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Discussion on Post Status Notifier

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Hello I have a quick question, we have implemented this plugin as a way to forward a form entry to a list of members. The form entry comes in from another site and then makes a post on the membership site and forwards the form entry to all members in the membership site. Unfortunately despite having recaptcha, some spam has started to get through. WE don’t want to forward the spam posts. Is there a moderation or delay feature in the plugin that would allow the admin to approve the post or entry prior to it sending out to all members?

I have gone through the debug rule tutorial and it is errors when i create a post and hit the publish button. This is the error -

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Psn_Smtp_Bootstrap::configurePhpMailer() must be an instance of PHPMailer, instance of WPMailSMTP\\MailCatcherV6 given, called in /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 287 and defined in /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-content/plugins/post-status-notifier/modules/Smtp/bootstrap.php:95\nStack trace:\n#0 /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(287): Psn_Smtp_Bootstrap->configurePhpMailer(Object(WPMailSMTP\\MailCatcherV6))\n#1 /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(311): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array)\n#2 /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-includes/plugin.php(544): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)\n#3 /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-includes/pluggable.php(494): do_action_ref_array(‘phpmailer_init’, Array)\n#4 /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-content/themes/skidiscovery_theme/functions.php(225): wp_mail(Array, ‘A post has been…’, ‘A post has been…’)\n#5 /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php in /nas/content/staging/skidisco/wp-content/plugins/post-status-notifier/modules/Smtp/bootstrap.php on line 95, referer:

Hi, this issue is already fixed with version 1.9.8. In the current version of PSN, function configurePhpMailer does not expect an instance of PHPMailer any more. Which version of PSN do you use?

Oh, and please do not post local server paths together with your URL for your own safety. Please create a ticket at if you want to share those details.

On, I use this plugin. The log is saying that it goes to the mail queue, but I don’t see it there. It’s also not sending an email. Please advise.

thank you for your request. Without more details, it is difficult to find the reason. Could you please create a ticket at so we can exchange more details?


saninpe Purchased

Hi, we are interested in your plugin, it seams like your plugin could suit us, per your documentation, just need to confirm. Case: we need for post to be sent in email form(when published), including featured image, to 3 possible recipients, but we should choose them conditionally. And one more thing, we are using jetengine from crocoblock, for custom fields. Is this doable with your plugin?

Thank you.

Thanks for your request. You can test the mechanics of PSN on your use case by installing the free version:


DavKan Purchased

needless to say, your item is not working and since last 7 days you are not responding the the ticket raised….request (#1702)

i feel…earlier comments of NOT RESPONDING AND NO SUPPORT….are correct…

I am still in the middle of recovering from an illness that has not allowed me to work in the last few days. I replied to you that I would look into it. Sometimes it takes a little longer. You could have at least asked again before you make a business damaging comment here.

That PSN works for the use cases it is designed for shows that no one but you has complained in the past few months.

Making individual use cases possible is not one of the services you bought with the 25$.

And now please request a refund, which I will be happy to confirm immediately.

Amazing plugin! Simple to use and effective.

Pre-Purchase question: with PSN can I make a rule like this? - Notify Editor1 when Author1 saves a post as draft - Notify Editor2 when Author2 saves a post as draft Is there a sort of filter by author in the rule?

Thanks for your request. Yes, this is possible by using the rule filter “Editor restriction” (see This won’t let you select a single user, but if you organize author and editor into roles, it is possible. Organizing your users in custom roles is very e.g. with plugin “User Role Editor” (

If you still have questions, please let me know.

hello we are having smtp issues with the new version and need your help. can you let me know what you need?

Sorry, missed this comment. I would suggest you create a ticket ( to discuss the details.

I am evaluating the purchase of your plugin.

My use case is as follows:

I use the Toolset plugin. I have a CPT created with Toolset. I have four custom statuses in Wordpress. Can your plugin send an email when the user changes the status of the post within the Wordpress administration panel?


thank you for your request. Yes, this is the core mechanism of PSN. You should be able to test the basic use case with the free version ( If this works, there is no obstacle to buying the extended features. ;-)


I activated the dynamic recipients feature.

I’m trying to retrieve the list of emails with the following sql query, but it doesn’t work :

{% set sql = “SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID = (SELECT user_ID FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_value LIKE ‘ rhonealpes ’ );” %} {% set users = db.get_results(sql) %} {% for user in users %} {{user.user_email}}, {% endfor %}

Why is this query not working? I did a test of the query in the database, it works fine. Can you help me please ?

Thank you,

Best Regards

Hello, I tried the free version of your plugin and I really like it. I would like to purchase the premium version, but first I wanted information. I have a theme that uses custom post types. I tried to insert the placeholders [listing-package] in the body of the mail but it doesn’t work. Is it a supported feature? How come it doesn’t retrieve the placeholders of the custom post type?

Thanks for your request. This may be a timing issue. The pro version has some options to handle this. I’d be happy if you’d try it. If it won’t work for your use case you can get a refund of course.

I just downloaded this plugin after purchasing it from envito. After installing it does not work. it gives a fatal error. I would like have the premium version it just does not work when I upload it,

Many Thanks


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare psn_log_debug() (previously declared in /srv/disk6/279773/www/sitel/wp-content/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/includes/functions_log.php:2) in /srv/disk6/279773/www/sitel/wp-content/plugins/post-status-notifier/includes/functions_log.php on line 2

Hi Ewoud, thanks for purchasing the premium version. The error message indicates that you have activated the free and the premium version at the same time. It is new to me that it comes to this error and I will check it. In the meantime, please deactivate the free version, I think that should solve the problem.