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Can I have access to the backend user management? Is there group and user calendar feature? Also are you planning to use google places autocomplete for the location field. Plus event form full view on creating event. Last, why Laravel 5.1….any update to the latest Laravel 5.2 soon? I can’t wait to order once you do those.

Hi Nasserali. Why 5.1 instead of 5.2? Only because I finally worked out the small glitches in 5.1 and wanted to get something out before moving on. I originally wrote this in straight PHP, migrating to Laravel took a bit of different thinking. Also, I’m not familiar with what has or has not been changed in Laravel with the new release. I plan on creating the update sometime this month.

Yes you will have access instantly to the backend user management (please look at the routes.php file when you purchase). I’ve commented what route goes where. It’s highly advised that you customize these two routes for your purposes.

Please take a look at my live preview, you will see a drop-down labeled as additional views. Here you can move between the Public view and the Administrator view. YES…you will see a full form view for creating an event here.

Additional features such as auto complete…thank you…”Noted”...and will begin looking at additional features to add.

Thanks again Nasserali. Please do not hesitate to ask more questions or send me more suggestions.

Hello Tekhed

Nice job! Will be possible to add files (pictures/attachments) to an event? Another question, the admin/public views aren’t accessible by accounts level? The template is easy to modify, such as add columns, increase height columns (days)? The idea is to add more info to use it in a specific projet management area, that need to include more data and some calcullation fields. The day event Data is stored in an unique record row in database, right? e.g. 4 events in a day; 4 id’s records in database?

Thank you for your time! Cheers

Hi Dvorak, thank you!

Currently the size of calendar days is not adjustable. I will look into how that affects performance and see if it’s something I can add in the near future. The template is easy to modify, yes you can add more fields quite easily but it still requires PHP & SQL knowledge (nothing advanced).

All record IDs are unique yes. Each event has its own row. If it’s a recurring event there is a field which relates to the parent event. Also you can edit the parent event from a child event (yellow button).

Lastly, access to admin calendar from public is yes and no. Yes everyone has access, but this is why I advise that the buyer simply go into route.php and change this to something completely unique. Also this allows buyer to use their own password package if they choose. I’ve used this calendar for a while and have had no problems. I’ve been thinking about password protecting it, but not sure due to additional overhead with more required tables.

I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to ask more or provide more feedback. I will definitely look at adding your suggestions. I’m hoping to have an update out next week.

Thank you!

Hello Tekhed

Attachments and extra columns (and adjustable height) would be perfect for what I am searching.

Would fit perfect in the structure design that I need to build. Something like this http://imgur.com/6lN0sLf where the qty be inserted in the line of the week (increasing the calendar line height) and the total calculated at the end (if possible horizontally and vertically). If each event has an ID can do query and display, but the idea would be able to view within the own week (extra column).

Is it possible to do that in this script?


I see, Dvorak this is a highly specialized instance. I’ll definitely review the use case further, but it’s difficult to say at the moment if this would be a practical implementation.

Thank you for bringing this concept out.

Thanks Dvorak.

Any update on 5.2 ?

Hi,yes as a matter of fact. I’m working on some minor details for mobile view…actually adding more on than I’ve listed anywhere. The 5.2 update has been done and tested, the update to Bootstrap 3.3.6 is done and tested. Also Google Places w/mapping…done. I’ve gone through and worked out a lot of rendering bugs via Java regarding DOM render timing.

If you go to the demo and then look for the red event labeled 5.2 you can see it in action. Please keep in mind that I’m still working out a few things.

I’m looking to have this up for review by the weekend.

Please confirm the following steps we are doing ..

1- install laravel 5.2 ( OR it will run with laravel 5.1 as well ) 2- download Practi cal “laravel” folder 3- now we have to place this laravel folder under existing laravel 5.2 or 5.1 folder. 4- we have to change the .env file according to our existing database we have added calender tables “events” “colors”,”calenders” .. 5- restart server and the we have to access calender at following url “http://localhost:8080/calender/public”

or what are the steps please explain.

Hi and thank you for purchasing Practi Cal! Let me see if I can clarify your concerns.

- Will Practi Cal run on L5.1? Yes. In fact it was developed in 5.1 and migrated to 5.2 without any change to the codebase.

- .env file? Yes, you will need to edit the address, login & password to match your database credentials. As long as you’ve added all the tables (using migrations is the best way), this will connect just fine. Please do not forget to do an “artisan keygen” and to paste that into the .env file as well.

