Discussion on Post Categories by User for WordPress

Discussion on Post Categories by User for WordPress

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Perhaps a simple question.. I don’t want a membership plugin where it costs money for a user to join my site. Thus, almost all plugins that control access to content won’t work for me.

I’d like to have the ability to hide a category or categories if someone is not logged in or a subscriber to my website (which is free). So if you go to my site and I have 20 posts and 5 of them are for logged in users only, if you are not logged in you would see 15 posts. If you subscribed or logged in, you’d see all posts.

in addition, if not logged in, the category or categories would not show up on homepage, feed, archives or search. If you ARE logged in though, they all would.

Some plugins still show the ‘hidden’ content on the homepage or in search, in the more articles or feed or archives… and then if clicked it redirects to a page saying register or sign in to see this content.

I’d simply rather have the categories I chose not be visible at all, anywhere, unless the person is logged in to my site. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you for reaching out to us. The Post Categories by User for WordPress is for the wp-admin. With this plugin you can restrict access to categories in the wp-admin. Meaning you control which categories that users can post to.

What I think will work for you is our Pages by User Role for WordPress ( This plugin makes it possible to allow or restrict access to Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Post Archives, and Taxonomies based on the user role of the visitor.

Thank you, if I purchase your plugin and it does not work, am I able to receive a refund? I would know inside 30-60 minutes of purchase. From your site page I think that plugin you suggested has a redirect or register here type of response if someone goes to the category or post I’ve chosen to hide. Whereas I’d rather it doesn’t do this, I’d prefer that the category I select to hide is truly hidden, not found by any search, feed, archive page etc… unless that is they met the predetermined criteria… ie: subscriber, admin etc.

Thank you for your help, I have purchased a lot of items from Themeforest and this is the first time I have looked at your products, I will most likely be a customer for years to come if this works.

You can choose to show Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types that you restrict. This means that a non-logged in user will see the page in eg. the menu but when clicking on the link they need to login. Or you can redirect the user to a custom page of your choice.

By default restricted pages, posts, custom post types, archives, and taxonomies will not be visible.

Can you tell me exactly what it is you want to do? If you determine this fast that the plugin does not work for your situation and we can’t help you making it work we will, of accept a refund request.

I need to update this plugin but can’t get it thru WP, however, I got it as ZIP file. Do I delete the old version first and install the new one? Thanks!

Yes you can safely delete the old version and install the new.

You are welcome. Let us know if you have any other questions.


I bought the plugin with great enthusiasm but I took a big disappointment.

It has not been updated for more than a year and also does not work within the post editor, it only works in quick edition.

I want to know if they can solve the problem, if not, I will request a refund

We would like you to test the fix before we release it to the public.


There is a ticket created on your support page.

The case number is 15102.

I wait for the solution in that thread.

Thank you.

Thank you. We have just added comments to your ticket. Thank you for your patience.

Hi! This is a pre-purchase question: I’m hosting a website which will have multiple users that can post content.

So, what I need is to be abble to restrict their publication possibilities to certain specific categories that I’ll determined.

For example: I need that an “User from Department A” can only post news on “Category A” and does not have the posibility to post or even see “Category B”, “Category C”; and so on.That’s because that post will be shown only in the news section of Department A, and I don’t want users from Department B posting news under Department A category.

Is that possible with this plugin?

By the way, we’re using Avada theme and Avada’s portfolio to post most of the content / news, and sometimes Wordpress default Blog. I imagine that with Wordpress Blog we won´t have any issues, but will this categories restriction also work with Avada’s portfolio?

And last question: lets supose it does work properly. If this user from Department A goes to “Posts / All Posts” in Wordpress backend menu, is he going to see all the posts from all department and be abble to modify them, or is he going to see only entries under his assigned category?


I think I wrote some of the answers to this question in the other comment :)

With our Post Categories by User Role for WordPress ( you can restrict specific Taxonomies and Terms to user roles and individual users. This lets you specify which Terms users can post in.

I hope this help you figure out what is best for what you need to do. Thank you for considering our plugins.

Thanks for your answer! The only question left, is if you believe the the plugin will work on Avada’s FAQ and portfolio, as well as in Worspress blog

They will definitely work on WordPress blog categories. I believe the Avada FAQ categories also follow WordPress Codex so they should work. If you run into any issues we can’t solve we will of course accept a refund request.

it is not working for me… neither hiding the restricted categories nor stopping me from posting in them

Sorry, you are experiencing issues. Please submit a ticket to our Help Center and we will be happy to take a look and make sure it works as intended.

