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the app can do the following: issue 3 counts of day? would be a notification to the cafe in the morning   a notification for lunch a notification for dinner every notification he would seek a blog article Article this random divided into 3 categories would have a category for cafe Maha one for lunch and one for dinner

there is notification for post. if you need extra features than you will have to do custom modifications in code

Does it support interstitial admob ads?

I’m trying to put the group indicator should be placed to the right of expandable listview but is not working, where should I change the configuration?

Not clear, pl. send DM

solved, thank you

ok, great

Someone applications change by my application

sent mail to me


not clear

i bought your product but i dont found a help video inside because i want to add rss url and chage something

there is no documentation i your code sorce i want chage some thing i need a help

Hi, i send you multiple mails though your company website, but you never responded to a single one?

Best Regards, Raja.


1- you can provide me right to left app? mean for Arabic… after purchase?

2- my site have 10 feed subject, i can add menu in app for each feed link?

3- you have any skype for more discuss?


is it Android Studio ?

what about if i want make more than app by source code ?

Is the app updated,what backend are you using ?? What is the current status