- There is no need to create a new instance of Laravel for this app. Please recall that the laravel folder (or any name you want to give it) simply contains all the necessary files/folders for the core Laravel app along with dependancies. If you already have a Laravel folder on your system, treat this as a separate application. In my opinion, it is best to treat each Laravel folder as an app within your domain. I normally create a subdomain to access these apps within my projects. I realize Laravel could indeed be the core of your project/site, but indeed it is an “application” aside from your website.

You may also choose to simply have it as a subfolder within your site, but you will need to use direct paths to the index.php file in the public foler of that app (in this case the Practi Cal app).

So…Practi Cal does NOT sit within a Laravel folder, it is already a Laravel folder/environment on its own.

Please feel free to ask more questions, I’m here to help and hopefully get your site app up and running rapidly. Additionally, after it’s up I would welcome a link to your site in the comments so other users can see how you’ve chosen to utilize the calendar.

Lastly, I’ve been working on a separate implementation that has caused me to create additional funcationality that I will port over to this version: custom font & color and other CSS via an admin interface to help the calendar match your project better.

Thanks again!

Last note on Laravel version. Understand that this app is already Laravel 5.2. You would have to pull it apart and methodically move all files to a Laravel 5.1 instance (not recommended). This calendar runs best as a separate app. It’s advised to use the subdomain/subfolder (your choice) method to access the page seamlessly on your site. Another method I’ve used are embed tags in a view of my core Laravel app. From there I had the embed reference the calendar. In this way it looks like the calendar is organic to the site. Just another thought.

this is my purchase code 9a93c586-f96b-466e-a9fc-3c76c407cb4c

Please help me ASAP.

I have configured practi cal and on URL getting following.. plea let me know what I am missing ..

1- http://localhost:8888/crud/public/index.php/ redirects to http://localhost:8888/crud/public/index.php/public/all and loads page without css and with no calender .. it shows only text lines of colors table records.

2- http://localhost:8888/crud/public/all leads to “The requested URL /crud/public/all was not found on this server” error comes ..

while my application reading colors DB records so what is missing .. now feeling frustrated ..please help to solve this ASAP..

Hi Hassanhayat2,

I can certainly use Skype with you if that will help you. For that I will request that you use the CodeCanyon link to email me so we can communicate and share information.

What web server are you using (Apache, Nginx, MS)?

Since you’re going to use it with a Laravel site this will actually be very easy to do. The easiest way to describe it is that you will need to create a separate url (subdomain). In your Laravel site, you will create a dedicated page for the calendar, but there will be no calendar there. You will use an iframe or embed to link to the page. You will be able to size it via the iframe or embed width & height attributes.

The Practical app will be in a completely different folder than your site, so it will not even be in the folder of your site. This is the easiest way to use it within another site.

Please share your info via email and we can talk further.

asrarulhasan AT gmail com is my email id

Got it.


Dodo72 Purchased

Hi, We purchase calendar. We got a problem within innstallation, we got a “shared server” so we followed this guide to install lavarel (it’s in italian) http://laravel-italia.it/articoli/installare-laravel-su-un-hosting-condiviso but when i use your components and file on my server it doesn’t work, my question is, how can i install calender on shared server?

thanks Greg

Hi Greg, first I would like to apologize for the delayed response. We are having an American national holiday (Thanksgiving) here where many people travel very far to go see family. I just arrived home from a location where I did not have good internet connectivity.

The best way to install the calendar is to configure your web server to use a subdomain. The subdomain will point directly to the folder where the calendar is and at the index.php file.

You will want to use that url (your subdomain) whenever you reference the calendar. You can also use an iframe on your main site to include the calendar as a native part of your web page.

Laravel installations are really directory folders that contain all the needed files for the application to work. In each Laravel installation, the app is in its own environment. There are other ways to do this, but this is probably the easiest.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Is there a timeline for update to Laravel 5.3?

Hi, this should be complete by the end of December…possibly by the 15th. If you have further questions please feel free to ask.


meljaxx Purchased

I’m sure I’m missing this somewhere but where are the instructions on how to install and operate this script?

