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can i put a baby instead of pet?

Hello, sorry for late answer. You can edit the game in the Construct 2, but it’s quite complicated.

Hi I bought this game. How do I edit this in Construct 2?

Nevermind I found the file. Thanks

hi as the game is created using construct 2 could it be saved and uploaded as an apple app??

Hi Paddy and sorry for my late answer. There were some changes in c2 and now it’s possible to export the games into Cordova (in c2 beta). Then it is possible to create an app via Phonegap, IntelXDK or CocoonJS Webview/Webview+. I don’t have experiences with that yet, but I will have a look soon.

Hi I bought this game and upload it to play store but it got suspended for “Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy” after a few minutes. What should I do now?Did you use any copyrighted stuff in it? Thanks

Solved the problem by sending them an email.

Hey I wanted to make some changes to this app can you help me?

Just purchased. How do I remove admob totally? I don’t want to use admob. Can we add amazon game circle?

Hi mate I am looking for some custom work, I would pay for the work please let me know if you can help, please provide an email address thanks

my version of construct is R178, you used the r184 version .. please open this game in R178 version and send in my email just capx file “pow” ... I specialize in construct2, we prefer to use the R178 version .. . remove the plugin admob if you want, we know a better way to add admob and shop in-purchase, your code is very good, but we will improve it … please do it for by our team … so we can send the file in developer@playfoxgames.com email or skype studio.play3

or you can send me the license of 184 to I test

I’m sorry but it’s not possible to save the game in the older version. If you have purchased the Construct 2 program, you can simply download the latest version and you’ll be able to open the capx file. I can’t send you my C2 license, of course.

Hi i need some custom work doing on the app, would you be willing to work on this for me?? i would pay for the time. Please let me know thanks

Hi I can see you have added a new game to the app on google, could you update this download to include this please??

any support???

Thanks, I will download it and take a look, I was wondering if you could help me out with one bit of customizing the game, I would pay you for your time, I need to add antlers to the head of the pet, I have updated the images etc.. to make the pet look how I wanted it to but I can not add antlers to its head, could you help me with this?? Like I said I would pay you for your time if it wasn’t to much. thanks

Hi, I do not do contract work but if it’s not very complicated I can do it for you. You can send me info via email. Thanks.

ok thanks, I will inbox you now on here so you have my email, please drop me an email then so I can send you over the info to you email address as I don’t have your email. thanks

Hi, I just have purchased your game, but I wanna know if I’ll get free game updates from you. Best Regards.

Hello, you’ll recive all available updates in the future. Thanks.

can i reskin this game using android studio or eclipse??

Hello, this game was created in Construct 2. Also you can reskin it just by replacing images in the image folder after exporting it to html5.


Helloo , how can i change number of coins ?

Hi, what coins do you have in mind?

for example in the shop cap is 50 coins , How can i change this number to 25 ?

In this case, select object (cap) and change price in instance variables. Check this image https://i.imgur.com/NuY6k5b.png

Still updating?