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Great Plugin!

We purchased the contact Pro and the Contact Pro Add-on.. When we install it gives an error as both conflict. Says folder already exists. It looks like we have it installed… Is there anyway to default the msg prior or after countdown for all?

eg… This Special will expire on: [pe-counter]

So they dont have to manually do in admin only? Seems that is the only way – no way to put a default msg. with the shortcode [e.g. they just change the date]. And we are trying to make this work with Gravity Forms which would be AMAZING to be able to turn on and off and the timing when posting from the FrontEnd. Please let us know. Maybe we can add the fields in the Gravity Forms Custom Fields? If not that would be a solid add-on for this plugin!


For https://www.screencast.com/t/KbWtc7XzGh8, it if support shortcode, then we can put it there after the days.

Unfortunately there is no JavaScript variable can be accessed with other plugins.

we just need the <php> code to do it… do you have?

is this it for the countdown

<?php post_expiration(); ?>

If you are looking to display the post expiration list in the front end using PHP, please open the file:

\post-expiration\expiration.php line 241

tcp_post_expiration( $args );

with default arguments given inside the function.

Hope this helps.

Hi Zourbuth, I’m trying to set up a one time offer which expires after 30 min then the user should not be able to see that offer again. I’ve suceeded to hide the content after expiration with time elapse mode but if I refresh the page I can see the offer again. (‘Always expire’ is checked.) Could you please help me to make this to work? Thanks.

Hello smelinda. There is a countdown under the box. We can relate normal countdown with the expiration mode. Use [pe-counter] into Before expiration message to shows the countdown

Hello zourbuth. What kind of code do I need if I would like to achieve that 1 user is able to see that page’s content only once?

Try to use this settings: Expiration Mode: Total Visit The total visit per user to expire: 1 Select the tracking methode to save user session by IP address and/or browser cookie: cookie

Hi there,

This was asked in the past by there was no answer to it.

I want to get this plugin but there are 2 functionalities that would make it super: 1) Once a post is expired to be transferred to another post category (ex: from active to expired) like the plugin post expirator does. 2) To show the post on the front end according to the ones expiring soon.

If this can be done it will help a lot of people as it will automate procedures thus people will be willing to pay extra for it.

Hello .supcomcy

- This was asked in the past by there was no answer to it. Sometime people also sent mail via the contact form so I answered them there.

1) Thanks for the idea. We are still working to upgrade this plugin to do post manipulating after expired.

2) This can be done using widget for current version.

Hello, not working on my poll page. Can you help me? http://demo.liberiansonline.com/index.php/poll/drugi/

On page or post working normal

Hello arnautovic.

Unfortunately I can’t access the site. Could you please check again?

Hello, I have installed the addon with countdown Pro, but the tab “Expiration” is not showing on the plugin settings, have you an idea ?



Hello. Could you grant me access to the admin area? Send me it using contact form in my profile page.

Hello, very very good support, I recommand to buy the plugin !

Best regards.

Hi! How can I add counter to title of the post?

Hello. It is not possible to modify the title and add the counter.

Hello. Does this plugin hide the widget when the time expires? Is there anyway to do this by custom javascript?

Hello. No, it is only to show/hide text above the post content. It’s hard to hide it using JavaScript.


dannyp45 Purchased

Can i have refund for both of your plugins? Countdown pro & also the addons? Thanks

Sure, you can do that from this site.