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hi, I just purchased the plugin but there is no installation file in downloadable package, where should I find it?

HI, thank you for purchasing! Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

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hello, i think i’m interested in your plugin but

1) i want to know if it is responsive?.because from the preview i dint see the responsiveness.

2) i want know if i can use your plugin to achieve something exactly like the quot slider in this link: http://alibrown.com/

i will be expecting your reply very urgent thanks

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

1) depends on the slider’s container, or to be more precise your theme

2) yes you can do that, a similar example is visible on the demo

Hello, i have bought the plugin and added it to my project but it is not responsive yet my theme is responsive. my website link is: http://webhproteam.com/entrep/

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide any support via comments. Contact our support via the support tab on the item’s page.

Hello, is this plugin responsive please? (to set 100% width is not good enough for use)

ETA: not important

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

If your container is responsive and you set width to 100% then – yes. Otherwise – no.


I am planning to buy your plugin. However, I have a question. If you reply, I would be happy.

I am planing to use your plugin for dynamic posts (Eg: Last Posts). Used image in the slider shouldn’t be “Featured Image”

of post. I will use different images instead of “Featured Image”. Is it possible?

Best Regards

Hi, image has to be in the post, a part of its content.

Thank you very much for your interest :)

You’re welcome!

I wish I didn’t purchase this slider. I thought I did enough home work on it, but like what seems to be a lot of plug-ins these days,... poorly written. I’m guessing there is just 1 slider for the whole site? I was hoping, like most, I could make multiple sliders.. say, one for the top of my posts.. one for the top of my events calendar, and perhaps one on my home page, and they’d all have different content.

I also feel that the execution of the slider is poor. Every post I place in it has to be formatted for the slider.. this means content on the pages will all shift if they aren’t all the same size.

Again.. just not a very well thought out plug-in, in my opinion. Perhaps down the road it will improve, but as for now, I wasted $30.

Hi, sorry to hear you’re not satisfied :(


I am interested in your WordPress Slideshow Plug-in. I am working on a Wordpress Multisite and due to this, I need a Plug-in which supports the following functionality: If a Slider is created on Blog A, it should be available with the same ID in Blog B. Due to this, I think it is necessary, that the Slideshow is working with the same table on both Blogs. On my Multisite we are only working on Blog A and broadcast the posts to Blog B. So the code snippet has to be the same for both blogs. Is it possible with your Plug-in?

Best regards and thank you Andreas

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

I doubt you’ll find any plugin with such features. That has to be custom made.