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Hello. Great staff

How can I make this staff responsive? I mean I use responsive php web page, but the text from the report doesn’t become responsive as you can see on screenshot.


please advicece

Please comment or remove line 6 in pregnancy.css file (the one that is setting the width of the container class).

Thanks! You awesome!

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Thank you!

Hi, i will sure buy your script for my upcoming project, but i also searching for a Fertility Calculator ? Do you have also this script ? Thanks. :)

Our friends from SCGC will release a similar tool. You can follow them in order to get notified. Until then you can check out Pregnancy Calculator for WordPress at http://goo.gl/DdDdMZ

Check SCGC’s portfolio at http://goo.gl/DtNW2i


I just purchase the code Can you estimate the cost of customization? What I need that is extra: 1. month of pregnancy (the calculator populate the week and week 1-6 is month 1, 7-10 is month 2 and so on… It’s a fix table) 2. countdown for the due date- how many days left? 3. an image that will show for each week. (different image for each week)


Hi, For some reason the plugin is not working. See here:


Shortcode is within the page.

You installed the plugin for us.

Hi, there is no shortcode with this script. There is a WP plugin developed by our friends SCGC at http://goo.gl/192JvV

This is a PHP script I’m afraid and that’s it. I think you purchased this one but you checked the other docs…

I ordered this from you guy´s. Can I get some help with this?

Hello, it’s not work in on my site. Please Help http://wordpress.c4a_sn.atthouse.pl/kalkulator/

Hello, did you receive my support request? The calculator is not working on the page is hosted, can you help? https://www.noimamme.it/dal-concepimento-alla-nascita/c34-gravidanza/calcolo-settimane-gravidanza.html

Using Joomla…....I installed the script as instructed in a flexi-code module using the <?php include(‘pregnancy.php’); ?> on my preg calculator page. Form does show but nothing happens when I add the date and click Calculate. Can you help me please? Page is: https://standupgirl.com/inside-view/preg-calculator

kindest regards, Diana

Added to favorites :-) GLWS !!!


hugocan Purchased


I see that I have the same issue that many other in the comment section explainted to you, but I wasn’t able to find any answer that can help.

Basically I’m running the script on php 7 running on NGINX. When i click calculate nothing happens.

I have run it alone and within WP, but the outcome is alwasy the same. How to fix it?



hugocan Purchased

Any answer?

hello , still working? can translate in other lagnuage ? or can mukti language? in demo just can in 2016 and 2017 , what the next year still can use?

Hi, I purchased you plugin. I would like to use only the actual year as a default and the last 60 days. How would I be able to fix this?