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I bought this jquery table in today. This table is super. So, I changed my web site with this query table.

+ Thank you for advanced table.

Thank you for purchase.

I have noticed on the demo, when you go to run a search, it still leaves the default text in the box. So you have to delete the default text to query a specific row. Can you make that text disappear when you select it?

Can you give me browser name ? Later , i will check it.

Editin option is nice, If you pop-up modal window for detailed editing & if you put Delete row option on the table, I will buy it. Also there is some search & filter combination issue, When I search with any 2 letter like “Ed” or “Edw” & order from another field, it collapse & my words still remainin in filter field. Good job.

Thank you for the review..I will consider what you have written. Sagol :)

Same Problem as japan_guy described. Firefox 28 (mac) Look at your demo => Second example => Field “school…”

Are you Turk ? If you are turk , can you write turkish please ? I dont understand japan_guy.

Sry english and german only. I made you a screenshot. Think this will cover it up. http://pl.vc/2spo9

Hello, can i use this table with dynamic data display in Dreamweaver (repeat region feature ) ?

Your using query 1.11. My site is 2.0.3. Problem running both. Can I get a not-min file?

Works OK with PHP/SQL; saved me writing code, I hope.

Save your $8 and download http://www.datatables.net. Better in every way and they respond, too.

Ok, when i sort or search a column, this replace all table in the page, but is declare just one class. What is the problem ?

i resolve the problem. :)


Script does not work with several tables on page.

How to fix it?

Example http://ankhold.ru/netcat_template/1.html

Every Values is empty.

I need help. Merhaba scripti ald?m fakat wordpress ile ilgili san?yordum. Kulland???m tema bootstrap uyumlu Bunu nas?l kullanabilirim? Kod yazmadan hesap arama ve form islerini yapar?m diye ald?m. Yard?m lütfen.

Hocam wordpress le bunu kullanman çok zor ya yaz?l?m bilgisi olmadan maalesef kullan?lamaz. :S

How can you get the “item” just edited?

After editing the “item” I need the column either index or name and the value.



hi ,

I just new develop my own database table page with Jquery and sql. I bought your powertable. look easy. But some problem on CSS setting. I would like to use my own ui css. but your script using bootstrap theme. how to set up only your table part use in bootstrap. thanks

Dear RCPYKSL: I use .NETC # development WEBFORM, after read the document that i have two question,please reply, tks! 1.how to bind ASPX? 2.How to Use the Power Table from SQLDATABASE?