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Good work, your script is excellent!

Good luck with sales! :)

hi i don’t get what do the script… can you explain with sample ?

You can delete his advertisement from admin account

Yes, if i live in front of my computer and check every minutes. I receive an email when users submit a new Ads ?

Yes script notify you for each ads added

i don’t get what users paid ? and when

User pay for advertisements in your site after he/she add advertisement in powerad panel

I am going to give it a shot! Good luck with Sales!

Send you a mail already about the script, hopefully you can answer it asap! :)

Yes i response you :)

Admin account not exist.

Sry try now :)

Buy…i testing ;)

some questions: what is the generate code and how should I do it ?

another question , if I want to add an affiliate feature works like that :
  • any register see a unique URL to put it into his blog – forum – website “also can add with URL , banner , popup , flash ,..etc”
  • the script will track every unique URL comes from register pages to my website page “the goal page” and calculates by cookies how many times the visitors “buy , click , download , ...etc” the goal item
  • in the end the , the register log in last month to his account to see his account wallet .
  • I will pay one register by one register or all registers at once by “any suitable payment method ” it will be excellent point if I pay them automatically not manually :asleep:

if can do it , what does it cost ?

Generate code is html code placed in your web site in html code power ad panel show adverisements from his database

Can i integrate with Social Business Directory v1.2?

Just to inform you: the demo does not allow me to log in.

website no longer working

Please check demo is not working

demo dont work :/

It won’t install for some reason, the page will just turn black when I fill in the database information.

Any help?