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Hi, looks great. What is the difference between this and you other “Editor for Attached Images Titles & Alts”. Only this stop me for buy.


This one is for the images in the post content (within img tags).

Thanks for you response. One thing before. In this pluging after change the result in the post content (I saw the video), this will change the original Title and ALT from the Media Library too?


nope, this plugin edits the html tag only. But dont worry, since the image is inserted on the post content individually, it doesn’t use the alt from the library (wordpress added this behaviour in WP 3.5).

Aguante Argentina!


Hi there, Can you explain the difference between your two plugins for image alt tags? I want to bulk edit the alt attribute for images in posts and pages to improve SEO scores. Currently none of my images have alt specified.


Sure eco_emilio.

Editor for Attached Images Titles & Alts: This plugin will list the images in your media library. Of course you can edit their ALT and Title values. Those values will be used when using those images in galleries or sliders.

On the other hand, Post Content ALT & Title Editor: will list your posts, and then you can see all the images in a post and edit ALT and Title values.

Why is this like this? Before version 3.4, Wordpress used to use the values in the media library when you inserted an image in a post, but since then, it doesn’t, as they say that every instance of an image could/should have a different title or ALT.

Thanks for interest.

Hi Why is there no option to Set the Title and Alt Tags all to the same in one click. this plugin only allows to set all the titles in one click?

and you allow to copy Alts to titles but not titles to Alts?

hello wrongjon :)

thanks for your purchase. you are right, there is no option to Set the Title and Alt Tags all to the same in one click.

I think yours is a good idea, no one had suggested it before, I think its a good idea to make an update of this plugin :)

right now im on vacation (in England by the way), and I’ll be back like in a month

Hi, when i change the title tag nothing happend in the frontend, is shows the old title. What do i do wrong?

can you please help me, i need a solution for this. its realy important !

can you please help me, i need a solution for this. its realy important !

sorry css4youat, i was on vacation outside the country. can you email me your URL plase?

i want to bulk edit Alt Title tags for images all at once. I am using Themepunch Grid to display images in post. Will your plugin work with Grid and be able to detect images? I assume you pick post and specify alt text and it updates all images in post? Can I get refund if it cannot detect images in Grid in post?

hi jinspin! yes, it changes the alt text from the images in the post content. I have not tested it with Grid (I will consider it), so I can not asure it will work with it. About refunds, you have to ask envato, I never been asked for a refund before. thanks for your interest :)

Will this be updated to work with newest Wordpress? Will your other plugin be available for newest Wordpress as well? I wanted to buy one or both but doesn’t seem those plugins had any updates recently.

hello MadBoyEvo. Even though it’s true this plugin wasn’t updated lately, it still works :) and it works with wordpress 4.4.1

Thank you – 13 days response :P

yes, you are right, sorry :(

Is there way for the page within the plugin window to include a link back to the post? EG: make one of these an active link back to the post: http://www.screencast.com/t/EgIqe9VJSJG

It’s hard to rewrite the titles and alts without looking at the post, which means you have to hunt it down manually first. Or am I missing something?

hmm yes, seems doable, I’ll add it to my list and hope to release it soon :)

Hi i sent you a question earlier about your other plugin which was only editing the media library. Realized i needed this one. But this one is not working either. Can you see this video: http://www.screencast.com/t/0T1bPgqr

When I save the new title and alt, it says it is saved, but then i reload it and nothing has happened. I am testing this out on the staging version of my site. Would appreciate any help!

I’ll check this ASAP. Which wordpress version are you using?

Latest update.

I have tested this again with twentyfiteen theme and worked well. Which theme are you using?

Hi, does this work with custom post types? Any sign of an update for bulk alt image tag changes?

hello! sorry for the delay, I was on vacation. It works with post types. Im not sure what you mean with image tag.

Hi, I have purchased both your title and alt editor for both attached images and post content. Neither of them seem to be changing the info on my post images.

The post cotent plugin also seems to have an issue where by I change the titles and alt tags, then go to the second page and so the same, When I go back to the first page of images all the changes are lost.

The attached images plugin has made changes to the files in the media library which is fine. But surely the post content plugin should change these details in the post?

Please advise. Kathryn

hello Kathryn, thanks for your purchase. if the images are on the post content, this is the correct plugin. I suggest not using the browser BACK button. Because the browser might not show the up to date information.


I just messaged you on your other plugin support page.

I’ve jsut paid for this plugin too as I realised that this is what I needed for SEO purposes.

This is also having the sameproblem whereby it is not saving any of the changes I have made.

Please help me.

Thanks Chris


Both plugins are not saving data for past 2 days.

Please can you helpme as I’m in a hurry to get this sorted.


Please reply to my email on chris@bare-digital.com. Thanks!