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Features – Post Analytics ( Wordpress Plugin)

  • This plugin is created by using Google Analytics APIs which fetches the Statistics based on per Post or Page.
  • New Feature: You can enable Keywords Cloud of specific post or page
  • Helps in SEO optimization and allows you to see traffic data for individual blog posts
  • AJAX processing to fetch stats.
  • Statistics appears under the single post or page as a block and it looks awesome.
  • It can be easy customizable with CSS, you can give it any shape you want.
  • You can extend it to at any level. Usage of API’s are very easy to work with.
  • It works with Wordpress versions above 3.0


For your convenience, Its pretty easy to Use this plugin.

  1. Check the box that says “Show Analytics on Pages” will display the Real Time Statistics box on each Page.
  2. Check the box that says “Show Analytics on Posts” will display the Real Time Statistics box on each Post.
  3. Enter your email i.e Your Google Analytics Email username
  4. Enter your password i.e Your Google Analytics Password
  5. After putting email and password, click Authenticate which will list all of yours website domains list on Google Analytics, Select your domain on which Post Analytics is installed
  6. Enter the Start date of the Domain when you setup your domain on Google Analytics. This will show the statistics from this start date.
  7. Leaving the End date blank will gran the statistics of the current day.
  8. Click update and profileID will be filled with you selected your domain
  9. that’s it. You have configured your Post Analytics Wordpress Plugin.

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Future release 3.0 expected [15-May-2014] Sorry I changed it, I am working on this plugin and making it perfect. Its worth the wait.

  • Statistics from Facebook, twitter and G+
  • Tested with Custom Post types
  • Error handling
  • Select your own parameters
  • Global statistics for every single author
  • Statistics under each Post/Page in the admin panel
  • A tab to show posts daily,weekly,monthly,yearly
  • Filter by Profile Roles
  • Shortcode [PostAnalytics] and button in Wordpress editor

2.0 [10-sept-2012]

  • Incoming Keywords Cloud
  • Google Analytics authentication Fixed
  • Works with any permalinks structure
  • Fast Loading of stats

1.0.1 16-june-2012

  • Added an option ‘Visible Only to Administrator’ It will only show the Analytics Box to Administrator not for public users.

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