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Could you add these in your next update 1) sub categories 2) User Customized Notifications(like user selecting particular category or sub category) 3) admob/appnext native ads 4) Fixing a particular image for the category .. if image not uploaded while posting 5) video posts

happy to listen that … but regarding the image i meant to say while adding an article if an image is not uploaded then category image should be added automatically

OK got your point. You mean to say a placeholder image for posts that don’t have user uploaded images.

and links in the articles are not working

I am waiting to buy PostMaster after update is released with subcategory feature. When can we expect it?

Hi thank you for showing interest in purchasing my app. I am sorry but I cannot give an ETA for updates or a defined changelog as there are many other things that I have to work upon like optimizing the code base to make it compatible to as many Android versions as possible.

how can i make wp integration? is it easy possible

Hi, currently WP integration is not available out of the box. But it can be implemented if you can work with the REST API that is available with WP to pass data to the app.

Hi Shahshank,

I’m preparing this for a project, It’s suitable for book type & QnA, App.


Hi, good to know about it. You can use this app for many different use cases. I would encourage you to purchase the app and look for yourself the possibilities that are available.

How many days will it take for next update

Hi, unfortunately there has been a very subdued response for the app on CodeCanyon as opposed to what I had initially projected. I am therefor planning to release a new app with additional functionality instead of releasing the new features as an update to this app. You can subscribe for updates from your Downloads section so that you will be notified once it is available. Thank you :)

Hi, I need this app but with subcategories. When do you plan to release the new app?

Hi currently there are no plans of an iOS version of this app.

Hi, demo is not work android 4.0 version.

Hi, the app is built to work on Android 4.4+ as there are less than 7% of users on Android 4.0 and less

Is it possible to send notifications from FireBase?

Hi, the app has GCM integrated which is same as FCM as it shares the same network infrastructure.

Hi, Does your app support offline reading feature?

Thanks for your reply. I just tested your demo apk on my phone and it does not work. It just crashed when I open the app. I’m using android version 5.1.1 on Redmi Note 3. Anyway to resolve this?


I re-checked the demo app APK file and it is working absolutely fine. I would suggest you to install the demo app and try again.

Also, if it still doesn’t work you can try and install the demo app from Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.postmaster.app

Actually I was installed from play store. Let me try it again from direct apk link and see if it is work. Thanks

I just tested your demo apk on my phone and it does not work. It just crashed when I open the app. I’m using android version 6.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. I really like this app and I wanna buy it but now I’m not sure cause demo app don’t work. I tried both Play Store and direct download apk files. Anyway to resolve this?


Can you please check the demo APK / Google Play app once again? I checked it at my end and it is working correctly.

After second try app is working. I have two questions. 1. Do you plan to insert top menu? 2. Is json file source for the news? I have Joomla news portal and I can create json file to read news from MySql database.

Glad to know that it worked.

1. There are currently no plans to change the menu from side drawer to top.

2. External JSON file can be used as the news source but this isn’t available by default and will require additional customization.