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I need to create a restricted user area. Where after logging into the site, the user has access to a form, where the data is registered through the post of a CPT, that is assigned to this user. The user can only access the information that has been assigned to him, and also be able to edit this information. Can I do this with your plugin? Sorry for bad english. I used Google Translate.


Apologies for the delay with our response. Yes, this is possible with our plugin. However, just to be 100% sure. Do you mind contacting us via email at info[at] with a sample site URL That outlines what you mean? This will allow us to be able to provide you with more accurate support. Thank you for your patience.

Hi! I’ve installed the plugin, but I’m experiencing some issues. I thought, they might be resolved in the latest update, but I can’t update the plugin the usual way (through codecanyon), because it offers the previous version to download – 1.2.7, and I have the message in the admin panel, that version 1.2.8 is available. I also can’t login or get a password for the Member Area of your support site or place the support ticket on forum, because I don’t have the login/password, which is why I am stuck. I send a message to you via the form on your website, but I didn’t get any response. Please help me out, I need an update and if the issue continues, I might need to place a ticket. How do I get my login/password and new updates for the plugin?

The sign up instruction should be sent to you.

Hi there! Still no instruction, I’ve checked. Did you get my message? Should I send another one?

Is your email start with ‘rita’? Seems like the email has bounced. Could you email us directly at info at themify dot me?

Do you have any additional add ons

Hello, is it possible to build a bespoke template in php/html rather than using the template builder in this plugin?

or alternatively can you use the visual composer to make the templates instead of the inbuilt builder?



With PHP knowledge, it is possible to code the PHP templates for the post type created with PTB.

Using Visual Composer is not supported because VC deals with the_content, not the post type/template data.

Hello there, where can I see what’s been updated in the plugin?

You can view what we’ve done via our change log here –

Is the Custom post types enable in WP API v2?

I purchased PTB on code canyon. The documentation references the member area to get the demo code. I can’t get the to the page because I don’t have a login. I can’t ask for it on support for the same reason. I’m going in circles.


Apologies for the delay with our response. Are you still not able to get access to your account? If so, please email us directly here – info[at] and we’ll look into fixing this issue immediately. Thank you for your patience.

Hi , i’m very interested to buy this plugin. In the demo i saw th property post type in fron end, unfortunally i can’t see the page for each property, seems is not included in the page. I need cpt for property to build a travel site with villas, hotels, bnb, so i need to build a cpt that allows me to insert categories, description of the property, rates, amenities, facilities, rate, booking conditins and of course immage gallery, is this possible?. May i see a kind of example of front end property post? may be back end too!


I’m not entirely sure what you mean about not being able to view the post on frontend. Currently on our demo when you click on a property the post opens in a lightbox. If you would like to see this on a page, here’s a sample –

With regards to what you’re looking to do, our PTB plugin should be able to do it :) It allows you to create an unlimited number of post types, and add an unlimited number of fields. In addition to this, you can add more field types by getting our PTB Addon. Check it out here –

Lastly, feel free to contact us directly here – :)


rjdougan Purchased

Just download and installed and my dashboard says there is a new version 1.3.0. The current download is version 1.2.8. When will 1.3.0 be available for download?

Thank you for purchasing the Post Type Builder plugin. We are happy to set up a Themify account for you to access theme updates and support.

​F​or verification purpose​, please fill-up the following form – ​We will ​then ​send instruction on how ​you can set up a Themify Account.

Thinking about purchasing your plugin I tested the lite version. However, when I try to activate it I always get 500 Internal Server Error. So I can’t really get myself to buy a pro version as I fear it would be the same result


We actually don’t have a lite version of the Post Type Builder plugin. With that said, where did you download that lite version from? It could not be from us which might be the reason you’re encountering the internal errors. With that said, please allow us to better provide you support for this. Do you mind emailing us here – Thank you for your patience.

Sorry, for the confusion, what I tested was the Builder lite plugin

Not a problem. Please note that we’re releasing an update for the Builder lite soon. This should fix the issue that your referring too. Thank you for your patience.

I need a plugin which i can delete the default template fo posts, and customize it like i want. the problem is that i purchased a plugin and it didnt work, i’m using salient theme, can u assure me that your plugin will work and will do what i said before?

tahnk you


Unfortunately, you cannot delete posts that are not built with the Post Type Builder. You can only delete, edit, or change posts that are created with the Post Type Builder plugin.

I can assure you though that it will work with the Salient theme. Just not be able to delete the current posts on your site.


irsoy Purchased

Hi, I bought the plug-in

1- How to your forum? Member

2- Can I show the fields I add in the tabs?

3- shortcodes in the fields? (Do you have field shortcode?)

4- Are fields added to php?


Thank you for purchasing Themify themes on ThemeForest. We are happy to set up a Themify account for you to access theme updates and support.

​F​or verification purpose​, please fill-up the following form – ​We will ​then ​send instruction on how ​you can set up a Themify Account.

After setting up your account we can provide you support regarding your queries :) Thank you for your patience.


irsoy Purchased

I’ve been waiting two days, I’ve sent an email three times,

Would you please help me?


I’ve checked our system and it seems that we’ve already responded to you regarding on how to set up an account. We’ve forwarded this message to you again, please set up an account after setting up an account. Please provide us with your user ID and we’ll provide you support.

Thank you for your patience.