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I would like some support please. I’ve purchased the item and everything is working fine. I would just like to do 2 things: 1. change the colour slightly using hex values – is this possible? 2. remove the 2015 year from the calculator and add 2017 – knowing how to do this for future years would be helpful.



Hi Rob,

1. you can easily overwrite our CSS
2. you cannot add/remove the years. they are automatically changed. next year you will have 2017 and 2015 will be gone.


I have installed my plugin and activated it. The short code [wp-pregnancy-calendar] is not working. Is there another code to use because once activated the plugin said I could add the short code in any page, paragraph or template. But like I said, it’s not working.

Okay – my fault! BUT when installed I only have a 2015/2016 options… We are almost out of 2016 and all the babies are going to have due dates in 2017. Is there an update to do?

Hi can you help with dectivating the ajax function on the plugin meaning when someone click on calculate it would refresh the page and the show the result i want to use this to increase page views.


Hi, I bought Pregnancy Due Date Calculator, my purchase code is:cdd0ba43-42db-4407-8972-113d7e562aaa

I want an option to disable the Zodiac signs so that it is not displayed. So this part “under the astrological sign of Pisces” must not be shown. Can you add a tick box to select whether zodiac signs must be displayed.


We’ll add this on our roadmap but I cannot say whenever it will actually be included.


i want to ask how to change the arrow to the left


can you help me how to do that :D

This kind of support is not included but give me your link and I’ll see what I can do. If you prefer not to share your link, just send us an email using the form.

could you please give me the email i did not find the form thanks :)

Hello there. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator for WordPress + Add-ons How can I update 2017? There is no year 2017 in the selection of tareh!

Hi, can you please give me you URL?

Purchase codes: 5f878f86-3ae6-43d6-82a0-b9db1b989fe8

My site URL:

The 2017 is there. Every year the options are changed automatically (current and previous year). Just press the drop down


Hi, I’m the one of your new customer. I like your Pregnancy Due Date Calculator. I installed it to a demo website for trying before I install it to my live website. There is an options for email subscription. But, when I choose it just send an email message to visitors. I thought it works as website membership. It is more useful with this. Is there an option for user registration with this ?

Best Regards

No I’m afraid is definitely not. You cannot register users with this form. We can extend the functionality of this plugin to support that but it would be a custom work so it cannot be free.


vkamyth Purchased

Hello, I want to change calculate button on a second line. Anyway to do it?

Can you be more specific?


vkamyth Purchased

< /br> code to bring Calculate button on next line, Any CSS for this?

.wpcc_submit should have a display block…

Hi, After installing pregnancy plugin, it is breaking “Woocomerce Lightbox”, if I disable Pregnancy plugin, “Lightbox” functionality is working correctly. How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Can you provide us temporary Wordpress admin credentials? We’ve tested the plugin with Woo Lightbox and it does not break anything.

Other option if you cannot share with us the credentials, is to enable the plugin and allow us few hours to test it.


Hi, Nice plugin. Have a couple of questions before buying:

1) Can this be integrated with Mailpoet so it subscribes to a list? 2) Can it be used as a widget on the side bar? 3) Can we make the email optional? 4) How do we edit the contect of the weeks?


Is this plugin still being maintained? Seems like the developers are not responding.


1. it can but it would require you to extend its functionality. At this point, MailPoet is not on our roadmap 2. sure 3. yes 4. via admin panel. everything is editable



baxterd Purchased

Hello, I’m still seeing 2015 & 2016 as options in the dropdown – what do I need to do to fix that?

The years are automatically updated. You will always have current server year and last year as options.

Some problems here:

Most likely is from your theme’s CSS. If you can provide us a link we might be able to tell you exactly what you need to do.



Did you know that the cycle length is critical to the calculation of the estimate? Are you planning to add it?


Hello, I want to buy it and install it on a romanian website. It s possible to setup the language on calculator to be romanian? Regards, SBB

Sure Superbebe. You can translate everything from the dashboard.

Hi there. Ive purchased the plugin and its working great however, would it be possible to include a ‘cycle length’ field from 28-39 days as this would give a more accurate due date ovualtion can occur from day 14-25 of their cycle. Also, would it be possible to add the next few years on 2018 etc as women are attempting to time pregnancy with a last flight week of 28 weeks. many thanks


I am trying to style a bit the results displayed to be more readable. So, in the admin I put the result in a table format, like: <table> <tr> <td>result:</td> <td>[1]</td> </tr> <tr> <td>result longer line:</td> <td>[2]</td> </tr> </table> which gives:
result: [1]
result longer line: [2]

It is displayed, but it gives an enormous amount of blank space between the menstrual date selector and the results. How can I solve this ?

Hi, is your plugin rtl compatible with arabic website… I mean can i translate all the text including recommendations related to pregnancy age and all the others Tips and informations ?

I bought and tested your plugin and it looks really great However, there is a compatibility problem which seems frequent according to other’s discussion: I work on an Arabic blog (RTL Langage) and small arrows that allow to choose date of the last menstruation do not seem to want to move left, being Given that numbers and letters have been moved to the right and so we see a batting between the two as shown in this picture. I know there is a solution from past discussions and I would like you to help me solve this problem. Thank you.