Premium Game - StarConnect Game - HTML5,Construct3

Premium Game - StarConnect Game - HTML5,Construct3

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Welcome to StarConnect Game, the addictive puzzle game where you connect the dots to reveal hidden images. Get ready to test your skills and enjoy hours of fun as you connect the dots in the correct order to complete each level.


  1. Challenging Puzzles: Engage in a wide range of puzzles, each offering a unique image waiting to be revealed. From animals to objects, uncover a variety of surprises as you connect the dots.

  2. Simple Gameplay: The gameplay is easy to understand and accessible for players of all ages. Just tap or click on the dots in the correct numerical order to connect them. As you progress, the puzzles become more complex, keeping you engaged and entertained.

  3. Hint System: If you find yourself stuck on a puzzle, don’t worry! Take advantage of the hint system, which provides hints or reveals the next dot to help you continue your progress.

  4. Zoom and Drag: To enhance your experience, utilize the zoom and drag functionality. Zoom in to get a closer look at intricate details, and drag the screen to navigate the puzzle more efficiently.

  5. Relaxing Atmosphere: Enjoy a tranquil gaming experience with soothing background music and pleasing visual aesthetics. Dot to Dot provides a calming environment to unwind while challenging your mind.

  6. Achievements and Progress Tracking: Track your progress and unlock achievements as you complete puzzles. Challenge yourself to collect all the achievements and become a master dot connector.

  7. Variety of Images: Discover a wide array of images to reveal, ranging from everyday objects to landscapes and more. Each image is carefully designed to provide an enjoyable and rewarding puzzle-solving experience.

Get ready to connect the dots and unveil beautiful images in Dot to Dot. Challenge yourself, relax, and enjoy the satisfying feeling of completing each level. Start connecting now and let the dots lead the way to a fun-filled adventure!

Beautiful graphics (you can easily reskin according to your design)

Full features for a popular game for all devices.

This game has been developed using Construct 3, Construct 3 is a HTML5 game Engine.


  • Source file (HTML5,c3p)
  • 720×1080px   
  • Cross-platform
  • Beautiful graphics and effect.
  • Full features, zoom in,zoom out, drag, vibration,sound,time.
  • So many level
  • Power Up more hint…
  • Clean layout

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