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Awesome plugin.

Is it responsive? I see the “New Post Analytics” button via desktop but not via mobile.

Maybe I’m wrong :)

@kwilliamroman No, we were busy in launching this plugin codecanyon.net/item/analytify-makes-google-analytics-simple-for-wp/8193333

Sorry to bother so much @hiddenpearls.. any rough estimate of when please? :)

Are you still working on V 3.0?? Can I use this shortcode [PostAnalytics] on V 2.0?? Thanks

@Platonnn Unfortunately, We are not working currently on this plugin anymore.

When I click Authenticate it doesn’t do anything. Can you please let me know what I need to do to get the Authenticate button to work. I have my analytics email and password listed, but Authenticate won’t pull in any details.

i just follow all instruction, but when i put my email,password, click authenticate,nothing happen,why??

Having the same issue as above. Followed all instructions, clicked “Authenticate” but nothing happens. I also changed my security settings on Google to allow apps to access my account.

How do I fix this??

Hello, any demo? Thank you!

I prefer you to checkout this one


Interested in version 3.0 when do you plan to release it?

I prefer you to checkout this one


Hi, The authentification button don’t seams to work.

Do you have a fix for that?

Thanks a lot


Can I see how many visitors and if possible adsense ad clicks each author has driven? What I mean by this is basically count the visitors that came to the website with a filter of author.

Example: There are 2 authors: Mark and Chris. Chris has wrote 3 articles and driven overall 3500 visitors to the website and Mark has wrote 2 articles and each had 2000 visitors. So will this plugin tell me the number of visitors came / generated from the author? Also, will I be able to get an idea about the adsense clicks?

Thanks in advance!