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What is LMP?

LMP comes from Last Menstrual Period.

How does the script calculates all those dates?

We use the most common algorithm that is also used by almost any doctor. We take the first day of user menstrual period and we consider an average of 28 days of cycle length.

How can I use Pregnancy Calculator to generate more traffic?

Every second someone gets pregnant and every second someone searches for this kind of info but they never find them all in one place. Install it and you’ll be able to give them what they want.

How can I use Pregnancy Calculator to build up my email subscriber list?

The script is very clean and can be customized very easy. Think of asking them their LMP and also their email address to deliver the results ;) It’s that simple.

What if I want to customize it from ground (icons, integration with other platform, etc.) and install it but I do not have the knowledge? Do you offer support?

As you have read above free support does not include customization and installation services. If you want these kind of stuff, please drop us an email with all details and we’ll be happy to give you a quotation.

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