Update : after talking to the support team for less than two days. The plugin is now working and works perfectly. turns out it didn’t integrate well with Gutenberg blocks, but I was informed that they are going to solve this issue in the next update. The support team is amazing, solved this issue in less than two days, almost instantaneous replies in weird hours of the day. Keep up the good work.

Just a small correction ;). It is not Gutenberg blocks that it doesn’t integrate with, but it is the tabs in the right side of Gutenberg. The values are not being saved properly. We have escalated this to our Lead Developer and will release an update, which is compatible with Gutenberg. Thank you very much for supporting our plugins.

Hello, is there a way to restrict the editing of posts from other categories? currently, it allows me to edit if I enter another post, although it is not of the category assigned

Please notice that this plugin has nothing to do with what you can edit. It is for restricting what you can post to. Meaning you can specify which Taxonomies (Terms) your users can use when they create Posts.

If you want to restrict which Posts your users can edit you will need to tweak the WordPress Capabilities. Meaning you need to remove the edit_others_posts capability or delete_orders_posts capability. You can do this by using a Role and Capability Manager. We have one in our White Label Branding plugin, but that is just one of many features.


Can you please update plugin ?

Best rgards

If you have entered your license key you can update to the latest version from inside wp-admin. The plugin update is also available on Codecanyon within 12 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi , i want to buy this plugin.

I have 2 questions.

First is this plugin working with last wordpress version 5.1.1 ?

Second to understand better. Can i have a user with limited backend access only to posts? And from posts the user can only be able to read/writing /edit posts from one categorie only?

Yes, Calendarize it! is compatible with WordPress 5.1.1 and also PHP 7.3. Yes, you can allow any user role to create events via wp-admin. You can tweak the built-in capabilities.

If you want to restrict which taxonomies (terms) that the user can post to you will need to use the Taxonomy by User Role add-on. This is one of our premium paid add-ons. We have over 30 add-ons and 21 of them are free for customers with a valid License Key.

The needings of my project are:

1 Category is mandatory field 2 User can only select ONE category 3 Certains categories must be hidden by role (the reason ive bought your plugin)

To satisfy 1 and 2 ive used ACF plugin. And to satisfy the 3rd, i used yours. The problem is that your plugin do nof affect ACF category listing, so it became pointless.

The ACF is an incredibly popular plugin, and you should make it compatible. I’ll ask for a refund and wait for this feature.

You can submit a ticket to our Help Center and wait for our developers to review the issue. Basically you are saying that you can’t apply Post Categories by User to any fields created by ACF? Is that correct?

Hi – presales question, if I may.

1 – If I extend categories support to Pages, will this plugin work for them?

2 – I want certain club members to be responsible for the content in specific categories. So, ‘Joe’ will be able to add/edit/remove pages in ‘social events’, and that category only. Will this plugin support that?


This only applies to Post Categories (taxonomies and terms). If you want to restrict access or allow access to specific Pages, Posts, Custom Pages, Categories and Taxonomies you can use the Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin.

This plugin was originally created for the frontend, but you can reverse the features so they work inside wp-admin. This will allow you to apply these restrictions to user roles in wp-admin.

hello.. ive seen this plugin after ive checked your whitebrand plugin … i’ve thought that this plugin will restrict specific user from posting and editing specific categories.. so far i can only see that i can post in specific category but i can still edit all other posts on my website? is this correct ? i wanna limit specific user to have only 1 category to edit / post and not be able to see or edit any other posts..

You are correct that this plugin can restrict which categories you can post to, but it doesn’t restrict what you have access to e.g. Editing, Deleting etc.

This is all controlled by WordPress Capabilities. In our White Label Branding for WordPress, we have a Role and Capability Manager and you can set the capabilities in a way that users CAN NOT edit other users posts or pages.

oh :| ... in that case i need your other plugin which was actually one i was thinking of buying but after searching comments i expected that this will be enough .. is there any chance for refund ?

White Label Branding for WordPress can not restrict which category (taxonomy) users can post to. So If you want to achieve what you described you would need both plugins. This way you can assign specific categories to individual users or user roles and with White Label Branding you can then make sure that it is not possible to Edit Other Users Posts or Edit Other Users Pages.