Hi, there should be a PDF file located in the zip file called PractiCal_L52_guide.pdf. Please let me know if you do not find it and we can arrange for me to email it to you.


meljaxx Purchased

I’m afraid there is no such file. The only thing in the zip file is a folder 1.52_practical and there are no PDF’s downward from that folder.

meljaxx, please feel free to download the guide from this link. Please let me know if you have further questions. http://laravel52.tekhedlabs.com/PractiCal_L52_guide.pdf

I need to integrate in my admin side CMS

and need to use it in defined as per my routes is there any way to use your Calendar to intergrate in my CMS And is it available in laravel 5.3 ??

5.3 is now in review


GT please contact me through my profile email so I can email you some information.

very cool work ! all the best for your sales

st1s, thank you!

Hi, I am waiting for the release for laravel 5.3, too. Is it ready? Thanks!

Hi, yes the 5.3 version is almost complete. I migrated all of the files and started testing last night. I have one JavaScript issue that needs to be fixed and then I will be posting the update for review probably by tomorrow night (Friday evening – U.S. Mountain Standard Time). Let me know if you have further questions.

5.3 is now in review

Does this product support Laravel 5.4 ?

Ok..Kindly let me know when you finish upgrading.. I will manage till weekend. Hope to get it working in starting of next week.

Did you finish with Laravel 5.4 supported version ?

Apologies, I was away sick in hospital. I will be reviewing this product and posting a notice as soon as I get it updated.

I am waiting for the release for Laravel 5.4 ?

I have only returned from being sick so I need to review this product and will post a notification regarding its upgrade when I get it completed. Thank you so much for your query.


amaren Purchased

Hello, I already have a laravel project with both the admin and users side. I wanted to include a calendar in my project. The calendar that you developed perfectly matched what I needed and I have purchased the scripts. But unfortunately I am having difficulty to implement it because I do not know the correct order of the steps to write the codes. For example, I understand that we need to create migrations first, then create models etc. But I am afraid I miss some necessary configurations here and there. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thank you in advance for your help.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


amaren Purchased

Ohh Okay, I was thinking of adding the calendar codes among mine to create one single project. Thank you for this advice. My project is in the htdocs folder in xampp. Where should I place the calendar app folder? I guess in my project folder itself?

Ahhh, LOL…yeah that’s a common thought, no worries. What I personally would do is place the calendar folder within the htdocs as well at the same hierarchy as your project. Please consider this to be a different project that you’re using with your project. It’s a standalone web app that you’re giving the appearance of integration.

Also, a very simple way to pass variables later on (if you need to), is to utilize session variables if you need to record a small amount of info from the calendar to your project or vice versa.

Yeah, the way I’ve done this with my other projects is to simply make the calendar a separate project and then create two routes, one for admin, and one for public. In fact, because I still have not created a login page, you could even have a login page that in front of the admin (or public) and then route from there to the unique url of the calendar.

Keep in mind, you will need to set up the URL within your web servers config. So I use NGINX, I have a separate config file for my calendar.

I know there are ways to integrate multiple Laravel projects into one, but I believe that takes things to another level beyond what I intended to create here…at least for today.

Amaren, please feel free to ask any other questions.

Thank you for your purchase!

The day view does not seem to line up correctly

I created an event at 18:00 and it shows just above 19:00. So it looks like the event starts at 18:50.

Have you considered using fullcalendar instead of wecalendar. It seems like it would work a lot better.

Also, how can pull a weeks worth of event via some type of API? I’m sure the calendar has to do it.

What I’m after is to create a custom list view. Ideally, it would in iCal format.

Thanks Glenn

Hi Glenn,

- Interesting point about the time accuracy. I’m not experiencing that on my end, however that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s really difficult to provide a resolution with so many factors that could affect it. It’s all CSS driven. I’ll take a closer look at this.

- I have considered the Full-Calendar, however there were a few quirks about it’s formatting I didn’t care for. About 6 months ago I sourced a different calendar UI that for lack of better words is ‘beautiful’. I actually have a working model on my system here at home, but need to work through quite a few things to bring it to fruition in Laravel.

As far as creating your own list. I did not build out outward facing API. Some developers have done this with other Laravel applications, but honestly never thought anyone would ask for it. Perhaps this is something I should explore.

For the time being, your only real solution would be to add your own custom view controller and route (to that controller). The controller would be configured in a manner that would expose the exact data you want (via SQL) and whatever format you need. Essentially you would be making a REST call to the calendar. You could take things a step further and allow for parameters to be passed.

I know this doesn’t provide solutions, but I certainly hope my comments were helpful.

Thank you!