Discussion on Premium Charts for Elementor

Discussion on Premium Charts for Elementor

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Hello can I use dynamic values on these graphs? I have 3 timeperiods with 2 a 3 values that get entered by users.

Hi there,

You can do that, but you will need to add a couple of custom PHP lines in your theme functions.php file

Our devs would be glad to help, but please open a ticket on our support system from here

I have problems to visualize the graphics on Iphone 6. Why is this?

You can see the problem in

Hi there,

I can see you already submitted a ticket on our support system and it’s now being checked by our devs team :)


I have a couple of pre-sale questions:

1. What data sources are possible to use? 2. Does the plugin support automatic updates from data source? For example if I use an URL.

Thaks a lot.

Hi there,

At the moment, you can add the data manually. BUT, our devs team already finished working on the option to insert data dynamically from Google Spreadsheets or any URL and it will be released within a couple of days :)

I purchased Premium Charts for Elementor but I don’t know how to install it. I’m using Elementor in Wardpress.

How do I install and use the widget?

You can find all the information you need about Premium Charts widget for Elementor on the doc article from the link below

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our support system from here.

Hi! This is looking good as per my need. I have some pre-purchase questions and hope you will reply on them. 1. I want to add some text with X or Y Values like; 100K, 900K, 1M and 2. I have to show percentage data from -(minus) like; -20 -10 0 10 20 and so on.. are these possible?

Hi there,

Well, I’ve created a simple demo page so you can check and let me know if this is is similar to what you’re looking for.

Can you align the percentages in a pie graph to the outer parts of the pie graph, as it is currently centred and if there is alot of pie pieces the numbering overlaps.

Hi there,

Hope you’re having a great day :)

Well, our devs would be so glad to help, so please open a ticket on our support system through the link below.

Hi, how do i remove the 0% from a pie graph? Thanks

Hi there,

Could you please elaborate a bit more on what you’re referring to? Or you can simply contact our support through the link below and our devs team would be glad to help.

Do all charts support Custom Fields/ACF’s? Is their a backend demo I can try or a refund policy? Thanks

Hi liammaurer,

Actually, all charts are compatible with ACF fields, but it maily depends on the format of the data you need to show using the chart widget.

If you need to show data from multiple fields, then we may need to add a couple of custom lines to format the data. Our devs would be so glad to help you with that through our support system through the link below:

On the other hand, refund are always approved in case we couldn’t help you with your resolving any issue you’re having related to our widget.

Hi !

Could you add a setting to bring up the label inside the slice of the pie chart ? With a setting for the font size. Maybe too complicated ?

It’s commonly used when you design pie charts.

Thanks :)

Hi there,

Actually, this option already exists in the widget :)

Here’s a simple demo page I’ve created so you can confirm if that is what you’re looking for.

Hi !

Thanks for your answer and your demo !

This is not really what I want, I would like to see the label, not the value ☺️

Hi there,

Actually, this option is not available at the moment, but you can show values on hover instead.

Pre-sale Question: Is it possible to use data from woocommerce products as data input for charts?

Hi @dieastro,

Well, that depends on the format of the data you need to use with the charts.

Is it possible to align bar chart to the left and not center, as it is automatic?

@petjus, By default, bar chart width is set to 100%, so it will always take the same width as its parent.

That reply does not make sence… I asked you about alignment, and you answer is about width… Im using elementor, and it seems like, the chart/legend is always aligned in the center.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. You can change “Legend” position from widget settings -> Content tab -> Advanced Settings, you will find “Legend Position” option. On the other hand, our devs would be glad to answer any question you’re having on our support ticket system from the following link:

Hi there, this is a pre-purchase question.

Do the Graphs (specifically the Radar and Polar charts) allow population via Advanced Custom Fields?

Our site uses eight ACF fields that each contain a number. This number would be used to populate the graphs.

Hi @keeno79,

Hope you’re doing great today :)

You actually can do that, but you will need to add a couple of custom code lines to re-format the ACF data. Please check the link below for more clarification.


Hi there, I purchased this plugin and submitted a support ticket three days ago but haven’t had a response as yet. Can you help?

Hi keeno79, Your ticket has been replied :)

Can I put data from excel or cvs?

Actually, this option is not available at the current time, we will look into it if we got a large a demand for it :)

Hi, i’m curious about compatibility with ACF plugin. Can i draw charts using data pulled from ACF field?

Hi, Actually, Premium Charts for Elementor supports Elementor dynamic data for all the fields. But, for Charts data Y-axis only, you will need to have a very basic coding skills. You can check this doc for more clarification.

Awesome plugin! I just wonder how to create the transparency effect as seen on the example for the line chart :-( Cant recreate it / cant find the settings for it

Glad you liked it :) please contact support at and our devs will help you for sure :)

I have a question. Can I turn off lazy load?


Actually, lazy load is not used inside Charts widget, what you see is an animation that starts while scrolling to give a more dynamic layout.

Thank you for your reply. I want to turn off this effect.

Sorry for being late replying you. Please contact support at: to help you as our devs have no access to check or answer inqiries here. :)

Hi. Pre-sales. What options exist for dynamic data?

(I tried to enter your support ticket system but do not have a purchase code.)

Hello willingweb,

The options below support using dynamic data: 1- X-axis Data Labels 2- Y-axis Datasets Title 3- Y-axis Datasets Values 4- Chart Title Text


Presale question: I want to put the charts and the data on a page with the standard norms and the user enter the result and display his classification: example: BMI 18-24.9 is normal 29.9 is overweight 34 is obese etc. The user enters 28 and give them the claissifcation mening is dynamic is that possible with this charts?

Thank for your interest, So sorry that is not attainable as the data must be entered from the backend.

Hi guys, Nice work ! Actually I switch all my website on elementor. I have a pre sale question. Is it possible to display data from a JSON or a database ? Or it’s only with data stored on the webpage ? Thanks


Premium Charts Generally support dynamic content, but could you send us more details about your data type on

Thanks, Leap13

“Last Update 23 November 18”

Nothing update plugin, just update date.

It was the Black Friday sale banner and price change. Thats it :)


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