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I am not technical at all, so my questions might be stupid. I want to build an international classified ads & directory listing portal, with categories, sub-categories, locations, sub-locations, but all the themes that I like do not have the necessary functionality. Will your plugin be able to help me build my website? Below are examples of what I will need to create:

LOCATION > Country > State or Province > City or Municipality > Region> Neighborhood

For Example:

USA > New York State > New York City > Manhattan > Upper East Side or Canada > Ontario > Quebec > Montreal > Belingois > Autemvous


Category> Motors > Cars > Toyota > Sedans > Petrol > 2011-2014 > 2,000-5,000kms > $1,500-$3,000

Then the plugin should automatically filter the results depending on the preceding choice.

and so on and so on. Is this something that your plugin can help accomplish? Also, the themes that I am considering have full integration and built-in styling with the latest versions of WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress, so not sure if this will cause a problem.

You see, I told you that my questions might be stupid.

thanks in advance.


Hello man.o.man,

are you sure your question is for this plugin ? I think that your question is for this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/taxonomy-and-meta-search-wordpress-plugin/7804992

If so the plugin is a filtering plugin that allows you to search based on taxonomies (categories) and meta data (custom fields such as price for WooCommerce)


I bought this plugin, installed it but can’t find it in the elements list… please advice

Thx Ben

Hello Jinfizz,

This issue is under investigation and an update will be added to codecanyon shortly.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

It doesn”t work

when we include the element into our page, it bugs, the whole row disapear

Please refund

Hello zakoleo,

The plugin should work just fine. Please open a support ticket and provide admin acces to investigate the issue you are facing.

Can I put the entire post into the page – full text and image, etc?

Installed the plugin, nothing appears in Wordpress? Where can I find the functionality of the plugin?

Hi, i’m using the popular “The 7” wp theme. If i use template 1, it breaks the page. If i use template 3, asking for just one post, i get 2 posts. If i ask two posts i get 6. Moreover, i have an entire row, and wp-roots uses just a small part (seems a column, but i have just a single column row) to display posts (template 3). So, is that a final release o a beta? Thank You Maurizio

Hello Maurizio,

please open a ticket on the support board at http://support.wp-roots.com/upload/ and we will get this sorted out.

Can you update the live preview as it’s currently down.

Hello, Thank you for bringing that to my attention.


Hi – I’ve purchased your plugin but it doesn’t appear in the visual composer elements – can you help please – I’ve opened up a support ticket but not heard back – have just opened another ticket as well – can someone please help with this issue

you can use the PM system on codecanyon or just email me at wproots@gmail.com

have emailed you

Is the plugin still supported and does it work with the latest version of wordpress?

Hello marcacer,

It’s really late on my local time. Please email me on wproots@gmail.com with admin details of your website and i will see to this in the morning.

Thanks for understanding.

Sure, If you can just provide me ‘the name’ of the element. If it’s not going I will email you directly. Thanks for your time

You should have a different categoru called roots extensions in you vc. If not there is a problem and the best way to investivate is with an admin account.

The plugin did not worked when installed, but the author was always ready to assist me by email support. Even after normal hours. I really appreciate that. Some small things must be done, but they will be available in the next update. For now, just provide them with the login and they will fix it right away. Thanks Edward.

There’s no proper documentation unlike other add-ons.

Hello. I have received your ticket. I will get back to you with more details if you can provide an url where the plugin is deployed. Please send thst in the ticket.

Hello! Thank you for the quick response. I managed to add it but now I faced some issues, that I already raised on your support website but let me put it also here:

1. The content post link is not correct. It is directing to localhost

2. No Prev and Next navigation buttons even I enable Show Navigation.


Hi. Preview at TF is unavailable…