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I have a custom post type with items and I need to change a status to expire after 2 months. And when item expire, I need to send an email to user, who add a submission with item, what expire with a link, what after click a item will be a recovery and normally displayed.

Is this a possible with this plugin?


Hi. Unfortunately there is no option for sending email upon expiry. We can only display a message after/before the post content.

Hi, awesome plugin but it is not working with worpdress shortcodes? When I added [videojs] shortcode to expired text it not load video player. Only it show text [videojs] It is any solution?

Hi avalonboy. Unfortunately, we can’t add the shortcodes to the expiry text. I suggest you try to redirect to other page.

Hello. Thanks for noticing me. I forgot to update it to 2016. Not it works, please check.

Sorry, but I still cannot see a page expiring.

For example this page never expires


Sorry, I have updated this page too:


Try to change your IP address and it will works.

Hello Can you confirm that your plugin have this functionality when user leaves and comes back the countdown wont start again, it Saves the time the user first enters and display your countdown!

So it use cookies to track individually users relative time and not use same absolute time for all users


Hello. This plugin can count time elapse for each visitor based on cookie or IP address. It does not show countdown timer, instead it shows how many time left for the visitor viewing current page.

Hello, I’ve purchased the Countdown Pro and the post expiration addon. I’ve installed the countdown plugin, but wehnI try to install the addon, I get the message that de folder already exists.

I need the add on in order to configure the countdown timer based on IP addresses.

How can I install and configure the addon?

Regards, Ron


Both the plugin and the add on are installed. It gives me the countdown timer but everytime I refresh the page the counter resets.

And I can nowhere select that the countdown should take place based on IP address.

Hoe can I configure that?

Regards, Ron


does the add on also work on pages or only on posts?


HI Ron. Sorry for the delay here and thanks for purchasing the plugin.

Both the plugin and the add on are installed. It gives me the countdown timer but everytime I refresh the page the counter resets.

Are you using the post expiration based on user IP?

does the add on also work on pages or only on posts?
Yes, it works for post, pages or any other custom post type.


I am trying to create a post which expires 48h after the visitor comes first time.

I setup a short-code in widgets but the counter is totally wrong and it is Tiny. I tried to use .post-expiration or #post-expiration-2 in the custom style sheet to increase the font size and the color and did not work. Instead the code appeared as text on the page! I set the counter to 48h and it shows 1h some minutes and sometimes 28 minutes. It is randomizing the counter.

I tried to do this with [pe-counter] on the page but that one does not show anything.

This is extremely frustrating.

I have to say your documentation is really minimal and does not help at all.

how can I fix these issues?



The post expiration only displays message before the post content. Please give the URL to the page, I’ll help you to customize the size. Please also make sure the IP address is not dynamically changed. We should put the shortcode in the metabox, not in the post content.

i will send you pm

Reply sent, please check.

Last Update: 2 September 13

Is this plugin still supported?

Yes, it is.

I was under the impression that this plugin is an addon to the countdown pro to allow me to use a cookie as a point of time from which to expire the countdown and redirect after time has expired. But I am trying to use it and if the page is reloaded it resets the time.

I want a timer for 1 day based on first time of visit. A person visits the page, sees 20 hours left, comes back 5 hours later and should see 15 hours left. Is this not possible with this plugin? (if not, how do I get a refund?). Thanks

Hello. Unfortunately this plugin does not do that. It just counting how long user in the page and shows how many seconds left for them. You can contact this site support for refund. Thank You.


Pre sales question:-

I have the need to display a video to a logged in user for a set amount of time, 2 hours in total.

The user will use Learn Dash, be completing modules and when they get to the video module, I want to hide a video which says to the user:

“You have 2 hours to watch this video, then the content becomes locked”.

I want to be able to display that video for the 2 hour period and then lock the user out of the video forever.

The user should not be able to go back and watch it again, it’s a 1 time deal of 2 hours then locked out / expired forever.

Is this possible?


Hi Jay. I am afraid this plugin can’t do that.

