mordauk supports this item


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hi just baught it

i want to create a menu that conatins all of the post from a categroy

can seem to make it work

this is the link

of a single post

it shows me the post categories and not post

how can i fix it


The link you gave is broken. Can you supply a working link?

Purchased this thinking you could select to display posts by terms… seems like common sense, if you have a custom taxonomy, than surely you have custom terms that you might also want to sort by.

That said, it’s my fault for not researching this more. So consider it a feature request. It’s a nice plugin, does what it says it does.

If anyone is looking for more granularity now-ish, found the free “Flexible Posts Widget” which does this.

There is ugly inline css style :( , it also does not work for listing posts from a specific category as I though, but that is my fault

The inline CSS is only to control the thumbnail heights. Without it the thumbnails would destroy lay outs when the sizes are changed.

I am looking for this EXACT plugin but not for a widget instead to use shortcodes on a page.

Sorry, it is only available as a widget.

I’m very disappointed that the items don’t come with active classes. I’m having to edit the plugin myself to do this – I would suggest you add this feature in the next plugin – seems silly not to.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi, just bought the plugin and I’m trying to list all the posts that have a certain tag. Is there any way to do this?


That’s not supported, sorry.


With this widget can I display custom categories in sidebar as drop down list?


No, sorry.

Can you use this to view all articles by a given user (author)?

Can you use it, similarly, to view all articles edited by a user (admins) [through the the_modified_author probably?

No, that is not supported.

Hi, Is it compatible with woocommerce?

Hi – can this be adapted to show the author’s gravatar as well as their name? Cheers