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themis Purchased

Hey there, any thoughts of also supporting Twitter?


yes. I use this tool for myself, look:

This is my blog: http://blog.sourcecodebox.com/

This is my twitter account: https://twitter.com/SourcecodeBox

I post every WordPress Post only with one click to Twitter.


themis Purchased

Neat!!! Looking forward, starting with this FB poster! :)

Firefox: Error open gallery!


Buy it and you’ll see! WORKS PERFECT IN EVERY BROWSER!

wow very cool work on this, fantastic ! i wish you huge sales for the upcoming week ;) :)


thank you. Wish you big sales too :)


Do you think your plugin would work with following plugin, https://codecanyon.net/item/scrapes-web-scraper-plugin-for-wordpress/18918857

and boombox theme?



yes it will, because this plugin copies content from the WordPress Database directly to Facebook.

Kind regards

Hello This is awesome plugin. If I purchase the extended license with this plugin, can I able to sell? Thanks


yes of course :)

Best regards

Thanks for the reply :) I have one more question. How does this plugin update with extended license? Thanks,


you’re welcome. About the Update Page (path to update server is in plugin) for this plugin. Every Plugin has an update server as fallback, to get automatically updates if files on this server.

Best regards

Great work! Congratulations! Good sales and buyers.


thank you, great to get a compliment from a pro :)

Best regards

Does it work with Buddypress status updates? I assume not, but would be an awesome feature that I’m looking for :)


it works with the Post Types: Post, Page and Product.

Unfortunately I don’t know which post type your buddypress content has, so i can’t tell you that, sorry!

So… try it out, it will be available until the weekend for $ 9 :)

Hi Presales Question is this plugin read rss and post to facebook automatically or there is some another logic, I am using jetpack but faces a problem that jetpack posts dead links most of the time


this plugin don’t read read rss, and it’s not sending any content automatically to facebook.

With this plugin you can send posts,pages and products (content and image) to your facebook pin wall or page, manually by clicking one of the two (or both) “Send to Facebook” buttons.

Yes… jetpack is such a thing, I still do not understand why people install it, it offers almost no protection, but rather it guarantees and supports the wordpress own plugin community.

So.. sorry i think this is not the plugin you’re searching for.

Best regards

Hi! Just bought this plugin but get this error when i entered in the App id, secret and access token.

“Facebook Error: Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API argument”

Hi Paul,

I try to help as much as possible :)

Ok, first let me say, i am not a facebook pro, i am a webdeveloper :) So please do not be angry if I have no solution for this problem.

Of course I am ready to offer you a refund immediately!

Now the questions:

Does it mean, that you have two Facebook Accounts or one?

But maybe it’s not that hard. Maybe that’s the way it is:

(If you have one Facebook Account try this)

1. Create in Facebook Developers in your App an Admin User (under Roles)

2. And then do the normal stuff like in the tutorial Video or Documentation

3. Add this Admin in all your Business Apps (where the business pages in)

4. And then it should be possible to call the business pages in the Facebook API Graph

You can only Access to your Facebook pages (business or private) in Facebook API Graph if it’s the same Facebook Account.

Maybe there is a way for two Accounts, but sorry i am not a Facebook pro. And when I developed this plugin, it was not meant for such a special case, if I may say so, sorry.

This is my support mail: support@sourcecodebox.com

Best regards

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I finally got it sorted!

In the Facebook API Graph i had to give access thru my private account and then the option was available for “page access token” and i could pick the page i wanted!

I have a few optional questions regarding post to page and post to wall. I’ll send you a email.

Thank you!


I am very Happy to hear that :) Thank you for explaining.

Thank you for the Rating! Yes please, send me your questions, i’ll answer to all your questions. But now it’s bedtime for me :)

Good Night and till tomorrow :)


wschun Purchased

The guide provided only for creating a new Facebook Page, but how to use it for existing one?


for a Facebook Page you only need the Page Access Token and the Page ID. Add this data to a new Profile in the plugin and thats it :)

Best regards

Hi, I really liked this plugin, but I’m having a question, the documentation teaches how to create the app with a new app page, but if I already have a page created, how can I integrate the new app with a page created previously?

:D Thank you.

