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I’m glad to see I’m the first one to purchase your plugin. You’re great developer. By the way, how do I make a link to show a popup?

Thank you that you are my first buyer. :-) You can find instruction on Settings page.

i came across a roadblock, I cannot get the pop up to show. Maybe I have my settings wrong?

Please see the two pics, where I have my settings done in my page and on the plugin’s setting section is not showing as active

Pic one plugin section http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/839/q89q.jpg/

Pic two page section http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/542/4dq2.jpg/

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Please provide URL of website where I can see the problem.

Problem solved. :-)

doesnt work, just shows this, all blank cept doe social media icons and read more.

click read more and goes to a 404 error page not found..

ive tried with and without image, no text or anything comes up.


Hi. Please provide access to WP dashboard (you can send details through my profile page). I’ll check what’s wrong there.

Hey, can I give you a suggestion ? You could make the popup responsive, bind the “arrange” of the popup on resize events and rotate.

Nice idea btw. Good luck

Thanks for suggestion. :-)

Also keyup close, that would be also a great asset, just suggestions, would help user experience, please excuse me, if I am annoying, but waiting for my TF and CC items to get approved :).

You can inspire from here if you want : https://github.com/rusuandreirobert/my-dashboard/blob/master/assets/scripts/layout_helper_dashboard.js

I would like to know if you ever revise the plugin to see the possibility of making the pop up promotion show on certain pages/posts, because as it is now, the pop up promotions shows it site-wide.

Hi. Currently, I don’t have such plans. The idea of the plugin was to promote page/post site-wide. But thank you for idea. :-)

Hi, does this work with other shortcodes? For example, to include the shortcode from a Music Player , such as the progession player. I want to display a player built in a popup.

Player Info: http://codecanyon.net/item/progressionplayer-wordpress-plugin/5320673?WT.ac=item_more_thumb&WT.seg_1=item_more_thumb&WT.z_author=ProgressionStudios


Nope. It doesn’t work with shotcodes.


There seems to be an issue with scrolling in Safari it works fine on your demo site but on your 3rd party demo http://www.icprojects.net/remote-demo.html site it seems to not work and i’m having the same issue on my site.

Is mouse cursor over popup window in that moment?

yep, I’ve tried clicking in the pop up area and scrolling, but still doesn’t help

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you. I will research this question.

Hi, I like your Post Pop Promotion I would like to know if the button that appears in the pop-up to read more is to comply could change the function to print the contents showing pop.up. Could you please help me it is very important to me. From already thank you for your time and help.

Please edit post-promotion-pop.php, line #724 which is:
<a id="continue" target="_top" href="'.$permalink.'">'.esc_attr($this->options['button_caption']).'</a>
Replace it by something like that:
<a id="continue" href="#" onclick="window.print(); return false;">Print</a>
Please notice this is out of the script functionality. I can’t guarantee that it will work properly.

A worked perfectly, you are great, thank you very much for your help, I wish you a Happy New Year ..

Thank you so much. Happy New Year.

Many thank for this cool plugin I bought. But there is a problem. I’ve installed and configured it, inserted the four lines of code in my footer.php file, created a post and tested it in the settings section by pressing the button “Show pop-up window”. The window was opened and the content was o.k. – so all seemed to be good. But when I tried to refresh my website the window was not showing up! I’ve tried it with “jquery.js” in header.php file and without this entry ( it will also be loaded within wp_head(); ). I’ve tried “once per session” and “every time”, with or without delay, but nothing happened! What else can I do? Please help!

By the way, another feature could be to prevent closing the window when clicking somewhere. In some cases it’s better the user has only two choices: to follow the link by clicking the “read more” button or to close the window by clicking the “X” link on the top right.

Remove lines #27-29 in file js/script.js.

Great! That’s it.

I am interested to buy this plugin. Have some presell Question:
1. I want to add a button on meta section who popup my post as a quick view. Is it possible using this plugin.
2. Is this plugin support custom field ??? i mean that i have some custom field such as counter, view, comment etc. as like this image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/94213641/file/tq/popp.png Is it possible with this plugin ?
Please let me know i am very interested to buy it…

This code i found on your screenshot.
<a href="#" onclick="return ppp_open_active();">My Link</a>"
Is this way may i call any specific post ? it does not have any post ID that’s why have some confusion…

This code is to call active post popup which is currently promoting on website.

To call specific post popup, you need to use code like that:
<a href="#" onclick="return ppp_open('gdLZ9h2pCt9rpL3A', 'none', 640, 320, 160);">My Link</a>
Each post has such unique string under the line “How to raise promotion pop-up on this website by clicking a link?” (look at second screenshot).

BTW. If you want just a popup which is opened by clicking any element, probably Layered Popups will be better for you.


I’m interestingg by your plugin but please can you say me if I can I have a popup with login form inside ?

Something like that :

If you are member connecting here

login :

pass :

If you are not member join us : click here!

Thanks Stane

Unfortunately no.

Hey – we downloaded this java plugin and installed it, and it is not working. Here are links to the settings, and you can test the link itself by clicking the text on the folowing site:

http://www.arslanianbros.com Arslanian Brothers wants to open a NEW location! Click the tab below, and let us know where you think we should go!

Settings images:

http://www.wsilocalsearch.com/projects/arslanian/1.png http://www.wsilocalsearch.com/projects/arslanian/2.png http://www.wsilocalsearch.com/projects/arslanian/3.png

Thank you in advance!

Hi. Thanks for provided info. I’ve just checked your website. Seems everything works according plugin idea. You set the following page to be promoted “Home Style 5”. What it means? It means that promo popup appears on all pages of your website, until you visit promo page. In your case this is website homepage. So, please clear cookies and visit, for example, this page: http://www.arslanianbros.com/carpet-cleaning/ You will see that promo popup appears.

The way it is set up, an image is supposed to display on the left hand side of the popup. That is not happening???

As I noticed, you set “No Image, Text Only” template.

Hi , Have a couple of questions

1.0 Can this popup work as a full screen popup ( can we change the width and height to our specifications) 2.0 Can we make the popup transparent ? 3.0 is it mobile responsive ( is it responsive to the different (size) mobile devices . i.e: would the popup change to fit the screen based on the screen size .

A quick response to these is highly appreciated.

Thanks .

Hi. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t fit your requirements.

Hi i have one doubts after install plugin popup content to be displayed in all pages.i need to display popup box into particular page..

Replied. ;-)

Hi I can not display the pop up in my template wp. When I add the code My Link page POST or PAGE, to save your changes, deletes itself the onclick = “return ppp_open_active () . it seems it does not support my subject. Help Please.

wow! :). Thanks!

Hello. I need your help.

I want to change the style of the Pop Up, as the example of the link


Hi. Unfortunately, I’m not available for customization work. You need hire someone for that. Sorry.


Does this plugin has language support?

Hi. You can use standard WP mechanism to translate the plugin (by creating .po and .mo files).