Power CRM (Open Source Crm) Php ERP

Power CRM (Open Source Crm) Php ERP


Note: Good News for Php developers Speed up web development by using ready modules Make changes quickly and easily using control panel Source code available for further modifications

Power CRM Power CRM application is company management, It is useful for every firm. Having a responsive layout, graphical interfaces etc. Easy to manage every thing like project,Users,clients,Employee,notes,to-do,files,accounts, support tickets,contracts,leads and blog etc
Power CRM Features

Demo Username=admin

  1. -Graphical Dashboard
  2. -Role User Chart
  3. -Last Registered User Chart
  4. -Project Chart etc.
  5. -Multiple Other Master Wizards
  6. -Text Editor
  7. -Stiky Notification
  8. -Responsive Layout
  9. -Export to pdf,excel etc.
  10. -Insert Edit,delete Using Page Dialog Not need for refresh Page
  11. -Jquery Data table Grid, Search,Page Size,Paging Features Includes.
  12. -Most Powerful Features is You can easy to Customize It ,Will Extendable


  • -Company Management
  • -Client Management
  • -Project Management
  • -Files Management
  • -Accounts Sale and Purchase Management
  • -Support Task Management
  • -Contract Management
  • -Lead Management
  • -Company Blog Management
  • -Todo and Notes
  • -User Management
  • -Role Management
  • -Role User Multiple roles assign to each user.
  • -Menu Dynamic Menu Navigation bar
  • -Menu Permission and privileges assigned to someone
  • -Is Create, Is Read,Is Update or Is Delete

Master Utility

  1. Language
  2. Direction
  3. Priority
  4. Status
  5. Country
  6. Address Type
  7. Currency
  8. Quantity Unit
  9. Payment Mode

Codeigniter Framework

Version: 1.0 Extendable

How We can Install

  • Unzip to downloaded file
  • See database script named as PowerCrmDatabaseScript.sql
  • Create database and Run script on My Sql database
  • Copy code directory on www root
  • Change database connection on application\config\database.php
  • Change your base bath on application\config\config.php
  • Now Ready to use