I am always happy if I can help and i’ll try my best. please let me know if you need help.

Best regars

do I need to wait for the approval of facebook, regarding the functions of this app, to start using the plugin publicly?


no you don’t Need. my facebook apps are all in Test mode and i use it for Posting.

Best regards

Pre-sale questions

My site is buddypress login at the moment. But can setup facebook login also. Does the member have to login with facebook on the site to recognize him/her post?

Now, is this for website members to post on anywhere or make any comment or reply, it auto posted on the members their own facebook page? Or go to the Admin created facebook page only?

If the posted on facebook and someone replied or like on facebook, will the replied or like will bounce back on the website as well?

How heavy or the size is the plugin? Slow down my site?

Please advise before buy? Thanks


only the admin user role for the Wordpress Backend has access to this plugin. It will be shown on top of the Post, Page or Product Editor.

No, it’s just for the admin post. After the admin puglished the post in WordPress, he/she can click the Button to publish his/her post to facebook page or profile.

This plugin communicates directly with the Facebook Api after sending post to FB, so it will not slow down your page, because all requests to FB will be finished in 1-3 seconds.

But, you can check it out, if you don’t like it, make a refund, and you’ll get immediatly you money back.

Best regards

I keep getting the following error

Facebook error: Unsupported post request. Object with ID ‘Instastar’ does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read the Graph API documentation at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api


Did you follow the instructions/documentation or did everything adjust according to the tutorial video?

It sounds like the configuration for step 3 and step 4 in the documentation did not work correctly.

Best regards


faxio Purchased

Hello, can I link an existing Facebook Page at this plugin? If yes, what’s the procedure? Thanks in advance


yes, it’s very simple! Just create a Facebook App like in the Documentation ( E – Step 1) and then do the Steps at point F.

The only different is that you don’t need to create a new page in you app.

Best regards


benzvi Purchased

i get error when i tried to ‘post to Facebook wall’ error #100 something about the pic and url needs to be the owner

when i pressed ‘post to Facebook page’ it say everything OK but nothing happens.

also i got ERROR 504 – GATEWAY TIMEOUT when i tried to open a page in my WordPress i had to uninstall the plugin for now. Also what is the difference between post to Facebook wall and post to Facebook page?

any idea?


benzvi Purchased

ok now it is working – thanks!

Fantastic :D


thank you very much for the Rating!

Best regards

My boss bought this plugin and sent it to me for installation. There’s no installation instructions or guides provided. So far, not so good. Ask for a bunch of Facebook API access that I have no idea what that is.

First, HELLO!

Secondly, no product without documentation is allowed on Themeforest or Codecanyon or the other Envato platforms!

Third, in the ZIP is a very good HTML documentation with a lot of screenshots and explanations attached!

And fourthly, on the sales side, at the bottom there is a video tutorial:


Hope this helps, best regards

Thanks for the reply. I’m just stating what was sent to me…a video was not included. Also, I’m extremely confused. The video provided is skipping lots of steps and has no audio for help. What’s an app token? Where do I add our page (existing page)? Why do I need TOS and Privacy URLs?

1. Video is here on the bottom of this page:



3. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTATION, is everything explained in the HTML Documentation!

Best regards


Does it support custom post types?


not without modifiyng the core, sorry!

Best regards

The API of Facebook changed to version 3.0. Public Mode — Apps in public mode no longer allow their admins, developers, or testers to access permissions or features that normally require app review. All free plugins stop to work, my pre-salle question is: is your plugin still working? thanks

This is wrong -> “If you create an application, you can even choose the version of the Facebook API, you do not have to choose version 3!”

When I create a new application here, it only now provides the API version 3.0, the previous ones no longer appear in apps created now.

This is wrong -> “And yes, this and all other plugins will continue to work if you choose the API version below 3!”

All applications will stop working as of August 1, 2018

So, please respond correctly, before the half-truths are disclosed!

Thanks for the explanations and kindness in the answer

Bullshit! Support for API Version 2.12 ist till May 2020 look at here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog?locale=de_DE And read this: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/versions

So please and stop inquire correctly, before half-truths are spread!

I mean please inquire correctly, before half-truths are spread!

my wordpress site products and post send to facebook page via this plugins