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bummer. i’ve been waiting for an update for the “coming soon” plugin to fix issues like, not being able to move or edit the menu links, or add multiple ip’s to the admin field… but now i found this… :/

what’s the main difference between this premium version and the previous countdown plugin i purchased?

Its pretty. THERE ARE BUGS! When this plugin is enabled you are not able to edit post like ad links to your post it also prevented me from making changes to my contact forms. Somehow this plugin destroys multiple editing functions both in wordpress itself and with other plugins. Also incompatible with google chrome browser I see all 99 99 9999 for the count down and fine in firefox.

Demo is broken… numbers are misaligned. both chjrome and firefox

It’s been over 5 weeks since I asked for assistance with correcting an issue with this plugin. I followed the instructions for posting on your support site, but after the first two email exchanges there has been nothing….that was about 3 weeks ago…

I am respectfully requesting a refund of my money for this plugin…

Thank you.

I just bought this plugin, installed it, and it doesn’t work at all. When I click the content settings, all I get is a blank page. When I click support or documentation, I get a ‘not found’ error. Any help? I need this up or a REFUND ASAP!

just tried the view the demo

“not found on this server ” error

I bought your coming soon plugin and after a few months it stopped working. Now I come here and see that you’ve deleted without notice and have replaced with a new ($$) plugin and reference or support for previous customers. Please advise or refund.

Hello, The plugin is not compatible with the latest version of wp, that’s why is not available for download.

As soon as we have some time, we’ll update it.

Regards, Alexandra I.

I am experiencing all of the above problems! How do I get my hard earned money back? or can I get a similar plug in that works?!

Please open a ticket on support.aa-team.com

will do thanks :)

Preorder Questions:

Hello, actually im looking for a plugin which is matching with my claims.

I need a „coming soon“ plugin with this features:

1. a coming soon mode – i can switch on/off, so users cant go on my „real“ site. They can only see my homesite (the coming soon site)

2. i can exclude any single page from the coming-soon-mode, so i can say: users can see the homesite AND site-X (for example)

3. i have my own newsleter-sign-up form with a connection to my newsletter server. I like to implement this on the homesite (coming soon site). So, can i implement custom html with your plugin? I like to have the form directly on the homesite, not in a pop up or sth. like that.

Im happy to hear from you.


This plugin only works on WordPress 3.1

Best regards