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This plugin has issues… It does not disappear after entering your age, does not load on mobile, and it also breaks SSL on the site as it calls google fonts through http:// REFUND REQUESTED!

Hello, did you open a support ticket ?

This is absolutely ridiculous. I opened a support ticket about 3 weeks ago regarding a few issues I am having with this plugin. The support team did not even address anything I said and replied with a response to “update the plugin”. I did so and, of course, that did absolutely nothing. I opened another ticket and over a week later I have still received no response. There is no worse support than being ignored!

You will not shut me up. It’s funny how you have the audacity and the time to put my comment under “review”, but not to respond to my support tickets!


dold Purchased


I have a probemlem. Under Windows 7 and IE 9, the field for the old input is empty and can not be operated. And under windows and firefox are cut off in all old versions of the screen


On the right side you will see the list of compatible browsers. For Internet Explorer that version would be 11. :)


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I have your plugin but it doesn’t work on mobile. I can’t press any buttons. When you enter url with www then it doesn’t work. When only with http://figo.lt then it works ok.

I created support ticket but no one replied already several days.

How can you help me?


Golcas Purchased

Just checked my spam folder and found a reply. So your suggestion is to install older version?

Please install this version of the plugin, which let’s you customize this from the settings panel:

What exactly I will be able to customize?


Golcas Purchased

That might have been the old ticket. Can’t find the latest email. Is there a chance that I might have not received a confirmation?

Or just tell me if it’s fixable? Because I can see that my support ran out.


Golcas Purchased

I see that I’m not the only one having the same problem (comment bellow). If your plugin doesn’t work properly, I will have to get a new one. What about the refund?

I am unable to use this plugin for mobile .. the button is not touch sensitive and/or does not react when on mobile or ipad. Please help. Is there a work around? .. how can I get this to work for mobile?.. thank you for your time. Cheers!

That is very weird. It should work great on mobile as well. Open a ticket so we can take a look at your website and see what is going on.

Hi! I just bought your plugin, but it seams it doesn’t work. I’ve configured everything, but doesnt apear anything.

Please open a support ticket on http://support.aa-team.com and we will look into this asap. Thank you.

Hi! I’ve done it already, Thanks

When do you expect to give me support?

Hi there, no problems with the plugin at all, actually really easy to set up. Just curious though, it’s changing the title of the website – is there a way to set it to a custom title or for it to read the already set title? thanks!

Hi blakemmw,
Yes, there are actually two places from where you can change the title of the page:
1. Premium SEO -> On-page Optimization -> Title & Meta Format – Here you have a few settings for the general title used on your website.
2. On every post or page, at the bottom you have a “Page – SEO Settings” tab. Under “The Meta” tab you have SEO Title.
Hope this information will help you.

Best regards
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Hi there, Is that through your product Premium SEO? also, are you aware that on google chrome for mac, the user has to enter their age twice to be allowed access to the site?

Sorry that were the settings for our SEO plugin. You can also change the title using the Age restriction plugin. The option is found under Restrictions -> select your restriction -> How/What to display -> Content -> Title. You input your custom title and save the Update the restriction. We were not aware about this behavior, thank you for reporting it.

Kind regards
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Hi, I enabled my plugin, uploaded my logo, background, colors but I can’t see the age restriction pop-up. I even tested my website on a different computer and device but the pop up is not appearing. My website URL is: http://imaginatecomm.com/boc

Hello, it sounds like there is a misconfiguration on the “Where to display” tab. Open a ticket ( http://support.aa-team.com/ ) and we will help you out with that.

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Hi, I’ve set the pop up to display only on the home page but every time I refresh the page the pop up comes up. I even used the remember me function but it keeps piping up. The website is www.imaginatecomm.com/boc

Open a ticket so we can take a look into the issue.

can choose to spesific post or page?

Hi ianx,
Yes you can select were to display the restriction.

Best regards

please show me the screnshot option how to restric this

It doesn’t look like you have purchased the plugin.

Hi. Is it possible to have age restriction of a certain post categories or posts from the certain categories?

Hi, yes you can have restrictions on certain categories.

Best regards

This plugin does not work in a mobile

Hi larissa23,
Open a ticket so we can test with your mobile specifications. support.aa-team.com

Best regards

Hello, just bought .. how can restrict a certain WooCommerce category, the documnetation is not helping .. please help asap

Hi wztechno,
On your restriction settings go to Where to display -> Taxonomy Terms -> Product Categories. Hope this helps.

Best regards

Hi I just bought your plugin which seems fine but I have a problem regarding ” tag ” taxonomy. I’d like to simply enable the restriction on all posts that have the tag ” +18” . I clicked on the tag taxonomy and setup +18 but it doesn’t work , it’s actually working for the whole +18 tag page but not for each posts. Is there any way to solve this issue please ?


I already did it of course but the problem is that it display only for the Tag page. What I want to achieve is to select a tag ( so +18 in my case ) and when I add it to a post then this post is automatically recognized by your plugin ( tag taxonomy normally ) and then automatically restricted. I want the restriction to occur for every post that is tagged with +18 , is it clearer ?

I openned a private ticket ( #21943 ) because plugin doesn’t work now , please help this is very urgent

When I go to http://example.com typ in my date of birth and click ‘continue’ it redirects me to the http://www. I also can not click the Facebook login. Can you assist me?

Hi fakeyzer,
Yes we can assist you. Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com.

Best regards

It seems like a lot of people are having issues. I just bought the plugin and If anyone is having issues displaying the restriction. Simply go to ‘How/What to display’ > ‘Force show if undetected country’ and Select ‘YES’. This solved the issue for me.

I also made sure that everything is checked under ‘Where to display’

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Hi! How to call age restriction plugin when customer add something restricted to the shopping cart? For example, I have wine category and when something from wine category is in the shopping cart, plugin asks for verification? Right now it is a useless plugin for me, I can’t even call plugin in specific products, only category. And if I tag product 18, and want to call plugin when there is tag 18 in the product I can only call it on 18 tag ARCHIVE page. Nonsense. Awesome plugin but it is useless for me if I can’t do these things.

Hi marjeka,
The plugin doesn’t have a feature like that. You can only set the restriction on static pages.

Best regards

Hi! Can I hire your developer team to add this function? To call age verification plugin when visitor click “Add to Cart” button and this product is in alcohol category? If yes, where I can write my exact request. And please send me prices as well. Thanks!

Unfortunately we do not have the time to take on custom work right now but you can find programmers for hire on websites like: https://wpkraken.io/?ref=AA-Team

When I click settings, it’s no showing the tabs for me to customize. Very very frustrating! pls help!!!

Open a ticket so we can look at your issue in detail. support.aa-team.com


Open a ticket so we can look at your issue in detail. support.aa-team.com

after installing and activating your plugin, i can not access my wordpress. every time i try it takes me to : https://..../wp-admin/admin.php?page=age_restriction , page and a banner is displayed ” sorry you are not allowed to access this page, please help

Please open a ticket on support, meanwhile via ftp, simply change the name of the age restriction folder to gain access to your wordpress admin

Presale question: When the page after the age verification is starting with a video, Is it already starting in the background or does the video starts / page loads after the age verification?

Hi mjpschouten,
Your page will load after the user agreed the terms and entered your website.

Best regards