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I cannot install the plugin.. It says:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

I already put the correct zip: codecanyon-12616274-preloader-ultimate-wordpress-plugin.zip

Thank you

Sorry, i put the wrong file.

Already put the right zip, and enable it, but it does not work on my website.. www.exacoat.com

Turns out it works, but after the page is fully loaded… Please help, thank you.

Hey there!

Any ideas on how to avoid the preloader loading when clicking on a lightbox image? It’s completely unnecessary. I’m using Avada theme.


Also, a snippet of the website is shown before the preloader loads. I’m using Fastest Cache plugin. Any ideas how to fix that?

Hi, is it possible that you could give me some access to your website so that I can update some code on the plugin that can possibly fix the issue.


I’m afraid not – client restrictions. Is there a way I can manually enter this code you are refering to?

Hi,. Presales question, Is that possible to display my own logo and also the loading animation you have in your plugin ?

?????? you never responded. i have another question, does this loader will animate when i click add to cart? please reply, how will i order if you don’t reply?

Hi, You can use custom logo on the preloader but you cannot animate the logo. You can only animate the page content entrance and preloader exit. Also it doesn’t animate when you click add to cart.


Hello, Is it possible to have this applied to the Home page “only” ? thanks

Hi, yes you could choose to only apply the preloader on home page or any other page.

Hi, is there any chance to make this plugin compatible with the famous JCH Optimize plugin when defer JS is enabled? Enabling defer JS is causing an ‘Jquery is not defined’ error.

Hi, some part of the plugin’s code uses jquery to manipulate the page element so it requires the jquery library to be loaded first so that it will work properly. To make the plugin work you need to exclude jquery.js on the Exclude these javascript files fields under the Exclude Options of the JCH Optimize plugin.



Hope you are well,

I’ve added the plugin to my site and have made a custom animated gif preloader (40kb), however when I visit some of the heavier pages on my site (portfolio pictures etc), the preloader lags/ stutters considerable.

How you found this to be a problem for many people?

Many thanks for your help in advance,


Hi, could you send me an email with the link to your website or if it’s possible maybe you could provide me some access to your site admin so that I can properly check and investigate what may causes the preloader lags and apply some possible fix on it.