I don’t see any information about how I can change the expiration based on IP address (If someone is GMT +1 the timer displays a different expiration than GMT – 5)

Please explain how to use this post expiry, The documentation only says how to add a little html and css. Nothing about how the plugin actually works…

Sent you email, please check.



anjale Purchased


I purchased your The Countdown Pro and Post Expiration addon and want to use it in a video series of 3 videos: 3 pages with each 1 video.

If the user enters page 1, the timer has to start to countdown for 3 hours.

This same countdown timer must be used in all 3 pages. So, if after 1 hour he enters page 2 or 3, the timer has to be 2 hours.

If the countdown is finished, all 3 pages must be redirected to a 4th page.

How can I do this? Can you please send me the code for this?



anjale Purchased

I understand that, if it can be done, it has to be done with the timer by IP/cookie. But my question is HOW it can be done.

Can you please send me the code for this?

In your case it can’t be done. There is no relation between each countdown. The Post Expiration countdown deals with the message before/after it expire.


anjale Purchased

Thank you for your clear answer. Unfortunately, in that case I cannot use the plugin. What can I do to get my money back?

Hi There, I need help understanding how I can update the deal expiry message background and border color. I tried adding the following in the custom style and script section and it’s not working for me.

.expiration-alert { padding: 8px 35px 8px 14px; margin-bottom: 20px; color: #3a87ad; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); background-color: #EDAFB8; border: 1px solid #FF7575; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; } .expiry { color: #C09853; background-color: #BEEDAA; border: 1px solid #A8BCA1; }

Thanks, Kirk

Hello Kirk.

Could you send the front page link to the countdown? Perhaps the theme or other plugins override the style. If you want, you can contact me via my profile page contact form http://codecanyon.net/user/zourbuth#contact

Hello, I took your product but they are not satisfied in that it does what I need, you can issue the refund?

Thank you


Hi there

Does this plugin still work?
I am interested
Let me know if it still works for latest version of wordpress
Also if it will work for custom post type


Yes it is work. Please make sure you need it before purchasing.

Thanks for your reply
Let me clear you what I need
I need to set an expiration date for a custom post and need a count down timer for that date
Is it possible with this plugin?


The plugin only display message and the timer before the post content, after expired it shows another message.


yesterday i bought your plugin “The Countdown Pro” with the addon “Post Expiration” but it doesn’t do the work that i expected.

I wanted a counter that remain the same even if my visitors visit the same page with a different browsers. So a IP based countdown”.

i thought the addon does that job but is not.

So please, could you refund my purchase?

Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience.

Best regards, Roberto Marchesini


Sure, there is a refund feature in this site.

How do I insert 2 timers into one page?

Nothing I try works. I only see one timer regardless of how many times I place the short code into the page.

hi, is there shortcode for specific single post and shortcode to get expired date?

Shortcode: [post-expiration id=”8”] Function: <?php post_expiration(8); ?>

how to get “id=8” like the sample short code?


Hello. There is a shortcode in the meta box under the post editor. This Post Expiration shortcode cannot be added to the content.

Hello, I have a presale question. It’s possible to change the status or visibility of a post after expiration? Or to change the content only?

I want to remove the posts from overview pages too if the countdown (countdown pro) is reached the target date/time!


Hello collandi. I am afraid not, it just only message above the post content to display message before/after the counter expired.


Gaou30 Purchased

Hello, I sent you a private message 4 days ago, and no replies … Very frustrating because your plugin is not so easy to understand, and the documentation isn’t very helpful … There is no tutorial for learning how to do some basics process with your plugin, or just to make examples we can see in your website. I need to do what you did here: http://zourbuth.com/plugins/the-countdown-pro/expiry-messages/ and text replacement like here: http://zourbuth.com/plugins/the-countdown-pro/hiding-content/ . I buy The countdown Pro, and Post expiry, but I can’t do it because there is no explanations for doing that ! How can I have some quick and simply HELP PLEASE ? Thanks !

Hello. I sent you reply please check.