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Brother I am having problem on installing PPDF. I am tying to install it on wamp but I cannot see the source folder in wamp directory. Is there something to do with .htacces file?


Google is limiting the bandwidth PER Account. Refer to this to know more

It is not a problem in the script, it is just a security from Google.

I haven’t said brother that there is an error in the script.. Script is marvelous and working very fine. Its just the limitation. And I get the limitation notification after every two or three view.

just wait some time and then try using it again. I think your bandwidth is high right now.


verry good work….

..i have two suggestions, please add tags for documents and a search to find documents, because if you have a lot of documents, it is really difficult to find the uploaded document after weeks!

regards Michael

There are already a search in the dashboard and admin panel

I will consider tags in the next update. :)

pleeease, have to create update really fast!

what about V2 update?? tags, login with social networks, upload files without only english name, graphic loader, making the files work on mobile phones, create folders, better share options, design.. etc

Version 2 wil have only improved design and code. No more features in V2 plan right now.

Ppdf B will have the more advanced features.

Then I may consider adding it this version

Uploading un-English files will be a part of V2


Is it possible to integrate a link shortener API? Where the each link generated through upload will be shortened?

Kind Regards, Virender

Of course, but it depends on which shortening service you will use

If you are interested and want to discuss more contact me at

Hi, is there a way to link to files on a google drive folder? I’d be willing to pay for this feature if it’s not too big of a job? Thanks!

Hello send me an email to to discuss more !

hi how to add pictures? why iphone with no access to pdf or txt

What you mean by adding pictures ?

Are you asking why iPhone is not showing pdf, txt as usual ? -If so, the script are using Google viewer, so it can’t open pdf / txt as usual in iPhone

Hi, when will V2 be release please?

Hello, I am afraid to inform you that V2 will take a longer time than I expected, I can’t promise when exactly it will available but maybe (1-4) months

I am sorry :(

Still no V2? whens it coming?

We have no idea !

Things went wrong in previous month. Hopefully it will get better soon :)

I found SQLI in forget.php

Please report the problem in details to

Sorry for the late reply, Thanks :)

can other format be added for example .docx, .doc. .xls .txt nd others

It actually supports these formats!

Hi, I would love to buy this script however I am waiting for an update to see the level of enhancements. Can you tell me by when it is expected ?

Wait, so client can full screen view forms and bills in pdf format?


Presale question please. Kindly confirm the framework you used either it is Laravel, CodeIgniter or any other framework. I am thinking of adapting it to my project.

Hey Kaytush,

PPDF was build from the scratch, we are not using any frameworks.

Thanks :)

This looks amazing. Thank you for providing this.

Before I buy it, I just have one question.

How can I monetize this?



You can place different types of ads at different places

Can we restrict document upload from users interface so only Admin can upload and restrict documents from printing / watermark etc. Do you do customization. If yes can we discuss the details?

Yes, contact me at