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Is the plugin still maintained? Looks like it is exactly what I am looking for but previous questions have not been answered.

Hi Is this Plugin supports wordpress version 4.5.3?

Hi there,

Love the plugin.

I’m using the module in a widget which gets automatically inserted into post pages of a certain category. How can I automatically exclude the current post from appearing in the list?

At the moment, the post the user is on can appear in the list of related blog posts.

Thanks, TOm

Is this plugin still supported?

No answer to comments for long periods?


Just purchased the plug in and downloaded it, but when I went to install it the install failed and said there was no plug in to be found. Not sure what to do? I downloaded the zip file and installed it like a usual “add new” plug in in Wordpress.


Just purchased and installed, the plugin shows as installed but id not see any page for the plugin and i don’t see the plugin anywhere when I open up a post. How do you even use the plugin…. Im confused…. Nothing seems to be working with it.

Is there a possibility to filter the custom posts by custom taxanomy? I want to show a dropdown and the user should be able to select the custom taxanomy.

I just purchased the plug in and downloaded it, but when I installed it, the install failed?

Got it to work!


eleeme Purchased

ordering title ASC is not working I had to add order=”asc” into the shortcode… please check.

How do I make the columns vertical? Thx


Do you have a demo with images?

There’s no support here?

Hi, only some questions post buying the plugin. It’s possible to have the filter as a checkbox with multi chose and filter by categories and tags? Regards Giacomo