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Hey guys,

your plugin look intresting but I can´t see how it works on the backend?

In the moment I use and very old plugin for this and I look for an other one. So I set the coordinates direct in the post? Or….. Look here, there I discribe the old think.

Also for Travel bloggers are intresting to have polylines from post to post, so that you can see the route. Like this This feautre I can´t do with your plugin, so what I see I can creat only one map? Or?

So I hope you can explain me a little bit more…..

Thanks Jens

So one more! Why I can´t such the position? So this function to add in a post via “Add a latitude to your post (ex.-100)” & “Add a longitude to your post (ex. 55)” isn´t customer friendly! There is the very very old plugin WG-Geo better to use! I hope you can change that.

Hello, thanks for your feedback and suggestions! We hope to be implementing some changes based on your comments in the near future, so please take another look when they have been completed.

Hi there, your demo links brings to nowhere, what’s to look for at this page –

Hello, thanks for the heads up! We’ve updated the links on the page. Much appreciated.

Nice work GLWS :)

Hi! works with woocomerce ?

Hi, what specific functionality were you curious about?

Hi looks like a great plugins … very nice work!!

Are there numeric map marker clusters … if there are a lot of markers in the same area?

Many thanks in advance

Hi … thanks for the quick reply :) ... I think it would be a great addition, as markers can get unmanageable when you have a lot … I am eyeing up your plugin for a project coming up soon … so I will keep an eye on the updates :)

It’s listed as an item for our next update. Looking forward to future feedback.

Cool … thats great :)

So how looks the roadmap from this plugin?

So I try over my hosting company a roll back…. I´m soooo pissed off

What have you done…

So you wrote me that you did nothing! Bull shit! I recovered (Thanks to my hostcompany) my MSQL from 2 Day before and I create a new database with this MSQL file and now it works! Since the klast 17 hours my old MSQL-database increased 25MB! So this can´t be an problem from me! You did everything worng with a beta plugin from post mapper! Sorry you can´t do this! I´m finished with this plgin and I´ll a refund… and who pay me 3 hours of my time? Nobody! CodeCanyon I hope you understand me!

Could you add some screenshots of how the location/coordinates are added into the post (backend)?

The screenshot you were looking for has been added to our screenshots section. Let us know if you need anymore information.

Hi, im having a big issue: the map is only showing the posts from one specific date till today, the older posts are not showing, you can see it applied here: is there a maximum number of posts to be shown? which is the issue? Thanks for your help!

Im having a new issue: it only supports the last 11 posts, so when I have a new post, one disappears from the map. Could you please check? Im so disappointed.

Hi Ladipalma,

We have resolved both these issues for you and have sent you the fix via the support thread you opened. Thank you for contacting us with this bug.

Thank you!! Everything is working AWESOME! Great plugin!

For the next update your could add custom post type support.

That sounds like a great idea. We will put it on the list.