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It’s not working?

  • Read installation and configuration
  • Do you have wp_footer() function call in theme’s footer? No? Add it!
  • Do you have jQuery included in your theme? No? Enable “Include jQuery” option in FPS settings.
  • Do you have any posts selected as “featured”? No? Well then there are just no posts to show :)
  • Did you place the FPS function call or shortcode in your theme? No? You have to do it – see the installation
  • Did you set the slider width in options? It’s mandatory, you have to configure it.

My slider is all mangled up / CSS is broken

FPS will not custom style your slides! It uses default WordPress CSS classes which your theme should already have defined such as post and entry title. It’s alsoimportant that you choose the right image size to fit the current layout. Each slider has “fps-slide” class so you can easly target any elements with your CSS or write inline styles using the custom layout editor.

Will this plugin slow my site down?

No it won’t. FPS has a minimal footprint and uses only one standard WP query to fetch featured posts. Everything else is a bit of JS and CSS.

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