Hi, is here posible show category only for current user (user create category, and he see only his own category)?

This will allow you to assign specific categories (and terms) to users and user roles. It doesn’t take into account future categories/terms. I will submit this to our wish-list.

Hi, the last update marked in the details seems to be from 2015? Is this really so or is this plugin still beeing developed?

We are looking for a way to move a website from another platform to WP with multiple users (205 users). Most of the users are doing blogging, but we don’t want to open a multi WordPress. This plugin would seem like a way to achieve that all.

Is this still being developed? Do you think this would enable one WordPress installation + some 100 bloggers having each their own category and this way their own blog page?

- Anne

Thank you for looking at Post Categories by User Role.

There are no changes in WordPress Codex, which requires this plugin to be updated. And we have not added any new features. What this plugin does it pretty straight forward.

You can definitely use this plugin to assign specific Taxonomies and Terms to user roles as well as individual users. It might take a bit time to set up if you are doing this for 100+ individual users, but once done you are good to go :)

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello may i know. 1) If i create new role user call wholesaler by wholesale plugin. This plugin will also allow to role this type of user? 2) This plugin allow both of Post of wordpress and add product of woocommerce?

Example: 1) Admin when post , admin will see all catalog website have
2) wholesaler when post product they will only see catalog wholeale—> Another catalog hidden
3) Normal user when post product they will only see catalog of normal product (such as: clothes catalog, shoes catalog…) —> Another catalog without this role, hidden


The plugin will pick up all custom user roles and should also display all your taxonomies and terms.

Hi, does this plugin works with custom taxonomies for CUSTOM POST TYPES, or only with custom taxonomies for normal WP posts? Thanks.

It should pick up any Taxonomy (term) that follow the WordPress Codex. In some rare situations some plugins are not following the standard way of creating Taxonomies and we might need to take a closer look. However this is very rare.

Hi. 1 – Any screenshot with taxonomy assignation on a specific user (is it in on profle page ?) 2 – Do you maintain this plugin ? :-p thx

Thank you for looking at the plugin. Yes, of course we maintain the plugin :) Go to the item page and then click on the screenshots button – then you can see the interface and how you assign Terms to each user role. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi there, Does this plug in support hierarchies.

So if I allow user A to post to Cat A, will it also allow posting to the sub Categories B, C and D, but not a category from a different Hierarchy.

Also, I’d like User A to be able to create her own categories, but only under the Cat A hierarchy, not a different hierarchy.

Does your plug in support this?


Thank you for looking at the plugin. I know for sure that you can not restrict which Taxonomies users can create terms in with this plugin.

You would need a plugin like our White Label Branding for WordPress to restrict users access to different menus in wp-admin, but this would still not limit the creation of terms to a specific taxonomy.

If you take a look at the screenshots – you can see that there is no hierarchy build in. You need to check the terms, which you want the user to be able to post to.

I will talk to the lead developer and see if we can add support for allowing posting to children of a parent. That is definitely not a bad idea!

Did i understand correct? I have 7 types different user role (created user role editor) and all user can publish new post but user A publish on category X, user B can publish on category Y (both of them admin selection) , right?

Yes that is correct. You can assign terms by User Role or by individual user.

I should ask before, sorry, i purchased Kleo Theme on theme forest, any conflict? or theme is not important…Thanks

We have no reported conflicts with this theme. If you run into issues we will be happy to assist you. Just submit a ticket through our Help Center.

Hi, great plugin. My problem is with visibility of posts from other category. I’ve got two users and two categories. I assigned restrictions. And works fine. But one user can see other posts from second user in posts lists page (admin area). How restrict this. User with restrictiction to one category should see only own posts. please help.

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please notice that Post Categories by User for WordPress doesn’t restrict access to posts. It restricts access to Taxonomies (terms).

If you want to restrict access to Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types and Categories in the public part of the website or in wp-admin you can use the Pages by User Role for WordPress.

Does this support bbpress? Specific bbpress forums or bbpress categories.

And does this plugin support specific tags?

I have not done any testing with bbpress. It works for Taxonomies (and the terms). I will have to do some specific testing with bbpress in order to be able to give you an answer. However we follow the WordPress Codex for Taxonomies (and terms), so in theory it should work, but I will need to test.

Can you please test it and let me know before I decide to buy the plugin?

Ok now I get it. That will require custom programming. This is not supported out of the box.


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