PowerPack - Everything you need for WordPress

PowerPack - Everything you need for WordPress

Current Version : 1.2.1

PowerPack – Need of Every WordPress Website

95% of the security blog says that you should use less number of plugins for security reason. While PowerPack is the replacement of 23 plugins with Just One!! One Stop Solution for All

Save up to 90% – Buy 1 Get 23 !!

In fact, purchasing every item singularly plugin you would spend at least $320.
Plugin Price – Only 39$




Easy enable / disable feature so use only those modules which is required to you!!!


Powerful Shortcode Generator Tool

You are able to setup the plugin as quickly as possible due to the Built in Live Shortcode Generator.


Included Plugins – Filled With Power


PowerPack Dashboard






PowerPack Free Download

PowerPack Frontend Demo

Everything required for WordPress Website. From Header to Footer, which will take your website to next level!

The Biggest All In One plugin for WordPress with 20+ Modules (Elements) with predefined templates, all unique.

A complete framework of website with zero coding skill. Configure anything and everything

Why Choose PowerPack?

  • Easy to Install and Setup.
  • PowerPack Dashboard – A plus for users.
  • Just one plugin for your need so less security risk.
  • PowerPack all-in-one approach may be more than you need.
  • PowerPack gives you quick and easy access to excess of features at one place.
  • You decide how much of the plugin’s features you want to run on your site.
  • No need to pay for various modules each time.
  • Different – Different authors plugin slowing down your website!! PowerPack created with WordPress standard so no worry about this.
  • Hassle free support.
  • Well Documented. Well Supported Plugin.
  • Plugin is for both Users and Developers.

Integrated with Most Powerful Page Builder – Visual Composer

PowerPack works with or without Visual Composer perfectly!!!

PowerPack Visual Composer Element

PowerPack Plugin Demo

Change Log:

= 1.2.1 (14, April 2018) =
* [+] Updated Instagram Popup design for better look.
* [*] Fix Instagram API changes.
* [*] Note : Right now Instagram supports only 12 recent photos. We are working on it and will update as soon as possible.
* [*] Fix - Team Showcase image is not showing in OLD browser when image fit is true.
* [*] Fix - PowerPack admin bar menu shows for unauthorized user.
* [*] Fix - One warning with PHP 7 for Video Gallery when HTML 5 video is used.
* [*] Fix - Some design issue with Timeline for Safari browser.

= 1.2 (31, Jan 2018) =
* [+] Introduced 'Maintenance Mode' module.
* [+] Introduced 'Shortcode Generator' functionality to modules. - No Hassles for documentation!!
* [+] Added 'Phone' and 'Skype' social functionality to Team Showcase.
* [*] Removed use of image icon in Portfolio and added support of Font Awesome.
* [*] Resolved Instagram images are not showing in some cases.
* [*] Used 'wp_reset_postdata' instead of 'wp_reset_query'.

= 1.1 (05, Dec 2017) =
* [*] Updated sanitize function more accurately for different types of fields.
* [*] Resolved bug with "Active Modules". Now activated modules remains active on plugin reactivation.
* [*] Resolved bug with "Search Module". Search results should be refresh after closing search.
* [*] Resolved video auto playing issue in background when Popup is closed in Chrome latest browser for "Video Gallery" module.
* [*] Resolved Instagram API issue.
* [*] Resolved some translation issue.

= 1.0 =
* Initial release.