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Hi – I’m having an issue where the animation repeats (steps fadein, fadeout, fadein, fadout). If I remove the animation, the steps stay on the screen a bit too long, sometimes overlapping each other. I can’t seem to find a resolution in the documentation…any tips? Thanks

Can you send us a link of your demo?

I don’t have it up for public consumption at the moment. But I solved the issue by pulling in old_versions/2.8.0/powertour.2.8.0.min.js instead of the newer version

Hi, this plugin is incompatible with Bootstrap 2.3.2. When I plug it into a Bootstrap 2.3.2-based template, some styles are messed up and the carousel tour is not rendered correctly. Any plan to support 2.3.2? I know it’s quite old, but we are still using it in production. Thanks!

Well it’s build with 3.x.x, and it’s NOT bootstrap depend, so yes you can use it with bootstrap, powertour does not use bootstraps elements, we only added these for our demo(s). Most cases when using different version release it’s all about changing element names as classname will change during version releases.In short,powertour only ads a wrapper, and does NOT manage the inner content of this wrapper.

I’ve encountered a major bug with powertour’s destroy API method. When I call it, it removes all of my app’s click handlers on the body element.‘click’, self._clickEvents()).off(‘keydown keyup’, self._keyboardEvents()).removeData(pluginName);

I’ve tried looking into self._clickEvents(), and it seems to set up click handlers for only the powertour related elements, but when calling destroy, it looks like it’s effectively doing $(‘body’).off(‘click’) and removing click handlers on ALL elements

BTW, I’m calling destroy because I’m encountering another issue: - if I open a tour in a dialog, and the user closes the dialog; if they then open another dialog with another tour step, the remnant tour prevents the new tour from working correctly, so a call to destroy cleans away the old tour.

Not bad too far but having trouble with multi page I ended up doing a workaround but really dont want to have to do it like this. unles this is the only way? <?php if(isset($_SESSION[“powertour”])){ $tournum = $_GET[‘powertour’];

} else { $tournum = ‘none’;}?> var tournum = ”<?php echo $_GET[‘powertour’]?>”;

if(tournum == 'dash1'){

Can you send us a link to your demo ?

hello do you have any video sample how we need to do all ? from document,it seems so hard for the people who are not developer…any way to let this work ?


i am getting eror

could you please help,documentation seems so hard,we wish it would be a video….

here i get this eror

Uncaught TypeError: $.powerTour is not a function

can you send us an link to a demo ?

Do you have an example for a single-page app on Angular 2+ using diff pages?


hulou Purchased

I thought this was for wordpress. How do I get a refund?

No it’s not, as there is no mention of it, but there is an example on how to use it i a wordpres theme