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Is this Responsive or Mobile & Tablet Ready ?

Yes, it’s all ready. Please, test on your mobile.

Nice bundle my friend! ; -)

Thanks :grin:

pre-sale question – Am I easily able to disable social network icons? Also is it easy to change the name of the games? If I need a software to do that please let me know if it’s a freeware or I need to buy a license. Thanks

Hi! To disable the social networks, just delete the xml. In the game’s code, it appears only social networks if there xml. To change the name and any image of the game, you only need to replace the images. A lot of people do it. For the changes you want, you do not need a license Construct program. Thanks!

Hello very nice game all games have the CAPX files for construct 2

Yes, all games.

Hi, I would like to purchase a extended license for this bundle, but I already have a extended license for Indiara. If I buy this bundle, could I choose another game from your portfolio so you would send to me instead of Indiara?

Hi! Sends me an email with your license to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br I find here and see if you can do it.

Hi we are having some problems with the games we have bought. We are trying to get them in to our webapp but the issue we’re having is that they’re coming up 3-4x too big, and manually resizing the canvas or the iframe that the games are in doesn’t seem to do anything, it’s like the game just carries on? could you advise on how we can fix this?

Hi! Sorry, I did not understand the problem. Please, send me more details, and if you can, a printscreen of the game.

My email is filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Hi, I bought this and am testing all the games. The Earth Attack game crashes on mobile. I am using iphone on safari. Please let me know how to fix this. Will let you know if anything else comes up as a problem.

Hi! Thank you!

Please, send me the game link. Send me by email, it’s best for me to respond. My email is filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Another question, did all the games work normal?

Best regards!

Hi, presale question, can i modify the code to save the scores with a simple php mysql script?

Hi. I do not even know how to do this just with programming. I do not think it’s possible, you need the Construct program. And even then it would require some modifications in the game.