time, moves, seconds, shuffle etc…

Yes we can develop it, however it will cost you little bit extra on it, Thanks

how much it will be total?

Hi, it will cost you $75 extra.

Hi, I’m interested in buying your script, is your support still active?

yes support is active,

I am getting a blank white screen of death when I access the puzzle and when I access the admin page, I get Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’=’ in /............../admin/login.php on line 37

Hi, i need to check your hosting, can send me your link where you have installed it?

http://millenials.digital/ubl/puzzle/ Sure, please give me an email address and I send all the links and login info

you can send it over sheensoltech@gmail.com